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The Plustek Company

Plustek Inc. was founded in 1986 and is a Taiwanese company headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. Already shortly after its founding, Plustek Technology established a German branch and situated its European headquarters on the outskirts of Hamburg. In Shenzhen, China, Plustek operates its own research and development center.

Plustek sells scanner hardware and security technology worldwide. The film scanners of the successful OpticFilm series are among their most popular models. In addition to film-only scanners, Plustek offers a wide range of other scanner types in their portfolio, such as film and photo, book, flatbed, document and network scanners. Plustek is worldwide one of only a few companies that continue to develop new scanners, continuing to invigorate the market with its innovations.

SilverFast for Your Plustek Scanner

Learn about our scanning and archiving solutions for your specific Plustek scanner.

Professional Scanner Software for Plustek Scanners

SilverFast enjoys a close partnership with Plustek and is included in almost all Plustek film scanners. Hardware and software are perfectly synchronized, which achieves amazing results in the digitization of analog photos.

For a variety of Plustek scanners bundled with SilverFast software, there is an exclusive upgrade available, an upgrade to the premium scan and archiving software SilverFast Archive Suite.

If you are interested in a Plustek scanner, we offer an optimally fine-tuned all-in-one package complete with Plustek scanner hardware and SilverFast software.

SilverFast 8 for Plustek scanners

This video explains the benefits of scanner software SilverFast 8 for Plustek scanners.

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