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Why Scan?

You have collections of photos, slides and negatives in an assortment of albums, shoe cartons, and slide boxes and don’t quite know what to do with them? It would be a shame to throw them away, but why should you keep them when you don’t ever look at them in the first place?… Don’t worry! Your resistance against throwing out these images is there for good reason.

Film Decay

An entire century of history recorded on film is stored private homes or in institutions, such as museums, foundations and archives. However even with ideal storage conditions, deterioration in image quality is only a question of time. Analog images have to be transferred to a digital medium.

Scanning vs. Re-Photographing

There are several ways to digitize analog images. Most common is the use of a desktop scanner or the photographing with a digital SLR camera, which is often also called re-photographing or duplicating.

Image processing when scanning or later?

When digitizing slides or negatives, it's usually not just about making the data digitally available, but also about editing the images accordingly. Should this be done directly when scanning or later?

Why SilverFast?

There are not many programs that are specialized for digitizing images. Nevertheless, the differences are enormous. It is no coincidence that SilverFast is being developed in Kiel, because the inventor Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell introduced the first digital scanner 'Chromagraph DC 300' right here in 1970. For decades, the scan software SilverFast has been continuously developed and optimized with a lot of know-how. One of the special features of SilverFast is that it is individually adapted for each supported device and equipped with device-specific color and sharpness profiles. The quality of your scanned images is very important to us and with SilverFast you will have the ideal conditions for your image editing. Let us convince you of the many possibilities. We invite you to find out on the following pages why SilverFast is also a good choice for you.

Feature Highlights

SilverFast is constantly being extended with additional functions for scanning and image processing. Always with one goal: the best quality for your images.


Private customers and professionals of the photo industry work with SilverFast, many photo magazines have already tested SilverFast. What do these users say?

Success Stories

SilverFast is not only suitable for scanning photos and film. For example, archaeological findings are scanned with SilverFast and also X-ray film and bird feathers.


In addition to countless professional photographers who have relied on SilverFast for decades, also museums, universities and other institutes are using SilverFast.

Scanning Basics

On the following pages we would like to give you an insight into the digitization of certain photographic materials. We will explain material characteristics and all typical tools for scanning. Before scanning, take the time to familiarize yourself with the basic settings. This will allow you to scan your image collection correctly right way and will avoid any re-scanning.


The most important points around the scanning of photos and photographic prints can be found here.


The classic 35mm slide for your slide projector. Here you will learn how to digitize your slide collection.


You want to digitize your negatives? Here you will find everything worth knowing for newbie and veteran analog photographers.


Unmatched with its special look. Kodachromes are particularly difficult to digitize. We show you how it works.

Supported Scanners

SilverFast supports all important models of the major scanner manufacturers. We individually adjust our SilverFast scanner software to all top devices, that beginners and professionals use to digitize their images, in order to achieve the best possible quality.