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Logo_WorkflowPilot_100x80 WorkflowPilot
The WorkflowPilot is an assistant that guides the user in the correct order through all required processing steps. Depending on material and intended purpose there is a different workflow that will be worked on with the WorkflowPilot step by step.
Logo_Echtzeit-Konzept_100x80 Preview Concept
The SilverFast 8 Preview Concept allows to assess the results even for complicated image optimization functions, such as iSRD and USM, at any time. A 100% zoom facilitates to properly evaluate and set the parameters of these tools.
Logo_Gui_100x80 GUI - Graphical User Interface
The user interface of SilverFast 8 has been completely redeveloped according to current standards. The controls can be arranged flexibly and freely on the screen according to personal preferences. All major functions can be operated quickly and easily.
Logo_Multitasking_100x80 Multi-Tasking
SilverFast 8 is fully capable of multitasking. For example, if several originals are to be scanned one after another, the user can already set the image optimization options for the second scan while the scanner is digitizing the first original.
Logo_Auto-IT8-Kalibrierung_60x48 IT8 Calibration
Color calibrating the scanner in 2 minutes
Logo_Drucker-Kalibrierung_60x48 ICC Printer Cal.
ICC Printer Calibration for accurate colors
Logo_Multi-Exposure_60x48 Multi-Exposure®
Higher Dynamic Range for more details
Logo_Bildautomatik_60x48 Image Automatic
Intelligent optimization with a single mouse click
Logo_iSRD_60x48 iSRD®
infrared based dust and scratch removal
Logo_vlt_60x48 VLT
The virtual light table of SilverFast HDR
Logo_JobManager_60x48 JobManager®
Higher efficiency when scanning a lot of originals
Logo_JobMonitor_60x48 JobMonitor
JobManager status monitor for iOS devices
Logo_HDRi_RAW_60x48 HDRiRAW
Ideal RAW image data archive format
Logo_NegaFix_60x48 NegaFix®
True-color negative to positive conversion
Logo_SCC_60x48 SCC®
Select. Color Correction, easy color adjustment
Logo_QuickTime-Movies_60x48 QuickTime Movies
Tutorial movie for every SilverFast feature

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