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SilverFast Archive Suite

Scanning • Archiving • Optimizing

The SilverFast Archive Suite is the unique solution for quickly and easily archiving large amounts of photographic material. Scanner software SilverFast Ai Studio and image processing software SilverFast HDR Studio are a perfect match combined in single package.

You want to build up a digital archive of your analog originals? You still have shoeboxes full of photos in your cellar or you have thousands of slides slumbering in the attic? If that’s true, the SilverFast Archive Suite is exactly the right solution for you! Whether slides, negatives, Kodachromes, medium format originals, or reflective originals like photos, the SilverFast Archive Suite contains numerous image automatics, which will do much of the work of your scan project.

SilverFast Ai Studio + SilverFast HDR Studio = SilverFast Archive Suite

The WorkflowPilot is a digital assistance tool integrated into the Archive Suite. It will guide you through all necessary steps of your scanning process. You have the choice of optimizing your image data during the scan or of storing it as 64bit/48bit RAW data, which is the ideal basis for a non-destructive workflow. These RAW data images can be processed any time later using SilverFast HDR Studio. The image files contain all the information from the analog image originals that your scanner was able to capture. This includes the data of your scanner’s infrared channel. For this reason, SilverFast RAW data is perfect for further processing and optimization. The Archive Suite with an integrated color management system is ideal for professional use.

Archiving Software Edition

Our PREMIUM software package for scanning, archiving and processing.

SilverFast Archive Suite


  • HDRi RAW data Workflow
  • Virtual Light Table
  • One-Click-Optimization
  • Scan and Processing Assistant
  • IT8 Color Calibration
  • Expert Mode for Fine Tuning
  • Create and manage Film and Color Profiles
  • Comprehensive Image Retouching Package
  • and more…

Powerful Features for Brilliant Images

The Archive Suite is the complete solution. It provides a unique concept for efficiently digitizing and processing your images. Proven and innovative tools. SilverFast is the world-wide leading software.

Exclusively in our Archive Suite

When using a flatbed scanner, the quickest way to create SilverFast RAW data is with the SilverFast ExpressScan, which has a European patent pending and is exclusively included in the Archive Suite. Using the ExpressScan you realize time savings of 50% to 75%.

Starting your scan processes is particularly easy and done with just a few clicks using our SilverFast Single Archive Command SAC, which is also exclusively included in the Archive Suite. We have prepared presets for many slide and 35mm film holders to enable a really easy way of RAW data archiving.

SilverFast Archive Suite Video

Learn more about the SilverFast Archive Suite RAW data concept

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Scanning and Optimizing Images

The SilverFast HDRiRAW data format with infrared channel

The non-destructive HDRiRAW feature is part of every SilverFast HDR and Archive Suite edition. The 64bit HDRiRAW color files (or 32-bit HDRiRAW grayscale files) used contain all the readable image information, including information from the infrared channel, whose data can be used for image optimization, e.g. for dust and scratch removal.

Thus, the HDRiRAW data is the perfect starting material for all subsequent processing steps.

HDRi Workflow – 1. IT8 Scanner Calibration

Consistent colors and color management have been and are still in many areas a certain mystery for professionals and even more so for consumers. For some time achieving color consistent scans has been a field dedicated to professional color consultants and operators only. The new SilverFast version assists professionals and enables consumers to benefit from consistent colors without the need to bother with the sophisticated process behind it. With SilverFast, users of all experience levels can achieve color consistent scans by initially calibrating their scanners. Just two mouse clicks, nothing more is needed to calibrate your scanner with the latest SilverFast. The high-quality IT8 targets – transmissive as well as reflective – are manufactured in LaserSoft Imaging’s own production, where small batches and accuracy ensure the upmost precision. You can order your targets from our Online-Shop.

HDRi Workflow – 2. Scanning with SilverFast Ai Studio

Using the intelligent frame-finding option and the fast saving of originals into lossless HDRiRAW file formats (64bit/ 48bit RAW data) enables you to quickly digitize whole image collections. This way, you can effectively prevent your pictures from being destroyed or getting lost.

The combination of SilverFast’s Multi-Exposure® and patented Auto IT8 Calibration provides the best quality and safety possible. Since calibration data gets embedded into the files, you don’t need to calibrate again when opening and processing them with SilverFast HDR Studio afterwards. A permanent gamma value synchronization of the 64bit/ 48bit data secures predictable and consistent brightness and color reproduction between SilverFast Ai Studio and SilverFast HDR Studio.

Beyond that, SilverFast saves scanner related information along with the image data. This allows an advanced automatic Unsharp Masking for the later post processing with SilverFast HDR, which takes the specific scanner details into account and is therefore able to produce brilliant, pin sharp images.

HDRi Workflow – 3. Optimizing with SilverFast HDR Studio

After scanning with SilverFast Ai Studio, you can convert the RAW files with SilverFast HDR Studio. The conversion process uses the HiRePP® function. HiRePP allows amazingly fast opening of huge files in realtime and the ability to work with them almost instantly. The SilverFast Archive Suite will enable you to perform all the necessary steps for the professional and lossless digital backup of your treasured collections (which may have taken years or even decades to establish) on your own, without having to give them up to someone else.

Process these files immediately or at any other time, at any place. Only one single scan is needed; once the data is captured, it can be used in a variety of different ways. May it be a fine-art print, a presentation, a postcard or a web gallery. Everything can be created quickly and effectively ​of the existing RAW data using SilverFast HDR Studio.

Feature Highlights

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Scanner Software

Individually adjusted to each scanner model, SilverFast brings out the maximum quality from any device and clearly exceeds the results of the manufacturers’ software.

Digital Imaging Software

SilverFast HDR is an image processing software that includes numerous color reproduction tools. It is a real alternative to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Special Solutions

LaserSoft Imaging is also known as flexible software engineer for tailor-made business solutions. SilverFast is a valuable part in many specialized business applications.

SilverFast Quick Guide

SilverFast Ai Studio and HDR Studio are quite similar us. Thus, you can refer to the Ai Studio guide. Differences can be found here.

Supported Scanners

SilverFast is adjusted to each scanner model individually. The listed scanners have been tested and are supported by our software.

System Requirements

Here you can ensure that your system setup meets SilverFast's minimum requirements regarding hardware and operating systems.