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Remove Defetcs with our infrared Dust and Scratch Removal


Perfectly Remove Dust & Scratches

Contrary to conventional techniques SilverFast‘s dust and scratch removal functionality iSRD is based on the hardware. It is using the scanner‘s infrared channel for defect detection.

Slides and negatives always have small dust particles and tiny scratches on them, even when handled very carefully. Removing them one-by-one takes a tremendous amount of time, since often hundreds or thousands of small defects (dust grains or lint) are found on the original image, which only become visible after digitization. LaserSoft Imaging has developed a reliable solution to this problem.

Infrared light has a very wide wave-length, which allows it to pass through film emulsion of negatives and slides without resistance, as opposed to scratches and dust particles that reflect it. iSRD utilizes this behavior as follows. The image is scanned two times – the first is the regular RGB scan and the second is the additional infrared scan that captures defects like dust and scratches only. Then the calculative dust and scratch removal takes effect, only where the infrared channel has detected any defects without losing any important details.

iSRD Video

Watch our Video to learn more about SilverFast's infrared Dust and Scratch Removal

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Feature Range

SilverFast Version SE SE Plus Ai Studio
Automatic scratch removal
Manual control of detection sensitivity
1:1 and HQ preview modes
Selective correction with a mask tool
Manual control of defect size that should be detected
Rubber tool for protecting image areas
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Supported Scanners

The listed scanners are tested to support the iSRD feature.

  • FS 120
  • MultiMag SlideScan 4000 / 4000b
  • MultiMag SlideScan 6000
  • MultiMag SlideScan 7000
  • CanoScan 8400F
  • CanoScan 8600F
  • CanoScan 8800F
  • CanoScan 9000F
  • CanoScan 9000F Mark II
  • CanoScan 9900F
  • CanoScan 9950F
  • GT-X700
  • GT-X750
  • GT-X770
  • GT-X800
  • GT-X820
  • GT-X830
  • GT-X900
  • GT-X970
  • GT-X980
  • Perfection 4490 Photo
  • Perfection 4870 Photo
  • Perfection 4990 Photo
  • Perfection V500 Photo
  • Perfection V550 Photo
  • Perfection V600 Photo
  • Perfection V700 Photo
  • Perfection V750 Pro
  • Perfection V800 Photo
  • Perfection V850 Pro
  • SilverFast DCPro
  • SilverFast DCPro Studio
  • SilverFast HDR
  • SilverFast HDR Studio
  • SilverScan 7200 Pro
  • ArtixScan F1
  • DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400 (not Elite 5400 II)
  • LS 2000 / Super Coolscan 2000
  • LS 4000ED / Super Coolscan 4000 ED
  • LS 40ED / Coolscan IV ED
  • LS 5000ED / Super Coolscan 5000 ED
  • LS 50ED / Coolscan V ED
  • LS 8000ED / Super Coolscan 8000 ED
  • LS 9000ED / Super Coolscan 9000 ED
  • PowerFilm
  • PowerFilm Plus
  • PowerSlide 3650
  • PowerSlide 5000
  • PowerSlide X
  • PrimeFilm 120 / 120 Pro
  • PrimeFilm 7200
  • PrimeFilm 7250 Pro3
  • PrimeFilm 7250u
  • PrimeFilm X
  • PrimeFilm XA
  • PrimeFilm XA Plus
  • PrimeFilm XAs
  • PrimeFilm XE
  • PrimeFilm XEs
  • OpticFilm 120
  • OpticFilm 120 Pro
  • OpticFilm 135i
  • OpticFilm 7200i
  • OpticFilm 7500i
  • OpticFilm 7600i
  • OpticFilm 8200i
  • OpticFilm 8300i
  • Intelli Scan 5000
  • CrystalScan 7200
  • DigitDia 4000
  • DigitDia 5000
  • DigitDia 6000
  • DigitDia 7000
  • DigitDia 8000 [INTERNAL!]
  • MF 5000
  • PF 135
  • ProScan 10T
  • ProScan 7200
  • RPS 10M
  • RPS 7200

See how effectively SilverFast iSRD works:

B/W Film & Kodachrome

Special Case: Black-and-White and Kodachrome film with infrared-based defect removal iSRD

Kodachrome film: With Kodachrome images, an automatic defect detection can be more difficult, since the film emulsion is so dense, particularly in the dark image areas, that infrared light cannot pass through sufficiently. For this reason, for the software dark image area does not differ from dust or other dirt particles. SilverFast’s iSRD Dust and Scratch Removal has been specially adapted for Kodachrome film to take this into account. The Kodachrome optimized iSRD engine is used automatically once the Kodachrome mode is activated. It may be particularly helpful to use a polygon or path mask, as well as the marker and eraser tools included with SilverFast Ai Studio to limit corrections to specific areas of the image.

Black and white film: Black and white film is another special case in terms of dust and scratch removal. Unlike color slides or color negatives, the scanner’s infrared rays can not permeate through the film emulsion, due to the silver halide layer contained in the film. This means that infrared based tools like iSRD, ICE, FARE or MagicTouch can not be used here.

SRDx, our software-based dust and scratch removal, has bee developed especially for black and white film. It ensures effective removal of dust and scratches from black and white film and, in combination with SilverFast iSRD, represents an ideal solution for Kodachromes.

Supplementary Feature: SRDx

SilverFast SRDx is a software-based tool for removing dust and scratches, i.e. in contrast to iSRD it is not using the infrared channel. Thus, it is a great tool for scanners that do not feature any infrared functionality. SilverFast SRDx is also a great addition to SilverFast iSRD. Both features can be optimally combined to remove defects hardware- and software-based.

Supported Scanners

The listed scanners have been tested and support the SilverFast iSRD dust and scratch removal functionality. More scanners will be added to the list by and by. Consider using SilverFast SRDx, if your scanner is not on the list.

Digital ICE

Digital ICE is a similar technology developed by Kodak. Where ICE is a technology that hasn‘t seen many improvements over the years, iSRD is always up-to-date due to regular updates.