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Please note:
It may take a few days until all the installers are updated to the latest version.

With SilverFast 8.8 support for some older operating systems is discontinued:

All 32-bit operating systems. The 2-gigabyte-per-process memory limit is increasingly impractical for high-end image processing. Moreover, 32-bit computers tend to be older, slower machines, so the user experience is suboptimal for a computing-intensive application like SilverFast 8. (Note that Apple's Aperture® 3.3 and Adobe's Lightroom® 4 and Photoshop® CS6 have already dropped 32-bit support.)

OS X 10.5/10.6 (Snow Leopard). Due to upgrades in development tools, system libraries, programming languages, and our code base it might not be possible to continue backward compatibility for OS X 10.5/10.6. Apple® appears to have stopped security updates for Snow Leopard, and other vendors (including Adobe®) are already specifying 10.7 (Lion) in the system requirements for their latest products. (Snow Leopard was almost five years ago.)

Windows XP®. See discussion above regarding 32-bit operating systems. The vast majority of XP deployments are 32-bit; 64-bit XP has a minuscule market share. (Note that XP support was already dropped in Adobe's Lightroom 4, and the next version of Photoshop will follow suit. Moreover, Microsoft® has officially dropped support for Windows XP.)

Most of our professional and serious amateur users have already moved to recent-generation 64-bit operating systems, so we do not expect a large number of users to be impacted if we drop support for 32-bit operating systems. For those who are still using one of these older systems, we encourage you to start planning for a migration to a newer, 64-bit operating system.

Version: 8.5.0r9 (2015-10-22)

  • Bug:
    • General: Improved UTF-8 support to remedy issues on system with extended character sets.
    • General: iSRD automatic mode blocked access to expert settings in 1:1/HQ view mode - fixed.
    • General: Reenabled HiRes Preview workflow which had an internal problem in 850r8 for flatbed scanners.
    • General: Welcome Dialog couldn't show web content even though internet connect was available sometimes - corrected.
  • Feature:
    • General: The expert view of the iSRD tool does now show the calculated infrared-to-RGB image deviation in auto mode as an additonal info for the user.
  • GUI:
    • Nikon: SilverFast give better feedback to users who tried to use uncut film strips with the SA-30 holder while having forgotten to open the flap on the scanner's back.
  • Scanner Support:
    • Plustek: New drivers for Plustek OpticFilm 7300, 7400, 7500i, 7600i, 8100, and 8200i implemented. These do include support for OS X 10.11 / El Capitan now.
    • Epson: Fixed issues on OS X 10.11 for Epson scanners whose drivers are only available in 32 bit.
    • Epson Perfection V600 Photo / GT-X820: Support for Perfection V600 on OS X 10.11/El Capitan
  • Support:
    • General: Online Support Requests started from out of SilverFast app gives improved feedback to our support staff to help our customers better.
    • General: Online Support Request form does now accept top level domains longer than three characters.
    • General: If computer has no optical drive, activation window now has direct link to change serial numbers option to our website.

Version: 8.5.0r8 (2015-09-16)

  • Bug:
    • Microtek Artixscan F1: Using the Intelligent Frame Finding with the ArtixScan F1 for medium format slides could sometimes crash or freezes SilverFast - fixed.
    • Epson Perfection 4870 Photo / GT-X700: Switching between HiRes prescan options frequently and using the Intelligent Frame Finding in combination could in rare cases crash SilverFast - fixed.
    • General: Tutorial Movie updated.
  • Feature:
    • General: Improved auto frame detection with holder for Epson Perfection 4870 and Epson Perfection 4990.
    • Epson Perfection V550: Added NegaFix profiles
  • GUI:
    • Epson Expression 11000XL: Activating the "SoftProof" view menu option now checks if the necessary settings in the CMS panel have been made in order to be effective.
    • Nikon LS 8000ED / Super Coolscan 8000: Extended user information by adding alerts for certain scanner events.
    • Plustek OpticFilm 120: Extended user information by adding alerts for certain scanner events.
  • Quality:
  • Other:
    • General: With specific settings SilverFast could act confused and show already previewed images for reflective and transparency view modes and vice versa - fixed.

Version: 8.5.0r7 (2015-08-05)

  • Task:
    • SilverFast HDR Studio: Sorted out an issue that could occur if images with the same name were processed simultaneously in HDR's JobManager.
  • Bug:
    • Nikon LS 50ED / Coolscan V ED: Syncing states of automatic image adjustment for Multiple Exposure and default preview mode.
    • General: Correction of gamma conversion for negative HDR images if gamma had been set to a non-default value.
    • General: Couldn't cancel Printer Calibration if connection to scanner got lost.
    • Nikon LS 5000ED / Super Coolscan 5000 ED: Scanning with 100 PPI resolution can be selected again.
    • Canon CanoScan 8800F: Updated canned scanner profiles.
    • General: When scanning directly to Photoshop, you could - but should not be able to - use the HDR/i formatting.
    • General: If you clicked your way around in SilverFast very quickly and activated Automatic Frame Finding while previews in the JobManager were being generation, you could crash that process - fixed.
  • Feature:
    • General: Make use of specific setting for film size for Automatic Frame Finding (in SilverFast options) for filmstrips, too, when batch-scanning.
    • New feature for new version: Printer Calibration in SilverFast SE Plus.
  • GUI:
    • General: Deletion of last JobManager entry now resets zoom to default state, if user currently is in a zoomed view mode.
    • General: Improved rendering of fine rotation in the JobManager.
    • Nikon LS 8000ED / Super Coolscan 8000: The color of the slider on the resolution scale did not correspond in all cases to the position on the scale.
    • General: JobManager list does now scroll in scanner version of SilverFast just like in HDR/Studio when processing entries.
  • Quality:
    • General: The scan frame that is created temporarily for purposes of the IT8 calibration routine will now be deleted from the JobManager after the calibration is finished.

Version: 8.5.0r6 (2015-07-08)

  • Task:
    • General: Multi-Jobs can now be resorted via drag&drop.
  • Bug:
    • General: Fixed a bug which prevented the internal PrinTao print dialogue from printing under certain conditions.
  • Feature:
    • General: A minimise buttons has been added to the JobManager dialogue window. When processing a large job with many entries the dialogue can be reduced in size to display the currently processing entry only.
  • GUI:
    • Plustek OpticFilm 120: JobManager allowed for copying Multi-Exposure when it wasn't active for the source frame - fixed.
    • General: Deactivated possibility to drag to and show an image in the SilverFast Welcome Dialog area.
  • Quality:
    • General: New IFF+ engine greatly improves the holder based frame detection. The automatic outset addition to every frame prevents your images from being cropped.
    • General: Improved measurement and calculation for Histogram and Image Auto Adjust gives better results for higher zoom levels.
  • User Story:
    • Batchscan: Already existing numbers at the end of files names can be cut off optionally, due to popular request by a significant number of users. This is helpful for using the automatic index naming option in the "Save As" dialog for batch processing.

Version: 8.5.0r5 (2015-05-22)

  • Bug:
    • General: SilverFast chose its own program folder as save folder by mistake in certain situations - fixed.
    • PIE: Crashes fixed for batch-scanning with Multi Exposure.
    • Nikon LS 5000ED / Super Coolscan 5000 ED: Fix for batch-scanning with SF-200 and SF-210 slide feeders.
  • Feature:
    • General: Introducing Printer calibration / Output calibration as an optional upgrade.Use your scanner to create excellent printer icc-profiles. Check your upgrade options in the SilverFast news section of the Welcome screen and online.
    • Plustek OpticFilm 120: Increasing maximum scan area for 35 mm film strip scanning.

Version: 8.5.0r4 (2015-04-29)

  • Bug:
    • General: If Overview had been quit while still refreshed, SilverFast was rendered unusable in rare cases - fixed.
    • General: Frame detection issue with 1 bit images
    • General: If JobManager was being closed while processing jobs, random issues could occur, though rarely - fixed
    • General: Render the NegaFix-ed thumbnails of the overview correctly.
    • General: Clicking "Add selection" could lead to a crash - fixed.
    • General: Using certain optional settings to adjust the way the automatic image adjustment tool works while in HDR mode, the image auto adjust tool was activated - fixed.
  • Feature:
    • Epson Expression 1680 / 1680 Pro / ES-2200: Implemented the dual-focus option in transparency mode for Epson Expression 1680 / 1680 Pro.
    • General: JobMonitor for IOS supported.
    • General: Adding field for entering a value for tolerance.
    • General: SilverFast kann now be upgraded from out of the software itself.
    • General: Implemented keyboard shortcut for the neutral pipette (CTRL+N / CMD+N).
  • GUI:
    • General: Info if an image is an HDR or HDRi image is now also shown in the detail view in the VLT.
    • General: Sometimes IR channel wasn't shown when CTRL+Shift+LeftMouseButton had been clicked - fixed.
    • General: Moved find frame extension option from Settings/Special to Settings/Auto.
    • General: Finishing touches to new JobManager.
    • General: SilverFast support team can now also be contacted using the software's help menu.
    • General: Improved handling of SilverFast settings dialog.
  • Quality:
    • General: SilverFast's UI becomes responsive again earlier after a prescan had been done now.

Version: 8.5.0r3 (2015-03-26)

  • Bug:
    • General: Version 8.5.or3 is a maintenance update made available to provide a bugfix for some incorrect settings when using Framefinding in HDR-mode.

Version: 8.5.0r2 (2015-03-25)

  • Task:
    • General: We introduced a plausibility function which prevents all entries for invalid input.
    • General: The JobManager has been revised. It now batch processes images from scanner and storage media faster and more reliable. Image optimization settings can be easily copied to many images.
    • General: Help menu has now also a link to the SilverFast support web pages.
    • General: The reliability of the Automatic Frame Detection has been improved. The menu items have been rearranged.
    • General: The tab key can now be used to navigate in the "Auto" tab of the "Settings" menu.
  • Bug:
    • SilverFast HDR Studio: The file name dialog for batch scans does now correctly accept names consisting of numbers only.
    • Reflecta MF5000: A navigator preview update issue has been fixed.
    • General: New NegaFix profiles for some Brown, Canon, PIE and Reflecta scanners have been added to SilverFast HDR Studio.
    • A keyboard shortcut for switching between frames has been added: ALT + left or right cursor key can now be used to switch between frames.
    • General: SilverFast now opens in WorkflowPilot mode, only if it has been closed from WorkflowPilot mode previously.
    • General: The free zoom mode now works more reliable.
    • General: Under certain circumstances, perfectly "legal" file names had not been accepted - fixed.
    • General: If a batch action had been canceled this could lead to SilverFast not being able to create new scan frames - fixed.
  • Feature:
  • GUI:
    • General: New translations for some languages have been added.
  • Quality:
    • General: Auto Frame Detection delivered worse results if hi-res prescan had been enabled.
  • Test:
    • General: A compatibility note now will show up when installing SilverFast on 32 bit Windows systems.
  • Other:
    • General: The densitometer output rotation is now also available for the SilverFast SE, SE Plus and HDR software.
    • Reflecta DigitDia 5000: Improvement for frame finding with magazine scanners.