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Version History

Version: 6.5.5r4b (2008-02-25)

    • Microtek ArtixScan M1 / F1: Further measures taken to avoid even very thin lines based image problem. These may occur if the scanners comes into start-stop mode when scanning very large images.

Version: 6.5.5r4a (2008-02-20)

    • Microtek ArtixScan M1 / F1: In transparency mode horizontal lines could occur when scanning larger originals.

Version: 6.5.5r5 (2008-03-26)

  • NEW:
    • Epson Perfection V200: now supported by SilverFast
    • Heidelberg PrimeScan (Mac): Negafix profiles improved
    • Reflecta DigitDia: corrected behaviour of automatic frame finding with respect to the frame inset defined in the SilverFast Options > Auto panel
    • Heidelberg Chromagraph 3300/3400 (Mac): improved focussing routines
    • Topaz, Nexscan, Chromagraph, Primescan, Tango: improved responsiveness of "Cancel" button
    • Multi-Exposure: progress bar wasn't shown during Multi-Exposure action - fixed
    • Nikon LS-40, LS-50, LS-4000, LS-5000, LS-8000, LS-9000, Multi-Exposure: fixed Multi-Exposure for grey-scale scanning
    • Microtek ArtixScan M1/F1: ordinary scan performed after a Multi-Exposure scan resulted in overexposed image - fixed
    • General: free rotation could lead to black pixels in the corners of the final image if angle was very acute - fixed
    • Praktica & Kaiser: JobManager now shows dimensions correctly, even when measurement unit varies for each JobManager entry
    • PFU PS4800 pro: automatic IT8 calibration could fail because of misinterpreted reset command to the scanner - fixed
    • Reflecta DigitDia 5000: work-around for firmware 1.09 Digitdia scanners that sometimes mistakenly report that a slide is in landscape instead of portrait orientation

Version: 6.5.5r4 (2008-01-16)

    • Multi-Exposure: Improve horizontal alignment for Multi-Exposure scans.
    • Epson: Added Negafix profiles of Fuji NPS 160 (35mm and 6x6) for Epson scanners.
    • Microtek ScanMaker 6100: SilverFast now works with Scanwizard 6.5 installed.
    • Basic mode: SilverFast Basic mode now Leopard (OSX 10.5) compatible.
    • XRay: Starting up in XRay mode with flatbeds scanners that had no transparency unit, error occured - fixed.
    • Epson Perfection V500 / GT-X770: Didn't scan transparencies correctly when set to 3200 DPI or more - fixed.
    • Microtek Scanmaker i700, i800, i900: Line-Art scans corrected.

Version: 6.5.5r3 (2007-12-03)

  • NEW:
    • Umax Astra 6750 and Plustek: Negafix profile added: Fuji Pro 160S
    • Importing rotated images to Photoshop: Due to an error, scanning images with rotation (90/270 degree or fine rotation) directly to Photoshop via PS's import interface), scanning would take much longer (10x) than necessary - fixed.
    • VLT: corrected thumbnail images on VLT for images that have been scanned with arbitrary rotation.
    • VLT: corrected the thumbnail generation in VLT of HDR images with known gamma included.
    • iSRD: Fixed bug that lead to wrong preview proportions when entering & leaving iSRD preview from zoomed view of preview window.
    • HiRePP: Corrected HiRePP for images that have been created using both, 90 or 270 degrees and fine rotation.
    • Multi-Exposure under Photoshop CS3: Under certain circumstances, multi-exposure scanning into Photoshop CS3 led to crashes - fixed.
    • Batch scanning save options: In the "Save" dialogue "PDF" could not be chosen, and the options for EPS/DCS/JPG2000 were mixed up - fixed.
    • Leopard: Corrected dialogue for saving batch scans.
    • General: Using any post-processing filter (e.g. i/SRD, AACO) in combination with a 90 or 270 degrees rotations or arbitrary rotation (n.b. thus also with the automatic frame finding tool) led to corrected final images - fixed.
    • SilverFast AFL (Reflecta, PIE, Kodak): Multi-Exposure took much too long and resulting scans were overexposed - corrected.
    • iSRD: corrected not enough, if enlargement of image was not equal to 100% - internal workflow enhanced.

Version: 6.5.5r2 (2007-11-05)

    • IT8 calibration option: improved reliability of Auto IT8 feature for finding the lower edge of the IT8 chart
    • Leopard: SilverFast works fine now with Leopard (under certain system setups crashes could occur when starting SilverFast through Universal Launcher)
    • SilverFast Universal Launcher: Corrected a problem in the SilverFast Universal Launcher when quitting it under Mac OSX 10.3 / Panther
    • Photoshop CS3: Data transfer for rotated scans sped up under Photoshop CS3
    • Auto Frame Finding: Improved Auto Frame Finding feature for rotated previews and clamping of a possibly chosen inset.
    • HP Scanjet 8300: works now the latest drivers from Hewlett-Packard
    • Canon CanoScan 8800F: scanning transparency now possible with latest Canon low-level driver (LLD v1.0.6)
    • VLT: Corrected the thumbnail generation in VLT of HDR images with known gamma included

Version: 6.5.5r1 (2007-10-09)

  • NEW:
    • SF Launcher Vers. 3: new design, universal binary, finds all SilverFast versions on the system now
    • Epson: Improved Negafix profiles for Fuji Superia 100 and Reala 100.
    • SilverFast Startup Splash screen: show up much earlier
    • PhotoProof: improved PhotoProof real-time update
    • Descreening: Descreening scans in SilverFast TWAIN variant do no longer switch off descreening filter after scan.
    • Negafix: Fixed problem with suddenly missing Negafix profiles.
    • PrinTao: Sorting issue with images dragged to PrinTao templates resolved.