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fotoforum_0110_70x100 "The scan software SilverFast is well suited for achieving great Kodachrome scans. The Kodachrome calibration ensures that Kodachromes are recognized colortruly without requiring the user to do extensive color corrections afterwards. Additionally SilverFast's dust and scratch removal iSRD does a good job on digitally cleaning the old Kodachrome slides."

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Kodachrome & SilverFast

Kodachrome scans without bluecast, dust and scratches - with SilverFast
By implementing improved Kodachrome routines into SilverFast Version 6.6 it's finally possible to achieve high-quality scans of Kodachrome slides with the highest possible Dynamic Range, color calibrated and free of bluecast, dust and scratches.*

Kodachrome_Modus_tn_en Kodachrome ICC profiles & scanner calibration
Anyone working with Kodachrome scans without adjusting the scanner to the special film properly knows the problem of the unsightly bluecast. Some scanner manufacturer's software may have a Kodachrome mode for selection, which usually isn't very helpful because a specific calibration device is lacking. It needs a color calibration with a Kodachrome target to avoid the bluecast problem completely. Unfortunately Kodak stopped producing Kodachrome Q60 targets in 1999.
Therefore we have implemented generic Kodachrome ICC-profiles for many supported film scanners in SilverFast 6.6. This is a good starting basis. For really colortrue results it needs a scanner calibration, and therefore, LaserSoft Imaging is offering special Kodachrome targets since the beginning of 2009. If you are interested, please contact our sales team (sales(at)

Ohne-Kalibration Mit-Kalibration
Example images: before and after SilverFast Kodachrome profiling.
(Please click to enlarge.)  

Kodachromes with maximum Dynamic Range
Scanning Kodachromes with attention to recording the complete Dynamic Range is a considerable challenge. This, because the Dynamic Range reaches up to 3.8D - which is a grayscale range of 6300 shades and equals a contrast range of 1:6300!
Fortunately SilverFast Multi-Exposure can handle the enormous Dynamic Range with film scanners. This guarantees reproduction of the deepest shades inside Kodachromes successfully.

Kodachromes without dust and scratches - SRD® and iSRD®
Ordinary dust and scratches removal tools (such as ICE) fail with Kodachromes, because the film emulsion is very different than normal color films. The combination of advanced SilverFast dust and scratch removal functions SRD® and iSRD® on several layers and masks guarantees dust- and scratch-free Kodachrome scans.

movie_en Click here to see how perfect this works and how easy it is to apply :


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* Note:Please verify that your scanner supports the SilverFast Kodachrome features before buying.
SilverFast Multi-Exposure® (for enhancing the Dynamic Range) and iSRD® (infrared Scratch and Dust Removal) are hardware-dependent features. Kodachrome profiles are not included in the SilverFast SE version, but are included in the SE Plus version.

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