SilverFast - Feature Highlights ( 1 | 2 )

Logo_HDRi_60x48 HDRi
64bit RAW data format incl. infrared information
Logo_AACO_60x48 AACO
Auto Adaptive Contrast Optimization, more details
Logo_Focus_Control_60x48 Focus Control
Adjust scan focus automatically or manually
Logo_Image_to_Web_60x48 Image to Web
Publish and share images directly online
Logo_USM_60x48 USM
Unsharp-Masking for more image sharpness
Logo_Entrasterung_60x48 Descreening
Scanning printed originals without Moirè effects
Logo_GANE_60x48 GANE®
Elimination of grain and image noise
Logo_SC2G_60x48 SC2G®
Selective Color To Gray, adjustable grayscales
Logo_Mehrfach-Densitometer_60x48 Densitometer
Multiple Densitometer for color measurement
Logo_16Bit-Histogramm_60x48 16Bit Histogram
For professional exposure compensation
Logo_SRDx_60x48 SRDx
software based dust and scratch removal
Logo_Clone-Tool_SF8_60x48 Clone-Tool
Stamp tool to correct severe defects
Logo_LAB-Format_60x48 LAB Format
Device-independent LAB color space
Logo_ACR_60x48 ACR®
Color Restauration on faded images
Logo_MidPip4_60x48 Neutral Pipette
Neutralizing pipette against color casts
Logo_IPTC_60x48 IPTC Data
Changing and Creating IPTC meta data
Logo_PrinTao_60x48 PrinTao®
Printing dialog with a wide range of functionality
Logo_Auto-Rahmen-Erkennung_60x48 Auto Detection
Automatic image detection
Logo_HiRePP_60x48 HiRePP®
Opening huge image files in seconds
Logo_Gamma-Optimierung_60x48 Gamma Opt.
Gamma Optimization for consistent brightness
Logo_Batch_Scanning_60x48 Batch Scanning
Automatically scanning
multiple originals
Logo_Kodachrome_60x48 Kodachrome
Scanning Kodachrome slides without blue cast
Logo_Auto-Rahmen-Ausrichtung_60x48 Auto Alignment
Detecting and aligning images automatically
Logo_ColorServer_60x48 ColorServer
Efficient conversion of large amounts of images
Logo_GCC_60x48 GCC
Global Correction of color balance
Logo_Full_Screen_60x48 Full Screen View
and "Lights off" view for better image evaluation
Logo_expert_60x48 Expert Mode
Ideal for professional
Logo_Multitasking_60x48 Multi-Tasking
SilverFast is fully capable of multitasking
Following features are only available for SilverFast 6.6:
Logo_PhotoProof_60x48 PhotoProof®
Legally binding true-color contract proofs
Logo_Multi-Sampling_60x48 Multi-Sampling
Multiple scans for reducing image noise
Logo_SoftProof_CMYK_60x48 SoftProof CMYK
Onscreen simulation of CMYK printing data
Logo_Hot-Folder_60x48 Hot-Folder
Automatic HDR image optimization

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