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Version History

Version: 9.2.0 (2023-07-17)

  • Task:
    • General: The "Get Info" dialog in the macOS Finder now shows the correct SilverFast version number.
  • Bug:
    • General: The VLT now updates the sorting when a file is renamed.
    • General: Fixed an issue leading to interrupted scans with Epson scanners.
    • General: Fixed an issue in HDR's "History" function that could lead to a crash.
  • GUI:
    • General: Added an icon for toggling between input and output histogram in the histogram tool. The name in the tool titlebar toggles accordingly.
  • Support:
    • General: Information on the version number has been added to the "about" window.
  • User Story:
    • General: Settings for magazine scanners now are preserved when you quit the program.