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"Excellent and Intuitive Software! The Job Manager is my favorite tool because: With the volume of work that I shoot and administrative office duties I have, this is a great tool! I can scan an entire job folder of images, freeing me up to attend to other things."

Tony Sweet (Photography)

SilverFast Job Manager Batch Scanning
(IT-Enquirer, 2006)

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SilverFast Job Manager Batch Scanning
(Artikel IT-Enquirer, Sept. 18th, 2006)

SilverFast JobManager (PDF)
SilverFast JobManager

What is JobManager? SilverFast JobManager is a built-in function for the scan software SilverFast Ai and the imgaging softwares SilverFast HDR and SilverFast DC. Every user knows about the time- and cost-consuming procedure to scan a whole row of images (such as an entire film strip) where he has to proceed the optimization image by image. The time required for the hardware to make preview scans, fine scans and save files is dead and wasted time for the user. For the modern and fast processing photographer this can turn out to be a real disaster. Thanks to JobManager, the efficiency in the workflow is increased dramatically. The user can process transparent and reflective artwork and even mix slides and negatives in just one pass. The user must only give an instruction list (a collection of settings, parameters and manipulations) from which images, image files or image folders can be processed automatically.

JobManager Highlights
  • Process an unlimited number of images/files in batch
  • Save, load and change jobs
  • Apply changes with one click to an unlimited number of files
  • Process multiple jobs to and from different directories