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Let yourself be guided in the correct order through all processing steps

The WorkflowPilot

Step by Step Assistant

The WorkflowPilot is an essential core element of SilverFast. This novel feature, which guides the user as a kind of assistant in the correct order through all processing steps required for his individual workflow, is unique in the world.

Depending on which material should be digitized for what purpose, there is a different workflow that will be worked on step by step after starting the WorkflowPilot. In addition, the user is supported with informational texts and help videos that are directly callable from the software.

The WorkflowPilot prevents potential errors in the operation, which could result from applying various tools in an incorrect order. Of course, every user can also work completely free without using the WorkflowPilot.

Inspired by Commercial Aviation

The WorkflowPilot has been completely revised and improved for SilverFast 9. It is the quintessence of the experience our experts have gained over decades. This intuitive tool guides you through your scan or image processing workflow.

The WorkflowPilot has been inspired by concepts from commercial aviation. Pilots use checklists to safeguard each work process. Thus, nothing can be forgotten, mistakes are avoided. The pilot in the image on the left has his checklist ready to hand next to him by the window. And exactly like this we provide a safe process for achieving brilliant image results to the SilverFast users.

  • Use the right workflow for each individual intended purpose

  • Apply all tools in the correct order, avoid mistakes

  • With detailed information and help videos directly in the software

WorkflowPilot Video

Watch our Video to learn more about SilverFast's WorkflowPilot

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