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SilverFast HDR

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SilverFast HDR (High Dynamic Range) is our software variant for processing scanner RAW data and image data from various other sources. The functionality, adapted from our scanner software, meets highest standards and is ideally suited for image optimization.

SilverFast HDR contains excellent tools for removing color casts and defects like dust and scratches from your scanned images and from other digital images. Restore and optimize your images with full color management. Thanks to its easy handling, SilverFast HDR is a true alternative to Photoshop.

SilverFast HDR (High Dynamic Range) is also the ideal complement to SilverFast scanner software. After you have quickly scanned your images into the 64bit / 48bit HDR(i) RAW data format, which contains all the image information that can be captured, you can later efficiently optimize them with SilverFast HDR. Home users and professional photographers are using SilverFast HDR for quickly optimizing their digital image files. The WorkflowPilot, which guides through all steps of professional image editing as a valuable assistant, makes the editing of your photos to a child’s play. Benefit from our years of experience and test SilverFast HDR for free and without obligation.

SilverFast HDR is suitable for all already scanned images and for all other digital images except for proprietary RAW data formats. Download free trial software and convince yourself.

Optimized images in next to no time using the image automatics of SilverFast HDR

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Feature Highlights

SilverFast HDR has all the functionality required for digital image processing, but no unnecessary bells and whistles. This makes SilverFast HDR an easy-to-use software that eliminates the need for Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Luminar and Photoshop Elements.

SilverFast includes a whole range of powerful features. Below you will find a list of the top highlights of this version. More information about other SilverFast features highlights can be found in our overview of all SilverFast features.

SilverFast HDR Studio

We recommend our professional version SilverFast HDR Studio to photographers and advanced users. Take advantage of SilverFast's full functionality including patented Auto IT8 calibration for correct colors right from the beginning of your workflow.

SilverFast Quick Guide

We are happy to present our SilverFast guide for you to get an overview of the concept and workflow of your software.

HDR Supplemental Sheet

SilverFast Scanner software and HDR software are quite similar to use. This supplemental sheet shows the differences.

System Requirements

Here you can ensure that your system setup meets SilverFast's minimum requirements regarding hardware and operating systems.