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SilverFast SE

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The SilverFast SE scanner software has been specially developed for beginners. You benefit from a scan assistant, help videos and our intelligent automatic features, which make the scanning and imaging process so much easier.

The scanner software SilverFast SE as cost-effective basic version is equipped with the essential functionalities for digitizing your images and offers more than most manufacturer programs. Have your images optimized by SilverFast’s intelligent automatics.

The preview window ensures predictable colors for all types of originals, even for negatives. Additionally, the WorkflowPilot, which leads through the processing step by step, assures a correct workflow – an entirely new dimension of scanning. SilverFast SE includes a series of help videos that are directly accessible through the software. They provide an ideal support to become familiar with the SilverFast features. SilverFast SE scanner software is available at an unbeatable entry-level price for a variety of scanners for both Windows and Macintosh systems.

SilverFast SE is best suitable for photos, but also slides and color negatives can be easily digitized with this edition. Download a free trial software for your scanner and see for yourself.

Using the Scan assistant, even beginners will instantly be able to get more out of their images.

SilverFast SE Video I

Learn more about scanning prints with SilverFast SE

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SilverFast SE Video II

Learn more about scanning slides with SilverFast SE

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SilverFast SE Video III

Learn more about scanning RAW with SilverFast SE

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SilverFast SE Video IV

Learn more about scanning negatives with SilverFast SE

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Feature Highlights

SilverFast – so much more than just scanning! Are you just discovering the world of analog photography or do you already have an image collection that has been waiting to be scanned for a long time?

SilverFast includes a whole range of powerful features. Below you will find a list of the top highlights of this version. More information about other SilverFast features highlights can be found in our overview of all SilverFast features.

SilverFast SE Plus

Especially for scanning slides, film and negatives please pay attention to our advanced beginner version of SilverFast SE Plus. Benefit from the additional features Multi-Exposure, AACO, the Auto Frame Alignment, the Descreening with automatic screen detection and the Kodachrome Functions.

SilverFast Quick Guide

We are happy to present our SilverFast SE guide for you to get an overview of the concept and workflow of your software.

Supported Scanners

SilverFast is adjusted to each scanner model individually. The listed scanners have been tested and are supported by our software.

System Requirements

Here you can ensure that your system setup meets SilverFast's minimum requirements regarding hardware and operating systems.