SilverFast GCC - Global Color Correction
What is the Global Color Correction and what can you use it for?
SilverFast features different levels for doing image optimizations. The Global Color Correction GCC and the Selective Color Correction SCC are two of the most helpful tools for correcting images directly before scanning.

The Global Color Correction is an intuitive tool for controlling the color balance of the whole image. Particularly older images often show color casts that can be removed easily with GCC. The possibility to restrict modifications to half and quarter tones, allows effortless optimization of even those color shifts that are only visible in the very light or very shadowy image areas.
Furthermore, the image automatic of a digital camera can produce a wrong-colored color mood when capturing a photo subject with special coloring, e.g. a sunset. Global Color Correction can also correct such images.

sf_gcc_cold_warm_545x179 (Please click to enlarge)

The Color Correction dialog
Any adjustment in the Color Correction dialog* can also be achieved by manipulating the gradation curve, but is far less intuitive and demonstrative.

  • After doing a prescan the color balance is adjustable by simply moving the small box inside the color circle. The three sliders underneath are helpful for fine tuning as well as the six clickable color dots that are arranged around the color circle.
  • The controls in the upper area of the dialog window determine if the color corrections are limited to quarter, half or three-quarter tones.
  • The small slider on the color circle's right demonstrates how starkly a change in the dialog is transferred to the image.
  • Any change can be undone by clicking on the button on the very bottom left.

* Note: The GCC feature dialog of SilverFast SE, SE Plus and DC SE is a limited version.
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