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The PIE Company

The Taiwanese company Pacific Image Electronics Co., Ltd. (PIE) was founded in September 1993. The company is considered a pioneer in the field of scanner development. Two years after its inception, PIE opened a US Office in Los Angeles.

Pacific Image Electronics is especially known among photo enthusiasts for its collaboration with Eastman Kodak in the year 2000 and the resulting 3600 dpi film scanner. Currently, their range of products consists mainly of film scanners of the PowerSlide and PrimeFilm series. Alongside scanning solutions, PIE offers additional industry image solutions, particularly in the biotechnology sector.

SilverFast for Your PIE Scanner

Learn about our scanning and archiving solutions for your specific PIE scanner.

Professional Scanner Software for PIE Scanners

SilverFast is included with some Pacific Image Electronics scanners and its new features ensure easier operation and improved image quality. Through the use of SilverFast Multi-Exposure (beginning with SilverFast SE plus), the dynamic range of all supported PIE scanners can be significantly increased, distinguishing an even larger number of grayscales. The PowerSlide series offers a range of magazine scanners that, with the help of SilverFast Ai Studio or SilverFast Archive Suite, can automatically scan and optimize a large number of 35mm slides.

We recommend that you keep in mind that when you purchase a Pacific Image Electronics scanner you can receive a copy of the updated SilverFast scanner software for this device.

CyberView X vs SilverFast 8

This video explains the benefits of scanner software SilverFast 8 compared to the CyberView X software in use with the latest PIE scanners.

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Supported Scanners

SilverFast is adjusted to each scanner model individually. The listed scanners have been tested and are supported by our software.

System Requirements

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