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Version History

Version: 9.2.2 (2024-02-05)

  • Task:
    • General: Fixed a possible issue when cancelling a batch scan in the WorkflowPilot.
  • Bug:
    • General: Restored the function of a few shortcuts.
    • General: Fixed an UI issue which caused the Clone-Tool to appear active even if not activated.
  • Quality:
    • General: Focus settings for scanners with manual focus adjustment have been unified and renamed. "Auto-Focus off" now is named "Neutral Focus" and is a standard position for the focus.

Version: 9.2.1 (2023-12-12)

  • Task:
    • General: Added some missing tooltips in the SilverFast preferences.
    • General: The film finding for 35mm scanners has been improved.
  • Bug:
    • General: Fixed a very rare issue where the IR image wouldn't fit the RGB image.
    • General: Fixed an issue where copying the frame finding option would lead to repeating the frame finding every time the image is opened.
    • General: Fixed an issue in SilverFast HDR which prevented images from being opened by double-clicking them in the JobManager after drag and drop from the VLT.
  • Feature:
    • SilverFast HDR: When you drap and drop a batch of images onto the JobManager, the first image is opened for editing automatically after leaving the VLT.
    • General: Changes to the thresholds and offsets of the image automatic now update the preview automatically for better visual feedback.
    • General: A new standard workflow has been added to the WorkflowPilot which offers all automatic optimisations that usually don't require manual adjustments. This workflow fits a large number of images. Take a look at the worfklows in the "edit" section if you need more control.
    • General: Masks are now available for Descreening for more precise control.
  • GUI:
    • General: SilverFast 9 users without a SilverFast HDR license now get a message when selecting one of the RAW-data formats in order to inform about which format to select for processed images and which for unedited scanner RAW data which is best used with SilverFast HDR after scanning.
    • General: The US patent for the ExpressScan has been added.
  • Installation:
    • Plustek: Fixed an issue where the Intelliscan button of the Plustek OpticFilm 8100/8200i/8300i wouldn't launch SilverFast 9.
  • Quality:
  • Scanner Support:
  • User Story:
    • General: SilverFast's scanner status now displays the scan resolution instead of the print ("preset") resolution.
    • Improved handling of scanner auto-focussing to avoid freezes that occured and disabled the user interface

Version: 9.2.0 (2023-07-17)

  • Task:
    • General: The "Get Info" dialog in the macOS Finder now shows the correct SilverFast version number.
  • Bug:
    • General: The VLT now updates the sorting when a file is renamed.
    • General: Fixed an issue leading to interrupted scans with Epson scanners.
    • General: Fixed an issue in HDR's "History" function that could lead to a crash.
  • GUI:
    • General: Added an icon for toggling between input and output histogram in the histogram tool. The name in the tool titlebar toggles accordingly.
  • Support:
    • General: Information on the version number has been added to the "about" window.
  • User Story:
    • General: Settings for magazine scanners now are preserved when you quit the program.