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Digitize your precious Memory Gems with our Single Archive Command


Efficient, safe, easy!

The SilverFast Single Archive Command is an outstanding and unmatched solution for scanning large quantities of images with just one click. A special scanner raw data workflow ensures that no data is lost from scanning to processing!

The Single Archive Command is a supplement to our SilverFast scanner software, which makes scanning as easy as never before. With just a few mouse clicks, you can start scanning. SAC comes with presets which make typical scanning scenarios particularly easy. The presets follow the most important basic rules of image processing and thus make an enormous contribution to high-quality scans.

Thanks to this presets, the digitization process requires no knowledge of image processing and no complicated configuration of the software. This means that virtually anyone can digitize without making mistakes.

Image processing is then performed at a later point when the user has grown comfortable with image processing. As a user, you don‘t have to wait for a scan to be completed to working on the digital data which is much more efficient. This process is supported by the JobManager, which is specially designed for batch image processing.

SAC Video

Watch our Video to learn more about SilverFast's Single Archive Command

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The Single Archive Command is the logical further development of the Archive Suite concept: in order to be able to save even large archives of images from aging, decay and fungal attack quickly, the scanning process was simplified even further.

With the Single Archive Command, the time-consuming configuration before each scan is no longer necessary. Presets allow you to start the scanning process with just one click.

Basically there are two types of scans, which we distinguish. One type can be executed with the Single Archive Command and one has to be done manually. For slides and 35mm film there are film holders which can be used with a fully automatic image detection. For those images, the Single Archive Command is an excellent choice. Everything else requires manual frame adjustment during scanning and thus needs to be done in the manual mode.

Which SilverFast version?

The SilverFast SAC Single Archive Command feature is included in our PREMIUM software edition SilverFast Archive Suite.

Which scanners are supported?

The SilverFast SAC Single Archive Command feature is supported by the following scanners:

  • CanoScan 8600F
  • CanoScan 8800F
  • CanoScan 9000F
  • CanoScan 9000F Mark II
  • DS-G20000
  • ES-10000G
  • ES-11000G
  • Expression 10000XL
  • Expression 11000XL
  • Expression 12000XL
  • Expression 13000XL
  • GT-20000
  • GT-9800F
  • GT-F740
  • GT-X700
  • GT-X750
  • GT-X770
  • GT-X800
  • GT-X820
  • GT-X830
  • GT-X900
  • GT-X970
  • GT-X980
  • Perfection 3200 Photo/Pro
  • Perfection 4490 Photo
  • Perfection 4870 Photo
  • Perfection 4990 Photo
  • Perfection V370 Photo
  • Perfection V500 Photo
  • Perfection V550 Photo
  • Perfection V600 Photo
  • Perfection V700 Photo
  • Perfection V750 Pro
  • Perfection V800 Photo
  • Perfection V850 Pro
  • ArtixScan F1
  • ArtixScan F2
  • ArtixScan M1
  • ScanMaker i800 Plus
  • ScanMaker i900

Testing SilverFast SAC

You can test the Single Archive Command with our Archive Suite demo version. Therefore, please install both components, SilverFast Ai Studio and HDR Studio. Initially, please open each software once to start the demo period. The feature is only available in SilverFast Ai Studio when both programs have been started once. Of course you may also combine a full version and a demo version to test the SAC feature.

SAC E-Book

The SilverFast Single Archive Command E-Book is a valuable source of information. Learn more about the benefits of a RAW data workflow, about the SilverFast Archive Concept and how to use the SAC functionality.

Archiving Software

Digitize your images fast and easy. The SilverFast Archive Suite is a package consisting of scanner software and imaging software for a subsequent image optimization which work together perfectly.