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Scanning. Proven. Optimized.

(SilverFast SE, SE Plus, Ai Studio)
LaserSoft Imaging

Our SilverFast scanner software is intended for all who want to get the best out of their scanner when digitizing photographic material. Our proven and innovative tools make this possible.

Learn more about it and why our SilverFast is the world leading software.

Image Processing. Different. Focused.

(SilverFast HDR, HDR Studio)
LaserSoft Imaging

SilverFast HDR is different and this is deliberately. HDR always uses 64bit or 48bit High Dynamic Range data. Focused on the essential functionalities of image editing, it masters them perfectly.

Learn more about it and why it is worth trying our SilverFast HDR.

Scanning & Image Processing

(SilverFast Archive Suite)
LaserSoft Imaging

The SilverFast Archive Suite is our complete solution. It provides you with a unique concept for efficiently digitizing and processing your valuable images.

Find out more about our software package for scanning and image processing.

Even more. Accessories. Photography.

(further products related to photography)
LaserSoft Imaging

IT8 Targets for professional scanner calibration. PrinTao 8, our large format printing solution for the Mac. SRDx Photoshop plug-in for dust and scratch removal.

Discover these highlights and many more products.

Before and After Comparison

of an analog image scanned with SilverFast


Use the mouse to move the slider left or right to view the optimized or original image as a whole.



SilverFast 9 in the Current Issue of the Fine Art Printer Magazine

The current issue 02/2023 of the renowned German magazine “Fine Art Printer” is dedicated to the topic of scanning on several pages.

Author Roberto Casaveccia titles “Flatbed scanner tuning: Results almost on the level of a film scanner” and shows ways of significantly improving the quality of the scanning results. …


SilverFast 9 supports the new macOS 13 Ventura

Apple’s 2022 operating system update has been released and SilverFast 9 is ready to go.

SilverFast 9 is also supporting Apple’s new ARM architecture M1 system on a chip, if your scanner manufacturer provides appropriate device drivers. Update from SilverFast 8 and receive an upgrade discount.


Frank Doorhof

“In my work I’m a 99% digital shooter, but in my heart and soul I’m a 99% analogue shooter. […] SilverFast is my choice because when I scan I want the absolute best image quality and SilverFast delivers what they promise.”

– Frank Doorhof

Frank Doorhof is the first European photographer to join KelbyOne, an association of the world’s best lecturers in the field of photography and image processing. Frank is also an X-rite Master Collorati, Adobe Influencer and DxO Image Master.

Supported Scanners

SilverFast supports all important models of the major scanner manufacturers. In order to achieve the best possible quality, we adjust our SilverFast scanner software individually to all top devices that beginners and professionals are using to digitize their images.


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