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Perform Selective Color Corrections


For True Color Images

SilverFast SCC is a tool to perform a selective color correction in a very simple manner.

Selective color correction means that a single color is selected and changed specifically, but all other colors remain unchanged. A mouse click in the preview window easily selects the color to be changed: SilverFast’s Selective Color Correction is particularly intuitive. For more complicated color corrections, there is the possibility to use scalable vector masks for independently correcting colors on up to 4 different layers.

Selective Color Correction in SilverFast SE 8 and SE Plus 8

SCC, the Selective Color Correction is very easy to use in the SE versions of SilverFast. Clicking directly into the preview image will select the color intended to change. From a corresponding menu in the tool dialog, choose that entry which describes the intended color change best (e.g. warmer, lighter or greener). The version of SilverFast SE Plus 8 also provides a slider to adjust the hue.

Selective Color Correction in SilverFast Ai Studio 8

In SilverFast Ai Studio 8 the Selective Color Correction is different in terms of application and functionality. Firstly, besides the choice of presets, you can also use the color wheel to apply manual color adjustments. Secondly, color corrections can be limited to user defined image areas using vector masks. Corrections can even be performed independently from each other on up to 4 different layers. Thus, different areas of the same color can be provided with different color changes, complex color correction made ​​easy.

SCC Video

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Feature Range

SilverFast SE SilverFast SE Plus SilverFast Ai Studio
Easy one click selection of the color to adjust
Separate adjustment of the six basic colors
Separate adjustment of the twelve basic colors
Adaptation by selection of simple attributes
Adaptation by manually using the color wheel
Hue slider
Saturation and luminance slider
Restriction on distinct image areas using masks
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Video: SCC in Ai Studio

SCC in SilverFast Ai Studio

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ACR - the Adaptive Color Restoration is a feature to recolor faded images and part of the SCC dialog in SilverFast 8.