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Version History

Version: 6.4.3r9 (2006-01-25)

  • NEW:
    • Nikon: On selected Nikon scanners, it is now possible to choose Kodachrome instead of the normal Positive setting in the Pos.Neg. popup. With the LS9000 this will enable the use of the DIGITAL ICE Professional Technology as a part of the ICE4 Technology, which is targeted to scan KODACHROME images with ICE. Additionally it's now possible to choose a special input ICC profile in the Options dialog, that will only get used when Kodachrome is selected (this options is only shown in the Options dialog, if Kodachrome is selected).
    • General: New descreening feature for all Studio versions: Far less artifacts while remaining sharp edges. Special feature allowing text black on white stay excellently sharp!
    • Epson Perfection V700 Photo / GT-X900: Scanner is now supported by SilverFast.
    • General: When changing CMS options (e.g. select a different profile) the user was asked to do a new prescan to reflect the changes - this isn't really necessary, and was removed.
    • General: The ICC profiles are now listed with their description followed by the filename in brackets. If the description matches the filename, only the description is listed.
    • General: The automatic alignment in the SilverFast Multisampling feature failed in some cases at very high resolutions. This is fixed by the latest improvement to the automatic alignment.
    • General: Improved automatic detection of the screen in the USM & Descreening dialogue.
    • Reflecta DigitDia/Braun Mulitmag SlideScan/PIE PowerSlide: The number of images in the overview dialog didn't match the number of slides entered in the corresponding dialog - Fixed.
    • HP Scanjet 8300: Batch to Photoshop did crash because of Button Manager restart - Fixed.

Version: 6.4.3r8 (2006-01-06)

  • NEW:
    • All: Changed Default for Automatic Behaviour ( ColorCast Removal or no ColorCast Removal ). Now the Automatic always behaves as set in the Options ( Default is to Remove a ColorCast )
    • HDR Studio / DCPro Studio: Speedup for thumbnail generation of converted raw files.
    • HDR Studio / DCPro Studio: There was a difference in the thumbnail for a camera raw file, if the thumbnail gets converted in SilverFast/VLT or in PrinTao by placing a not already converted camera raw file on the page (the conversion takes place, but the thumbnail looks different) - Fixed.
    • All TWAIN: When scanning via TWAIN directly into Word, the image will be displayed really small and doesn't match the specified size - Fixed.

Version: 6.4.3r6 (2005-12-02)

Version: 6.4.3r4 (2005-11-24)

    • SilverFast TWAIN: Descreening filter could cause SilverFast to crash - fixed.
    • Microtek ArtixScan 120tf: Improved stability for overview and offset tool.

Version: 6.4.3r3 (2005-11-23)

  • NEW:
    • VLT: Albums from iPhoto are accessable from the VLT.
    • scanners with iSRD tool: SRD option to remove longish scratches reenabled.
    • Microtek ArtixScan 120tf: JobManager might crash if a frame was added - fixed.
    • Plustek / Pacific image electronics (PIE) scanners: SRD reenabled.
    • Ai, HDR (Studio), DCPro (Studio): Bugfix for setup with CMS & multiple monitors.

Version: 6.4.3r2 (2005-11-22)

    • DC-VLT, DCPro (Studio), HDR (Studio): JPEG image files loaded in considerably less time.
    • DC-VLT, DCPro (Studio), HDR (Studio): Image files are opened more quickly now when switching from VLT to standard SilverFast process view.
    • Ai (for scanners with corresponding focus feature): The focus mode can now be selected via a pop-up menu instead cycle-clicking through the available options. It is possible to select the same entry again (e.g. re-selecting manual focus position will allow to set the focus point anew).
    • PrintTao: It is now possible to rotate images and text in PrinTao in steps of 1 degree for printing (also applies for template frames).
    • JobManager: When adding frames from the preview, the thumbnails may become black when the preview is rotated - fixed.
    • Ai, HDR (Studio), DCPro (Stdudio): The new file numbering may fail to start numbering at 1 even if option Reset for every scan is enabled - fixed.

Version: 6.4.3r1 (2005-11-21)

    • NikonMAID: When using the film offset tool for the first image, SilverFast was only able to move the film into one direction - fixed.
    • All: Undo in preview now also works in NegaFix mode.
    • All: When resizing a window while a prescan is running, SilverFast might crash - fixed.
    • Plustek OpticPro ST64: Preview and final scans differed in line-art mode - fixed.
    • Epson USB scanners: If more more than one USB scanner was connected to a Mac, only one scanner was found by SilverFast - fixed.