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SilverFast Accessory

SilverFast Accessory

Dive deep into the SilverFast universe with our comprehensive E-Book “Create Brilliant Images with SilverFast” by SilverFast inventor Karl-Heinz Zahorsky. On over 350 pages you will learn everything you need to know to get perfect scans, from the basics of scanning to fine-tuning. For optimal color fidelity, please also pay particular attention to our IT8 Targets in order to calibrate your scanner before use. (Not all accessories are available for all locations.)

SilverFast E-Book

Our E-Book “Create Brilliant Images with SilverFast” communicates complex knowledge in an understandable way. It shows practical examples and demonstrates, how anyone can achieve brilliant image results with SilverFast.

IT8 Calibration Targets

LaserSoft Imaging produces its own high-precision IT8 Targets for scanner color calibration. Ensure brilliant true colors for your scanned images. Our IT8 Targets are available for reflective and for transparency scans.

Resolution Targets

The SilverFast Resolution Targets in combination with SilverFast software are a simple way to determine just what the maximum resolution of your particular scanner is! Obtain scans with the best possible crispness and sharpness.

Linen Testers with LED lamp

Our Linen Testers with SilverFast logo, LED lamp and measuring scale are suitable for viewing image details on photos and printouts, and for evaluating halftone screens. Black plastic material or aluminum.

Datacolor SpyderX Pro / Elite

Advanced monitor calibration for desktop monitors and laptops devised for passionate photographers and designers who need full control over their color workflow. The fastest, most accurate and easy to use Spyder ever.

CD/DVD & USB-Stick

You would like to have SilverFast 8 on DVD or USB-Stick as an addition to your download version? Or you can't find your original SilverFast CD/DVD? We will gladly send you a DVD or USB-Stick for a small processing fee. (Only available for SilverFast 8)

SilverFast Mousepad

The SilverFast Mousepad is now available for all the SilverFast enthusiasts. How to process scans and digital photos more pleasingly?

You are looking for something else?

Scanner Software

Individually adjusted to each scanner model, SilverFast brings out the maximum quality from any device and clearly exceeds the results of the manufacturers’ software.

Archiving Software

The Archive Suite is a package consisting of color managed scanner software and imaging software. Scan and archive your images today, optimize and process them tomorrow.

Digital Imaging Software

SilverFast HDR is an image processing software that includes numerous color reproduction tools. It is a real alternative to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.