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Incredible Speed Gain for Flatbed Scanners

SilverFast ExpressScan

The intelligent new scanning method

Scan many times faster and save valuable time - with the patented SilverFast ExpressScan feature ('Method for scanning originals', Patent No.: US 11,558,529 B2). If several images are next to each other in the scanning direction, the number of scanning passes can be reduced.

The patented ExpressScan is included with our SilverFast Archive Suite from version 9.1 and it is automatically activated if the position of the scan frames allows it. Adjacent images can be scanned in one pass instead of one at a time. This saves a lot of time and also spares the hardware.

This new procedure reduces the number of scan passes to a minimum. The more images can be placed side by side, the greater the effect. For many flatbed scanners, time savings of 50% to 75% can be achieved.

The ExpressScan functionality is not only ideally suited for museums and image archives of all kinds, which have to be particularly careful with their sometimes very old and therefore very sensitive image treasures. All other users who want to protect their scanner and film originals will also benefit. The ExpressScan feature significantly reduces the number of mechanical processes in the scanner and the amount of light the image material is exposed to.

When the ExpressScan functionality is active, the ExpressScan stopwatch icon appears in the scanner status dialog.

ExpressScan Video I

Watch our Video to learn more about SilverFast's unique ExpressScan

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In order to use the full speed advantage of the ExpressScan functionality, a special setup is required:

  • Flatbed scanner

  • SilverFast Archive Suite, version 9.1 or later

  • Manual scanning mode (WorkflowPilot deactivated)

  • Scan frame positioning: at least 2 frames that are positioned at the exact same height regarding scanning direction

  • Same scanning resolution for all scan frames

ExpressScan Video II

Watch our Video to learn more about SilverFast's unique ExpressScan

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Which SilverFast version?

The SilverFast ExpressScan feature is included in our PREMIUM software edition SilverFast Archive Suite.

Which scanners are supported?

The SilverFast ExpressScan feature is supported by the following scanners:

  • CanoScan 4400F
  • CanoScan 5600F
  • CanoScan 8600F
  • CanoScan 8800F
  • CanoScan 9000F
  • CanoScan 9000F Mark II

  • DS-G20000
  • ES-10000G
  • ES-11000G
  • ES-2200
  • ES-8500
  • Expression 10000XL
  • Expression 11000XL
  • Expression 12000XL
  • Expression 13000XL
  • Expression 1640XL
  • Expression 1680 / 1680 Pro
  • GT-20000
  • GT-7600
  • GT-9300UF
  • GT-9800F
  • GT-F500
  • GT-F600
  • GT-F650
  • GT-F670
  • GT-F700
  • GT-F720
  • GT-F730
  • GT-F740
  • GT-S600
  • GT-S620
  • GT-S630
  • GT-S640
  • GT-S650
  • GT-X700
  • GT-X750
  • GT-X770
  • GT-X800
  • GT-X820
  • GT-X830
  • GT-X900
  • GT-X970
  • GT-X980
  • Perfection 1200
  • Perfection 2400 / 2400 Photo
  • Perfection 2480
  • Perfection 3200 Photo/Pro
  • Perfection 4180 Photo
  • Perfection 4490 Photo
  • Perfection 4870 Photo
  • Perfection 4990 Photo
  • Perfection V10
  • Perfection V100
  • Perfection V200
  • Perfection V30
  • Perfection V300
  • Perfection V33
  • Perfection V330
  • Perfection V350
  • Perfection V37
  • Perfection V370 Photo
  • Perfection V39
  • Perfection V39 II
  • Perfection V500 Photo
  • Perfection V550 Photo
  • Perfection V600 Photo
  • Perfection V700 Photo
  • Perfection V750 Pro
  • Perfection V800
  • Perfection V850
  • WorkForce DS-50000
  • WorkForce Pro WF-5110 DWF [INTERNAL!]
  • WorkForce Pro WF-5620 DWF [INTERNAL!]
  • Workforce Pro WF-C5290DW [INTERNAL!]
  • Workforce Pro WF-C5790DWF [INTERNAL!]

  • ArtixScan 3200 XL
  • ArtixScan F1
  • ArtixScan F2
  • ArtixScan M1
  • ScanMaker 1000 XL
  • ScanMaker 1000 XL Plus
  • ScanMaker 9800 XL Plus
  • ScanMaker i800 Plus
  • ScanMaker i900

  • OpticBook 3800L
  • OpticBook 3900
  • OpticBook A300 Plus
  • OpticPro A320
  • OpticPro A320E

Testing SilverFast ExpressScan

You can test the ExpressScan with our Archive Suite demo version. Therefore, please install both components, SilverFast Ai Studio and HDR Studio. Initially, please open each software once to start the demo period. The feature is only available in SilverFast Ai Studio when both programs have been started once. Of course you may also combine a full version and a demo version to test the ExpressScan feature.

ExpressScan Press Release

December 14th, 2021. The new SilverFast release 9.1 offers a multitude of innovations: The ExpressScan (German patent application pending) is a development for everyone who wants to scan a large number of images.

Archiving Software

Digitize your images fast and easy. The SilverFast Archive Suite is a package consisting of scanner software and imaging software for a subsequent image optimization which work together perfectly.