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The IT8 standard has been the color control reference for graphical applications for over 20 years. Industry designers, photographers and even every-day photo enthusiasts rely on the color accuracy made possible by the individual ISO norms of the IT8 Standard.

During scanner calibration, measuring tables help characterize the specific color reading capabilities of a scanner. These measuring tables are built in accordance with the ISO-Norm 12641. The measuring tables recognize the individual characteristics of the particular scanner and generate a color profile for said scanner. It is quite common for scanners to contain singularities that make them unique from one another. These singularities often occur during the production process and tend to continue to change throughout the life of the scanner. It is also common for color differences to occur due to environmental factors such as room temperature, humidity and light exposure. A profile in accordance with the IT8 Standard is thus a useful tool not only for professionals, but for all those interested in scanning.

colorful_girl_450px How do you see colors?

Targets from LaserSoft Imaging function almost completely automatically, ensuring ease of use for all users. Upon the completion of scanner calibration, SilverFast generates an individual color profile. Scanner calibration is derived from the color values of the scanner and the profile is then automatically activated. The user is effectively relieved from the task of searching for reference data or determining input data because SilverFast completes this process on its own. Everything is automatically taken care of with a few clicks of the mouse. As a result, color management is optimally adjusted and becomes a fixed part of the scanning process.

NEW: Advanced Color Calibration (according to Part 2)
Our advanced color calibration targets are based on the ISO Norm 12641-2. After final checking, this new standard was released by the ISO in December 2019. We now provide targets according to the new design with significantly more measuring fields. Due to the increased number of measurement points, the new Part 2 Target is capable of calculating an even larger color spectrum. Thus, less data is generated by the color profile because more measurement data is readily available, which results in increased Target accuracy.

Significant advantage:
  • Increased accuracy
Advanced_Calibration_Messpunkte_cyan_gruen_450px_en (Please click to enlarge)

UNTIL NOW: Standard Color Calibration (Part 1)
The IT8 Part 1 standard color calibration calculates a scanner’s individual color profile according to the 12641 (-1) Norm. It uses only the most important measurement points on the color table, while utilizing a smaller measuring field. Standard color calibration employs intelligent algorithms, which provide for increased color fidelity via the use of individual color profiles.

You have the Choice
Whichever calibration you choose is of course entirely up to you. We assume that both parts will be in use for a certain transition period before Part 2 asserts itself due to the higher accuracy. You can switch to the new Part 2 targets today or later – SilverFast (from version 8.8.0r11) can use both targets for calibration.

Which SilverFast version is required?
Unlike old SilverFast versions, the Scanner Calibration is already included in the following SilverFast 8 editions: Ai IT8, Ai Studio and Archive Suite. A Calibration Target is required additionally.
  • Fully automatic calibration with the click of a mouse
  • For flatbed and film scanners
  • Integrated Barcode-Technology
  • Layout according to the ISO-Norm 12641-1 and 12641-2
Standard Targets (Part 1) are required for Standard Calibration and Advanced Targets (Part 2) are required for the new Advanced Calibration. To calibrate your scanner with our Advanced Targets you need SilverFast Ai Studio or the Archive Suite (version 8.8.0r11 or later).
List of available Targets

edp_award SilverFast was awarded by the European Digital Press Association with the EDP award for the best color management.

Questions and answers concerning the IT8 calibration:
« So far, I can't see why anyone serious about scanning with your products, and serious about an ICC scanner profile would not use this newer target, just based on a simple gamut comparison of the two! »
Andrew Rodney, digitaldog.net

foto_greer « The full version with IT8 calibration is magnificent! Color is perfect most every time […] The IT8 calibration with the custom targets is by far my favorite tool. Color correction is a very time consuming characteristic of digital imaging and good scans equal less time in the processing of my images for faithful color rendition. »
Jerry Greer (photographer)

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