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AoA – Areas of Application

SilverFast is known as a powerful software solution for digitizing analog image originals such as photos, slides and filmstrips. Less well known are the many other possible uses. For example, SilverFast is used by many agencies and authorities for the creation of identity documents. In medicine, SilverFast is used to digitize x-ray images. In the field of science, flat 3-dimensional objects like bird feathers and botanical plant samples are successfully scanned. There is an trend in art called scanography, where the scanner is used as a tool to create art; for this many artists rely on SilverFast. This website gives an overview of the numerous fields of application for our SilverFast software.

Woodstock Vision

The spirit of a generation. Official Woodstock photographer Elliott Landy relies on SilverFast for his commemorative book.

Rescued Film Project

The Rescued Film Project is an online archive gallery of images that were captured on film between the 1930's and late 1990's.

Scanning Bird Feathers

The process of scanning bird feathers is an important step in the creation of digital databases and the study of bird species. Scanning makes it possible to capture detailed images of feathers that can be used for scientific studies, forensic analysis and educational purposes.


Testfire in combination with SilverFast is a revolutionary system that measures and controls the ceramic firing process.