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For the Moment, SilverFast's printer calibration is not available for SilverFast 8.

For the use of SilverFast's Printer Calibration with Profiler you need a printer in which the driver allows the deactivation of all internal color management settings

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MacFan "SilverFast works much better then we had expected and provides very useful printer profiles"

MacFan Sept/Oct 2008

"Now with your new Printer Calibration the colors are really vibrant - absolutely great - my Epson printer Stylus Pro 7600 performs perfectly now! I have never thought to realize such a big difference with your Printer Profiling Software!"

Heiko Vogler, Industrial Design Artist

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SilverFast Printer Calibration with Profiler (Color Management)
The Scanner-Printer-Calibration for 100% true colors.
A (optional) feature for SilverFast Ai IT8 (Studio) v6.6
drucker_kalibration_vergleich01_en_small The challenge
Any output or printer calibration is very useful when the task is to reproduce an image via printer under the condition of keeping the colors and hues as original and predictible as possible. Without creating an appropriate profile which takes into account the actual printer, ink cartridges and paper used, the task is almost impossible. Up to now users had to spend some hundred extra dollars for additional measuring technology.

The solution
Our engineers have used all their high-end imaging know-how to add an exclusive feature for calibrating the printer to the new SilverFast Ai IT8 version which, contrary to our competitors, is as appropriate for professionals as for beginners, due to its easy handling and its smart price-performance ratio: The SilverFast ICC Printer Calibration.

drucker_kalibration_foto_epson_small Using existing hard- and software
The ICC Printer Calibration utilizes the existing scanner, the colors for which are perfectly adjustable with SilverFast's fully automated IT8 Calibration, as a measuring device for profiling the printer. There is no longer the need for expensive additional hardware or software - an all-in-one-solution.

Easy access
Similar methods often require an extensive learning process, whereas the use of SilverFast's Printer Calibration is very easy to master because it gets comfortably controlled from within the familiar SilverFast Ai IT8 user interface.

The results - impressive!
Using printer calibration (with ICC profile) guarantees the color space reproducable by the printer is being used in the most comprehensive and uncompromised way. The employed ink and paper type has a noticable influence on the printed result. For consistent quality you can therefore create an ICC profile for any combination of different printers, inks and paper types. This is actually very easy and doesn't take much time. (Further information)

The Printer Calibration of SilverFast Ai IT8 provides excellent print quality, while also being fast and easy to use. The existing hardware resource, i.e. a flatbed scanner, is being used for the measurement and the creation of ICC profiles for your printer.

Enter the world of color management!
The desire for an effective color calibration system at a reasonable price has been growing during the last years. With the new SilverFast 6.6 you are ready for the future.

Get your full version copy of SilverFast 6.6 with Printer Calibration and profiler option today:
buy_schwarz Note: Currently available for SilverFast 6.6, but not for SilverFast 8.

If you are already benefiting from SilverFast, your time has come to opt for our most powerful version, SilverFast Ai IT8 (Studio / Multi-Exposure) with Printer Calibration. Get your upgrade here:
upgrade_schwarz Note: Currently available for SilverFast 6.6, but not for SilverFast 8.

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ICC Printer Calibration improved!
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