29. December 2009

luminous_landscape_logo_200x80 Review: Scanning with SilverFast
Photographer Mark Segal is an expert in scanning technique and has recently written a tutorial entitled:

Scanning - The Old World Joins the New
Mark explores calibration, scanning with the EPSON V750 Pro and techniques for an integrated workflow between SilverFast and Adobe's Lightroom. The tutorial is available as a free downloadable .pdf file, which can be read onscreen or printed out for reference. Mark has divided his tutorial into five topics:
  1. SilverFast's Auto-IT8 scanner calibration procedure
  2. SilverFast's version of HDR in 64-bit mode
  3. SilverFast's new hardware-based dust and scratch removal technology called iSRD
  4. Performance of the EPSON V750 Pro scanner
  5. An integrated workflow between SilverFast and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
mark_segal_100x140 Mark's conclusion on the iSRD feature: "Those who have large quantities of old transparencies and negatives to scan will find this feature-set to be not only very effective, but also a huge time-saver. As well, there is an added element of flexibility to this workflow, insofar as the infra-red channel remains with the saved HDR scan, so the user has the choice of using iSRD at scan time or any time thereafter."

Read the complete review by Mark Segal here ... (.pdf)
23. December 2009

Merry Christmas!
The LaserSoft Imaging team whishes all customers, guests and their families happy Christmas days and a good start in the new year 2010.

lsi_weihnachten_200x120 We thank you cordially for the interest and faith you have shown to us and our software SilverFast and we seriously look ahead to come up with many new features and innovations in the New Year for making the usage of SilverFast even more simple and pleasant for you.

Merry Christmas! 22. December 2009

sfusm_banner_en NEW: Auto-Sharpening function USM for SilverFast HDR and DC is now aligned to the scanner
The human perception is aligned to the recognition of edges and lines. So the sharpness impression of photos can be increased by contrast rise of small brightness changes. Conventional sharpening functions often increase the detail contrast of the complete image in general and, therefore, also strengthen any image interference of the original, causing a loss of details. In contrast the SilverFast Unsharp Masking USM carefully raises the contrast at edges and lines. The sharpened images appear losslessly much more detailed.

With version 6.6.1r4 SilverFast saves scanner related information along with the image data. This allows an advanced automatic Unsharp Masking for the later post processing with SilverFast HDR, which takes the specific scanner details into account and is therefore able to produce brilliant, pin sharp images. usm_vergleich_02_370x180
(Click to enlarge)

usm_31x25pix Read more about the SilverFast Unsharp Masking.

HDRi_31x25pix This innovation is a special advantage when working with the SilverFast Archive Suite.

Note: this feature has been released for scanners of the brands Agfa, Canon, Epson, Mediax, Microtek, Nikon, PIE, Plustek, Reflecta, Umax and some more. 18. December 2009

reflecta_proscan7200_150x150 NEW: SilverFast for the Reflecta ProScan 7200
The German specialist for slide technology, Reflecta, has introduced the new CCD scanner ProScan 7200 for quick image processing at the end of November. The ProScan 7200 scans 35mm negative and positive filmstrips as well as framed slides with an optical resolution of 3600dpi x 3600dpi and a color depth of 48bit. An additional infrared channel built into the scanner enables hardware-based dust and scratch removal.

The SilverFast scanner software was specially adjusted to the technical details of the ProScan 7200 for achieving optimum results.*

More information on SilverFast for your Reflecta ProScan 7200 as well as downloadable test versions you can get here ...

* Note: SilverFast supports the ProScan 7200 under Windows 2000, XP and Vista by now.
Versions for Windows 7 and Mac OS X will follow early in 2010.
10. December 2009


NEW: The automatic Hot-Folder system for effective image processing
Image processing is easier and quicker then it ever was before! With the new SilverFast Hot-Folder feature, which is available as an add-on to the SilverFast HDR Studio and DCPro Studio versions, automatic adjustments to the entire series of images is easy.

The Hot-Folder principle
The images to be processed are stored in different input folders, for that processing parameters can be set separately. All images become automatically optimized after the conversion process is started. The final images get filed in the respective output folders.

"Workflow automation with the SilverFast Hot-Folder system is quite easy to set up ..."
Erik Vlietinck, IT-Enquirer
(Click to enlarge)

colorserver_31x25pix Read more on the SilverFast Hot-Folder feature. 2. December 2009

HDRi NEW: The SilverFast 64bit HDRi Raw data format is now available for the MICROTEK ArtixScan F1
LaserSoft Imaging has released the 64bit HDRi RAW data format for the first MICROTEK scanner model by now. The SilverFast iSRD® dust and scratch removal is therewith available for the ArtixScan F1 for the first time.
(This feature has already been implemented for EPSON scanners in September.)

HDRi at a glance:
  • 64bit RAW data including the infrared channel means highest quality
  • fast archiving even of large collections possible
  • image processing can be done at any time later
  • dust and scratch removal is up to 4x as quick as ICE® using iSRD®
  • in combination with SRD® also for Kodachrome slides and challenging B/W images

SilverFast HDRi workflow
(click to enlarge)

A 64bit HDRi workflow overview:
After scanning your slides or negatives in RAW data mode save them unprocessed to your hard disk. This is a quick and easy task even with larger collections. These RAW data files contain the entire image data including the infrared channel's data and therewith any information the scanner is able to read. You can post-process the images to suit your needs at any time later and this for multiple times, because the RAW data archive remains unaffected in the process. This workflow including a color management system is featured by our SilverFast Archive Suite software packages.

microtek_hdri_scanners_300x50 SilverFast HDRi offers support for the MICROTEK ArtixScan F1 *

* Note: For using the HDRi mode a firmware version of 4.16 or later is necessary for the F1. The HDRi option is visible in SilverFast's transparent mode but grayed-out and inactive, if your scanner has an older firmware version installed. In this case, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Are you already using a SilverFast software for your MICROTEK scanner?
We would like to offer you an upgrade to SilverFast Archive Suite or Archive Suite SE reduced up to 50%. This discount is valid until the end of this year. You can reach our shop here:
buy_en Archive Suite SE
buy_en Archive Suite

For additional information on the 64bit HDRi RAW data format and the handling of SilverFast iSRD® in combination with a MICROTEK scanner please click here ... 27. November 2009

nikonians_150x60 Interview with Gerhard Wolff of LaserSoft Imaging
The Nikonians are a large online community of Nikon users. Jason and Rick, the Nikonians' "Image Doctors", regularly podcast every two weeks on topics around imaging and photography since the end of 2005. In podcast no. 105 they feature a 30-minute interview with Gerhard Wolff of LaserSoft Imaging. They are talking about the changes that scanners and scanner software SilverFast have made during the last years.

Jason and Rick have gained scanning experience over the years, for example using the Nikon LS 4000ED and the LS 9000ED, but they are new to SilverFast. They are surprised by the easy handling and the outstanding results in color trueness and detail richness. The software has changed with the scanners. But Gerhard Wolff also describes, that many features, which were developed during the last years, were specially developed for some older scanner models.

The Image Doctors especially commend the QuickTime movies which are embedded into the software and the ScanPilot, which guides the user through the important SilverFast functions in the correct order, allowing for a quick familiarization with SilverFast. The automatic IT8 calibration gets addressed as well as the Multi-Exposure function for increasing the dynamic range, and Gerhard Wolff explains its difference from Multi-Sampling. They agree, that the functionality range of dust and scratch removal tool iSRD is far superior to the better-known ICE and is even applicable to challenging film material like Kodachrome. Finally Mr. Wolff introduces the new HDRi workflow, which splits scanning and post-processing in two steps that can be executed independently; both include batch processing.

The interview: Listen to the full length podcast here. (mp4 format, 14.1 MB)

Please also visit the SilverFast Nikon page. 18. November 2009

canon_5600f_138x138 NEW: SilverFast for CANON's CanoScan 5600F
The 5600F is a popular flatbed scanner with a transmissive unit, which scans almost any original like photos, slides, filmstrips and documents. The scanner features LED technology and is therefore ready for scanning without any heating period. Windows support: For the first time the many additional features that SilverFast offers are now available for Canon's 5600F - for perfect scans.
(A Macintosh support is currently not possible.)

More information on SilverFast for your CanoScan 5600F as well as downloadable test versions you can get here ... 5. November 2009

HDRi UPDATE: The SilverFast 64bit HDRi format for further EPSON scanners!
The 64bit HDRi RAW data format developed by LaserSoft Imaging is now available for three further EPSON scanners; newly added are:
Perfection 4490, V500 and V600.


Thus, the following EPSON scanners of the Perfection series are benefitting from the HDRi format:
  • 4870 Photo
  • 4490 Photo / Office new
  • 4990 Photo
  • V500 Photo / Office new
  • V600 Photo new
  • V700 Photo
  • V750 Pro


Do you already own a SilverFast license for your EPSON scanner?
We are offering you an upgrade to SilverFast Archive Suite or Archive Suite SE reduced up to 50% until the end of November 2009. You can reach our shop here:
buy_en Archive Suite SE
buy_en Archive Suite

Further information on 64bit HDRi scanning and the handling of SilverFast iSRD® using an EPSON scanner you can get here ... 5. November 2009

epson_v600_150x150 Brand-New from EPSON: The Perfection V600 Photo Scanner
Scanners - and especially film scanners - are devices that are often very expensive or not very good. With its new Perfection V600 Photo EPSON wants to show that there is another way to go. This low-current flatbed scanner with a tranparency unit in the top cover enables very fast scanning without any warm-up time due to EPSON's ReadyScan LED technology. The V600 is claimed to scan a 35mm negative in about 39 seconds.

Flatbed and included film holders for the tranparency unit ensure that the V600 scans almost any original. In order to offer our customers a scanner software for this device in usual high quality, LaserSoft Imaging has naturally started as soon as possible to build a specific SilverFast version for the new EPSON scanner. The V600 Photo is just as well suited for photographers and professional workings as it is for an uncomplicated, but ambitious archiving of larger hobby collections.
  • Flatbed scanner with transparency unit (max. 60mm x 220mm)
  • Optical Resolution: 6.400 x 9.600 dpi
  • Color depth: 48 Bit (internal & external)
  • incl. film holders for slides, 35mm filmstrips and medium-format panoramic film
David_Brooks David Brooks, professional photographer and Senior Editor of Shutterbug Magazine, has tested a pre-release SilverFast Archive Suite on the V600:

"The entire system of making the 64-bit scans and HDR processing is much more efficient and quicker than I had imagined it could be, so it is something I can recommend, and will look forward to further testing with a release version of both applications."

Have you already odererd the new EPSON Perfection V600 Photo ?
Run your V600 with SilverFast to maximize the quality of your scanning results. Here you can reach our Online-Shop:
buy_en SilverFast for EPSON

Further information on 64-bit HDRi scanning and the handling of SilverFast iSRD® using the EPSON V600 you can get here ... 5. November 2009

icon_lsi_50x40 New version online - 6.6.1r4

23. October 2009


SilverFast is Windows 7 compatible
On October 22nd, 2009 Microsoft released the new Windows 7 operating system.
"Simplify your PC Fast." Microsoft states on its own website in regard to the latest release, "Easier. Faster. More Efficient." it is supposed to be.
Just these attributes - especially with regard to the handling of SilverFast - are of key importance to us. Therefore we aim to offer a Windows 7 capable version of all SilverFast products to those of our customers who would like to switch to Windows 7.

As of today, we can boast the full Windows 7 compatibility with version 6.6.1r2 for every edition of the SilverFast DC and HDR product lines as well as for PrinTao.

The SilverFast SE and Ai product lines' scanner software must be individually adjusted and extensively tested for every single scanner model. Our developement team will release SilverFast for many scanners by and by.

Further information as well as an up-to-date list of supported scanners you can find here ... 15. October 2009

topaz4_en SilverFast support for high-end LinoType-Hell / Heidelberg scanners under Snow Leopard
We always aim to enable our customers to use their well established devices with current computers under actual operating systems.

leopard_31x25vista_31x25 Snow Leopard & Vista
Any SilverFast edition for a high-end Heidelberg scanner is available for Macintosh OS X 10.6 and Windows Vista with the latest version. Please regard our info page containing demo versions and a link to our online shop.
firewire_31x25 FireWire 400 & 800
Where a FireWire 400 interface was used before, it is now possible to connect using a FireWire 800 port. Therefore any standard FireWire 6pin to 4pin adapter will fit. Get more information on connection possibilities of your Heidelberg scanner.

We can provide SilverFast support for the following high-end LinoType-Hell / Heidelberg scanners: Additional information on SilverFast Ai Studio and SilverFast HDR Studio for your high-end Heidelberg scanner can be accessed here here ... 30. September 2009

Timothy Gray SilverFast offers powerful features for demanding applications
Timothy Gray is a Chicago-based professional photographer, specializing in fine art landscape photography and archival printing. He has traveled extensively capturing the fragility and beauty of the natural world. His clients include the National Park Service, Delaware North Companies, and his work can be found in private collections and galleries. Timothy has used SilverFast for several years, starting with SilverFast SE, before migrating to the Ai and Ai Studio versions. He continues to be impressed by the quality and workflow gains SilverFast offers.

Timothy Gray: "As a professional photographer working in fine art landscape photography, I’m continually looking for ways to achieve the highest image quality with accurate and repeatable results. With SilverFast, I can efficiently reproduce what I've captured on film.

I’m excited about the future of SilverFast, especially the new 64-bit HDRi feature. Finally, photographers have the ability to scan the full dynamic range of their film, with the added benefit of scanning the infrared channel for dust & scratch removal.

With 64-bit HDRi, I can quickly scan the film, and hand off further processing (including dust & scratch removal using iSRD) to SilverFast HDR Studio. The perfomance gains of iSRD over Digital ICE are impressive, and the quality of the scans amazes not only me, but my clients as well."

View Timothy Gray's website here ... 25. September 2009

fogra_535x140pix_en The Fogra attests the high quality of LaserSoft Imaging's IT8 targets and SilverFast's color calibration system

The Fogra (Fogra Graphic Technology Research Association) is an internationally renowned German association with the objective of promoting print engineering and its future-oriented technologies in the fields of research and development, and to enable the printing industry to utilize the results of this activity. Fogra has over 700 members, from which about two-thirds are graphic art businesses operating in fields ranging from prepress to bookbinding.

In order to guarantee the high quality of our color management products to our customers with a quiet conscience, LaserSoft Imaging has assigned the Fogra to get granular on it. On the one hand, they have checked that our IT8 targets - the transmissive as well as the reflective ones - comply with the strict IT8 standards (ISO norm 12641).

Conclusion of the target conformance check:
"The evaluation shows an excellent conformance of the tested transmissive and reflection targets with respect to ISO 12641. The tested targets furthermore excess the demand criteria for uncalibrated targets by fulfilling the rigorous tolerances of calibrated targets."
Source: Fogra conformance check of LaserSoft Imaging's IT8 targets in regard to ISO IT8 standard (.pdf)

On the other hand, the Fogra has tested how color accurate a scanner (an ordinary EPSON Perfection V 750 in this test) works after calibrating it with a LaserSoft Imaging IT8 target and the SilverFast software.

Conclusion of the color accuracy assessment:
"In the light of an extensive field test of scanner profiling tools conducted by Fogra the evaluation of the colorimetrical accuracy of the SilverFast software solution shows a very good quality for both the transmissive and reflective IT8-testchart. Especially the automatic color calibration (“IT8-calibration”) seemed to be very useful in the field."
Source: Fogra color accuracy assessment of the SilverFast scanner software after color calibration with LaserSoft Imaging's IT8 targets (.pdf)

The Fogra testers were especially impressed with how easy the autoIT8-Calibration is to use and appreciated its smooth flow during the tests.

IT8 Further information on our SilverFast autoIT8-Calibration can be found here ...

... or get a general survey of the available LaserSoft Imaging IT8 targets.

24. September 2009

polaroid_sprintscan_120 The Polaroid SprintScan 120 is Leopard & Vista compatible
after an EPROM exchange (incl. Multi-Exposure):

Good news for every Polaroid SprintScan 120 owner. LaserSoft Imaging's development department has discovered how to run the scanner with SilverFast on Macintosh operating systems 10.5 and 10.6.
Additionally, the annoying color channel bending, which occurs especially during high resolution scanning, is eliminated and the awarded and favored SilverFast feature Multi-Exposure* is now available for the scanner as well.

Therefore it is necessary to exchange an EPROM
(a small memory chip) to update the firmware. For a technically experienced user this exchange is possible at home following our detailed instruction manual. IMPORTANT, since the device has to be screwed apart! We also offer the EPROM exchange service for you, if you send us your scanner.
(click to enlarge)

A precondition for the EPROM exchange is that you own a SilverFast Archive Suite license for the SprintScan 120. The following costs would arise:
  • Exchange made by customer:
    The EPROM and a detailed assembly instruction manual will be shipped by mail.
    Therefore we'll charge a service fee of 50, plus shipping expenses.
  • Exchange made by LaserSoft Imaging:
    We will charge a service fee of 75, plus return shipping expenses.
    The scanner must be sent in by the customer from his account.

If you would like to upgrade your SprintScan 120, please contact us:
USA & the American continent:
Boris Bischof phone +1-941-312-0690
Europe & the rest of the world:
Sascha Bruhn phone +49-431-56009-0

multiexposure_31x25pix You can find more information about SilverFast Multi-Exposure here ...

* The SprintScan 120 can apply Multi-Exposure using a resolution of up to 2000 dpi. 23. September 2009

fotohits_cover_08_09_120x170 Slide digitizer: Plustek OpticFilm 7600i with SilverFast Ai Studio
"... together they get the best out of 35-mm slides."

The FOTOHITS magazine (Nr.7-8, 2009) has tested the new Plustek transparency scanner in combination with the bundled SilverFast Ai Studio software and comments with positive results:

"Plustek has successfully developed a most interesting solution for digitizing one's own slide archive. This applies in particular with regard to the attractive price of the whole package. One should unconditionally choose the version including SilverFast, for it's just the software that makes the scanner's capabilities completely usable ..."

The previous excerpt is literally stated in the article's conclusion. "Unconditionally" is thereby indeed printed in bold - as the single word in this article of four pages.

Technical equipment
When developing the 7600i the attention was focused on a scanner's main characteristics, you won't find any unnecessary functionality built in here. This way the compact device is not only able to create very high quality scans, but is also available for a reasonable price.
  • plustek_optic_film_7600ihardware resolution of 7200 dpi (horizontal and vertical)
  • internal color depth: 48 bit + 16 bit infrared channel
  • long-living white LED lighting for constant colors, gentle to slides and energy saving
  • max. scanning area: 36,8 x 25,4 mm2 (1.45" x 1")
  • incl. two filmholders for framed slides and filmstrips
  • USB-2.0 interface

"Full throttle with SilverFast"
The FOTOHITS magazine points out four special features, which result in better images due to the close teamwork of the scanner and SilverFast software:
  • it8targetauto_31x25pix IT8 Color Calibration: Attachted to the software is an IT8 target, a standardized original with exactly defined color fields for guaranteeing true color scanning.
    "... controlling is foolproof" - more ...
  • iSRD_31x25pix Dust and Scratch Removal with iSRD®: Sources of interference can be differentiated from image details using infrared light. This enables iSRD to reliably remove them, even from challenging Kodachrome slides. - more ...
  • multisampling_31x25pix Multi-Sampling: Identically scanning up to 16 times helps to detect and remove undesirable image noise. In addition Multi-Sampling increases the dynamic range, i.e. the number of contrast steps. - more ...
  • AACO_31x25pix "AACO": This intelligent automatic feature relieves the user of manually adjusting the gradation curve. More details in the light and shadow image areas become visible in comparable images. - more ...

You can find additional information on the Plustek OpticFilm 7600i on our 7600i product page or on Plustek's websites. By viewing the above movie you can receive a first impression of using the OpticFilm 7600i with SilverFast. Though the movie was made with its predecessor the 7500i, any introduced SilverFast feature is also available for the 7600i. 18. September 2009

HDRi NEW: The SilverFast 64bit HDRi Raw data format is now available for EPSON scanners!
LaserSoft Imaging has developed the 64bit HDRi RAW data format and is now providing support for the first EPSON scanner models.

The significant advantages at a glance:
  • 64bit RAW data including the infrared channel means highest quality
  • fast archiving even of large collections possible
  • image processing can be done at any time later
  • dust and scratch removal is up to 4x faster than ICE® using iSRD®
  • also for Kodachromes and challenging B/W images

SilverFast HDRi workflow
(click to enlarge)
The new 64bit HDRi workflow performs like this:
After scanning your slides or negatives in RAW data mode, save them unprocessed to your hard disk. This is a quick and easy task even with larger collections. These RAW data files contain the entire image data including the infrared channel's data and therewith any information the scanner is able to read. You can post-process the images to your needs at any time later and multiple times even, because the RAW data archive remains unaffected in the process. This workflow including a color management system is featured by our SilverFast Archive Suite software packages.

The following EPSON scanners from the Perfection series are benefiting from the HDRi format as of yet:
  • 4870 Photo
  • 4990 Photo
  • V 700 Photo
  • V 750 Pro

Do you already own a SilverFast license for your EPSON scanner?
We are offering you an upgrade to SilverFast Archive Suite or Archive Suite SE reduced up to 50% until the end of September. You can reach our online shop here:
buy_en Archive Suite SE
buy_en Archive Suite

Further information on 64bit HDRi scanning and the handling of SilverFast iSRD® using an EPSON scanner you can get here ... 16. September 2009

macworld_cover_120x170 "With SilverFast SE, your scans look more like the originals", ...
Sally Wiener Grotta and Daniel Grotta recently used this statement as the headline of an article for Macworld and PCWorld.

"SilverFast software has long been recognized for its excellent tools for controlling exposure, color and dynamic range."

Due to their long-time experience as authors, journalists, and photographers the Grottas have recognized an essential principle of image post-processing:

"Whether the capture device is a scanner or a camera, a basic fact of digital photography is that pre-capture edits produce a better quality picture than post-capture edits. In simple terms, when you edit your photo in a program such as Photoshop after it has been defined (by the scanner, by your camera or by your Raw conversion software), you are literally destroying image-defining pixels. On the other hand, making edit decisions about the photo before it is defined - before the pixels are created - means that the pixels' data remain intact."

For this reason it is recommandable to initially realize the essential image processing during the scan process, and therefore SilverFast is well suited.

Please read the entire Macworld article here ...
... or feel free to catch up on SilverFast SE and SilverFast SEPlus on our websites. 8. September 2009


SilverFast is Snow Leopard compatible
On August 28th, 2009 Apple released the new Macintosh operating system OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). Apple characterizes its latest product as the "world's most advanced operating system". It is claimed to be "Better. Faster. Easier."
Just these attributes - especially with regard to the handling of SilverFast - are of key importance to us. For this reason we aim to offer a Snow Leopard capable version of all SilverFast products to those of our customers who would like to switch to Snow Leopard.

As of today we boast the full Snow Leopard compatibility with version 6.6.1r2 for every edition of the SilverFast DC and HDR product lines as well as for PrinTao.

The SilverFast SE and Ai product lines' scanner software must be individually adjusted and extensively tested for every single scanner model. Our developement team will release SilverFast for many scanners by and by.

Further information as well as an up-to-date list of supported scanners you can find here ... 4. September 2009

docma_05_09_120x170 Who needs 64-bit scans?
This and other questions are addressed in the latest issue of DOCMA magazine, a German magazine for professional image processing, by Karl-Heinz Zahorsky, founder and holder of LaserSoft Imaging.

Mr. Zahorsky explains the advantages of the new SilverFast 64-bit HDRi data format and its role as a part of the improved archiving solution workflow of the SilverFast Archive Suite.

You can review the latest DOCMA issue's content here ... (German) 1. September 2009

icon_lsi_50x40 New version online - 6.6.1r2

1. September 2009

MACup Discount promotion: IT8 targets at a 10% reduced rate
The latest issue of MACup SPEZIAL magazine (August 2009) reads on pages 42 and 43: "flatbed scanner showdown". Beneath this headline two up-to-date upper-class flatbed scanners are compared, the Epson Perfection V750 Pro and the Mikrotek ArtixScan F1. Both devices get delivered with SilverFast Ai 6.6. The MACup magazine arrives at the conclusion, that both scanners are very solid units, which reach the highest stage in the class of flatbed scanners. The contained SilverFast Ai software with IT8 color calibration and Multi-Exposure is considered as a special PLUS:

"SilverFast Ai 6.6 offers plenty of functions like calibration, color correction or dynamic range optimization, anyhow usability is not lacking."

IT8 target - the appropriate choice?
According to the editor's opinion, the Epson Perfection package wasn't
IT8 corded perfectly:

"Besides SilverFast also Monaco EZColor with an IT8 chart is included in the delivery. The color profiles for the scanner made with EZColor are in a considerably inferior position to those made with SilverFast. Instead of a color variance of 1,3 DeltaE you have to deal with 3,5 DeltaE. The composition of the package seems to be ill-conceived."

For providing all SilverFast users with the opportunity to benefit from the
excellent SilverFast Auto-IT8-Calibration, we are offering our IT8 targets at a 10%
10%reduced rate
until September 20th - everything from one source, target and software. The patent-registered Auto-IT8-Calibration is reliable and easy to use due to the barcode technology integrated into the LaserSoft Imaging calibration targets - This is just one reason why SilverFast was awarded by the EDP as the best color management software in 2008!


it8targetauto_31x25pixYou can overview the available SilverFast IT8 targets here ...
And additional information on IT8 scanner calibration you can get here ... 23. August 2009

ct_tv_logo_120x75 c't TV: The new Plustek 7600i with SilverFast on the test stand
"Recover treasures" is the title of a contribution in the category test stand to the German program c't magazin from on August 19th, 2009. It addresses the scanning of old slide collections. The new Plustek OpticFilm 7600i scanner is introduced as a quality solution for at home. SilverFast is included in the delivery and is said to be responsible for many of the features the scanner can cooperate with.

The referring online article states: "Those, who want to use the scanner for a long-lasting archiving of their originals, should really consider the additional expenditure for the Ai version. [...] The scanner reproduces negatives in quite presentable quality: The light exposure is balanced, sharpness is good. Ready-made color profiles, which result in colortrue scans, are available for many negative films."

If you want to digitize a complete slide collection with the Plustek 7600i, we would suggest to upgrade to the SilverFast Archive Suite. It contains the full functionality of scanner software SilverFast and of our HDR imaging software for uncomplicated post-processing to achieve the best results.

The complete c't article in German you can find here ...
... or you may want to visit our Plustek OpticFilm 7600i product page. 18. August 2009

Nikon 8000 SilverFast for Nikon film scanners now compatible with Vista 64bit
With its latest release SilverFast has achieved full compatibility with the Windows Vista 64bit operating system for all relevant Nikon scanners. The main advantage of using the 64bit processor architecture is to significantly accelerate high-quality scanning. SilverFast is, of course, fully compatible with the 32bit versions of Windows Vista and XP, as well as with the latest Apple Macintosh operating systems.

SilverFast now provides Windows Vista 64bit support for the following Nikon film scanners: Learn more about the comprehensive and sophisticated SilverFast features for your Nikon scanner and feel free to try out a (free of charge) demo version afterwards.

If you own any other scanner model, you can check here, to see whether a Windows Vista 64bit SilverFast version is available for your device. 13. August 2009

Ken Schles Professional photographer Ken Schles really likes SilverFast
Ken Schles was born in New York, where he later also studied photography, and works as a professional photographer today. He has worked for renowned magazines such as People Magazine and New York Times Magazine, he photographed Rod Stewart and his pictures are featured in numerous books; some of which he even published himself. For scanning and processing his photos Ken has been using SilverFast for more than 6 years. He especially likes the ease of usage, which does not exclude reliability and controllability.

Ken Schles: "The ease and reliability of the SilverFast scanning software has made my workflow intuitive and fast. What I love best about SilverFast is that it works seamlessly with various manufacturer's equipment—and it's hands down better at generating scans than the manufacturer's own software. SilverFast gives me more automation and more flexibility, more functionality with the ability to fine tune almost every parameter—if and when I need to.

I've been using SilverFast for over 6 years now and have yet to be disappointed. LaserSoft is always bringing new functionality to their products—I feel they get me the best results my hardware can deliver."

The Website of Ken Schles can be accessed here ... 17. July 2009

Multi-Sampling Icon Multi-Sampling eliminates image noise reliably
In response to the requests of many customers LaserSoft Imaging has decided to provide every SilverFast SE Plus and SilverFast Ai version with the Multi-Sampling feature starting today.

Image noise does occur quite often during the scanning process, especially in the darker areas of images. The CCD sensors are taking a very small amount of light here. Therefore the difference between the signal and influences such as dark current, production inaccuracies and noise of the output amplifier is very small. This leads to "strayed pixels", which are denoted as image noise.

SilverFast Multi-Sampling is able to eliminate this image noise by taking advantage of the random occurrence of strayed pixels. Thus, they are never at the exact same spot when scanning the same original several subsequential times. Multi-Sampling takes up to 16 single scans of an original and then calculates a final result, which is devoid of noise and is otherwise unaltered. SilverFast Multi-Sampling works even with those scanners, for which their manufacturers haven't intended such a feature in the hardware.

multisampling_31x25pix Further information on Multi-Sampling you can get here ...

The patent-registered Multi-Exposure®, which does not just scan the original several times, but also with different exposure times, is LaserSoft Imaging's further developement of the Multi-Sampling feature for transparent originals. This technique increases the scanner's dynamic range considerably for achieving more details, escpecially in the very light and shadow areas of the image.

multiexposure_31x25pix Further information on Multi-Exposure you can get here ... 14. July 2009

icon_lsi_50x40 New version online - 6.6.1r1b

13. July 2009

Epson V 300 SilverFast support for Epson Perfection V 300
Starting with the latest version 6.6.1r1a SilverFast supports the Perfection V 300 scanner from Epson on many current operating systems like Mac OSX from version 10.3, Windows 2000, XP, as well as Vista(32&64 bit).

Significant SilverFast features like Multi-Sampling, Multi-Exposure and the ICC-Printer-Calibration are available fully functional.

The V 300 product page with additional information, demo versions and a price calculator you can reach here ... 24. June 2009

SilverFast Newsletter June 2009
icon_70percent Summer special!
Save up to 70% on your 2nd SilverFast version!
(read more ...)
icon_hdri SilverFast HDRi
for the moments of your life
(read more ...)
icon_archive-se SilverFast Archive Suite SE
the beginner’s choice of our archive solution
(read more ...)
icon_framefinding Auto-Frame for film strips
SilverFast’s Auto-frame detection for film holders
(read more ...)
11. June 2009

.psd logo SilverFast Kodachrome-Workflow
The .psd photoshop magazine introduces the perfect kodachrome workflow of latest SilverFast version 6.6 with an article in issue 04/09. "IT8 calibration" for true colors, "iSRD & SRD" to remove dust and scratches and "Multi-Exposure" for maximum details are the keywords.

"Only the SilverFast IT8 calibration with a Kodachrome IT8 target eliminates the blue cast completely." (cf. magazine .psd 04/09 p.51)

Read the entire article here ... (.pdf french) 3. June 2009

.psd logo Best in test: SilverFast's Kodachrome workflow with LaserSoft Imaging Kodachrome IT8 target.

David Brooks, professional photographer and Chief Editor at Shutterbug magazine, has been looking for a solution to scan Kodachrome slides in superior quality while maintaining the original Kodachrome charm for a long time now. He takes the release of the new LaserSoft Imaging Kodachrome targets as a motive for further systematic testings. David Brooks scans several Kodachrome slides with divers scanners, calibration targets and different scanner software and, finally, he is totally convinced of SilverFast's Kodachrome workflow.

shutterbug_06_2009_titel_120x160 David Brooks: (cf. Shutterbug magazine 06/09 p.115)
"So the bottom line is, [...] if you want your scanned images to reproduce that famous Kodachrome look, then take this advice: profile your scanner with the new LaserSoft Imaging Kodachrome IT-8 reference."

"Of course I believe from long experience you’ll get the best results scanning your Kodachrome slides using LaserSoft Imaging’s SilverFast Ai software to run your scanner."

Read the entire article here ... 12. May 2009

Photojournalist Ingmar Zahorsky, son of our President and CEO Karl-Heinz Zahorsky, made the front page of Nepal's Kathmandu Newspaper.

Supporters of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal clashed with riot police during a protest near the President House in Kathmandu yesterday. Police in Nepal used batons on hundreds of Maoist protesters rallying in the capital Kathmandu in support of their party leader Prachanda, who resigned as Prime Minister last week. Ingmar Zahorsky happened to be among the riots for some unique camera shots and was also hit by the police.

Ingmar Zahorsky, studied Computer Science, Animation and Photography at the Graphic Arts Institute in San Francisco, CA. Recent assignments and trips have led him to Mexico, Guatemala and Cuba.

See his latest reports in his live journal! 20. April 2009

“Herbar Digital” research project in 2007: “Rationalising the virtualization of botanical document material and their usage by process optimization and automation” banner_de

15. April 2009


Advantage of SilverFast NegaFix versus processing negative film data in Photoshop

Read the whole article (pdf) here... 8. April 2009

RewindButton1 Mac Rewind Magazine deals with the box office hit Canon CanoScan 8800F combined with the new SilverFast 6.6. The article mentions the advantages of iSRD® technique from LaserSoft Imaging compared to Canon's FARE. Additionally some unique Features like the application of special Kodachrome profiles or the 99 Euro Printer calibration option are being addressed.

"Congratulation LaserSoft Imaging for this technical success," writes Frank Borowski, Editor of Mac Rewind Magazine.

Read the entire report here... (.pdf) 25. March 2009

SilverFast Newsletter March 2009
icon_vista64 SilverFast® for Epson-Scanner now fully 32/64Bit compatible
The latest SilverFast® release is fully Windows 32/64Bit compatible with all significant Epson Scanners (read more ...)
icon_kodachrometarget_01 Outstanding success for LaserSoft Imaging® Kodachrome Calibration-Targets (IT8)
Extended rebate period for LSI-Targets until end of April 2009 (read more ...)
icon_affiliate_en Make money the easy way with our LSI-Affiliate-Program
Become a partner of LaserSoft Imaging and receive hefty commission via your web page without hassle (read more ...)
icon_shipping_en Shipping cost adjustment by UPS
Shipping and handling prices modified according to UPS price list
(read more ...)
19. February 2009

David Brooks’ Digital Darkroom Resource CD; A Practical Way To Get A Handle On Digital Imaging

David_Brooks David Brooks, Professional Photographer and Senior Editor of Shutterbug Magazine

David Brooks is the author of Shutterbug’s Digital Help column and numerous articles on color calibration, scanning, and printing.
David Brooks is an excellent expert on all versions of SilverFast and he has already published articles on SilverFast as early as 1999.
Whether the subject is color management, color correction or how to properly set up a camera, what software to use, and how to work with image files to ensure the best possible reproduction, David knows the answer.
In David's recent CD there is a new article (chapter) about the Epson Perfection V500 scanner, how to use it, which includes a recommendation and demonstration of using SilverFast with that scanner. He also enclosed all of the research and images done for an article on Kodachrome scanning he plans to release soon.

David Brooks also maintains an interesting weblog and a webpage with information on his Resource CD:
Info: Digital Darkroom CD
David's Weblog 13. February 2009

22 - 25 February 2009 - NEC, Birmingham. Hall 9 Stand C10

„FOCUS ON IMAGING is Europe‘s biggest annual imaging show, covering all your needs from image capture to output and beyond.“

Cooperating with Epson, LaserSoft Imaging® will be part of FOCUS on imaging 2009. Get more information here. 30. January 2009

logo-shutterbug David D. Brooks put together a well-compiled article in the Shutterbug with very useful information on the Kodachrome topic. Everyone who is or was involved with the Kodachrome "phenomenon" should take a couple of minutes to read the article by David Brooks...

"In the last few days LaserSoft Imaging announced and made available new Kodachrome IT-8 target slides for calibration and profiling, and I got my hands on one as quickly as possible to try it out."

Read the whole article: 21. January 2009

SF_canon_tn Agostino Maiello (photographer and editorial journalist of the NADIR Magazine) wrote a comparison of Canon's ScanGear and LaserSoft Imaging's SilverFast for Canon-Scanner:

"This comparison shows clearly that, although Canon ScanGear is a valid, fast and easy software for performing a basic scanning activity, LSI SilverFast Ai is on another level of quality, providing the user with a lot of more features and functionality and allowing him to perform in a few clicks every kind of scanning, from a very basic and automated one to a complex and fine-tuned one, for a more professional result."

Read the whole comparison (pdf) here...