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Scanner Software


This well-known scanner software aims at all those, who want to get the most out of their scanners when creating digital images. Proven and innovative tools.

Archiving Software

SilverFast Archive Suite

The Archive Suite is the complete solution. It provides a unique concept for efficiently digitizing and processing your images.

Digital Imaging Software

SilverFast HDR

HDR Studio is different and this is on purpose. It focuses on the essential functionality of image editing and it masters this perfectly. For both analog and digital images. SilverFast HDR (High Dynamic Range) uses 64bit / 48bit image data for a high contrast range and thus for more image details.

Software Option: ICC Printer Calibration

Printer Calibration

The ICC Printer Calibration utilizes a flatbed scanner, its colors are perfectly adjusted with SilverFast's automatic IT8 Calibration, as a measuring device for profiling the printer.

Scanner Calibration

IT8 Targets

LaserSoft Imaging produces its own high-precision IT8-Targets for scanner calibration. All around the world, customers trust the outstanding quality of LaserSoft Imaging Targets.

Measure your maximum optical resolution

Resolution Targets

The SilverFast Resolution Target in combination with SilverFast software is a simple way to determine just what the maximum resolution of your particular scanner is! Obtain scans with the best possible crispness and sharpness.

Hardware & Software

SilverFast All-in-One

SilverFast All-in-One is the complete package for scanning and archiving your analog image originals. The SilverFast All-in-One packages are now available in the entire EU!

Software for Large Format Printers

PrinTao 8

PrinTao 8 is a printing solution for Large Format Printers on the Mac. Concentrate completely on your images and ignore complicated printer driver settings! Focus on the essentials and achieve prints in unprecedented brilliance.

Photoshop Plug-in


When digitizing images, dust and scratches from the analog original also appear in the digitized image. The innovative SRDx Photoshop Plug-in is exactly what you need to efficiently remove lots of small defects from your precious images.

Books, adapters & more


Dive deep into the SilverFast universe with the new SilverFast 9 eBook by Karl-Heinz Zahorsky, the inventor of SilverFast. A great reference book for anyone who wants to properly scan their images. You will also find replacement DVDs, calibration targets, mouse pads, linen testers and more.


SilverFast Solutions for Museums, Authorities and the Industry

Medical X-Ray
Cost-efficient digitization of medical X-Ray film
Ensure true colors for textile production
SilverFast Automation
Automatic scans for quality checks
Cultural Heritage
Save historical film from decay
ID Solutions
Image optimization, scanning & printing