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Perfectly Remove Dust & Scratches from your valuable Images


Dust and Scratch Removal of a new Generation

Photos, slides and negatives are naturally afflicted with image defects. Even if photos and slides are handled very carefully, it's virtually impossible to avoid contact with dust particles; small scratches are also not uncommon.

The original shows many dust particles
All dust particles have been removed with SRDx

Defects on treasured images can be especially annoying, because they often hide important details or even destroy the overall image. These flaws do not often get recognized until scanning, because scanning means also increasing image size in most cases. SRDx is the most efficient solution for the elimination of all these flaws and can also very efficiently eliminate unwanted image disturbances where infrared-based solutions cannot help.

SRDx is ideal for the following image originals

  • Black-and-white Film

  • Kodachrome Film

  • Photo prints

  • Digital camera images

Video: SRDx Presentation

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How is SilverFast SRDx working?

The algorithms used in SRDx for defect detection can recognize dust and scratches because their image information differs greatly from the surrounding area.

Furthermore, the algorithm has been programmed to recognize typical scratch marks (elongate and narrow). Detected flaws can be removed by taking the surrounding image information into account. Other software solutions for removing dust and scratches usually use a focus blur, which deteriorates general image quality.

Using the image processing software SilverFast HDR and HDR Studio and SRDx you can eliminate defects from previously scanned images (also RAW data). You can also load and optimize digital images, for example from a digital camera. Many options to adjust the SRDx tool with simultaneous visual checking offer a reliable technique for removing any defects without destroying image details.

Further features of SRDx are:

  • Slider control for intensity of detection and correction

  • The preview window shows identified defects marked in red

  • 1:1 and HQ preview for exact evaluation

Video: SRDx Tutorial

Watch our Video to learn how to use SilverFast's SRDx Dust and Scratch Removal

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Feature Range

SilverFast Version SE SE Plus Ai Studio HDR HDR Studio
Detection Intensity Slider
Detection Size Slider
Mask tool for limiting correction effects to certain image areas
Marker Tool decreasing and increasing intensity
Eraser Tool for protecting important image areas
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B/W Film & Kodachrome

Special Case: Black-and-White and Kodachrome film with infrared-based defect removal iSRD

Kodachrome film: With Kodachrome images, an automatic defect detection can be more difficult, since the film emulsion is so dense, particularly in the dark image areas, that infrared light cannot pass through sufficiently. For this reason, for the software dark image area does not differ from dust or other dirt particles. SilverFast’s iSRD Dust and Scratch Removal has been specially adapted for Kodachrome film to take this into account. The Kodachrome optimized iSRD engine is used automatically once the Kodachrome mode is activated. It may be particularly helpful to use a polygon or path mask, as well as the marker and eraser tools included with SilverFast Ai Studio to limit corrections to specific areas of the image.

Black and white film: Black and white film is another special case in terms of dust and scratch removal. Unlike color slides or color negatives, the scanner’s infrared rays can not permeate through the film emulsion, due to the silver halide layer contained in the film. This means that infrared based tools like iSRD, ICE, FARE or MagicTouch can not be used here.

SRDx, our software-based dust and scratch removal, has bee developed especially for black and white film. It ensures effective removal of dust and scratches from black and white film and, in combination with SilverFast iSRD, represents an ideal solution for Kodachromes.

Additional Feature: iSRD

iSRD – our infrared-based Dust and Scratch Removal: Would you like to scan color film or color negatives and your scanner features an infrared channel? In this case we recommend to take advantage of the outstanding capabilities of our infrared-based dust and scratch removal iSRD.

SRDx Manual

Learn how to use the SilverFast SRDx functionality and its different slider controls. Download our PDF Tutorial here.

Photoshop SRDx Plug-in

The SRDx Smart Removal of Defects Technology is now also available as a Plug-in for many Adobe Photoshop editions.