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Version History

Version: 6.5.0r8a (2007-07-10)

    • iSRD: iSRD now corrects even more image defects.
    • IT8 calibration: Corrected routines in IT8 calibration which formerly lead to trouble if the target had been placed mirrored on or into the scanner.
    • iSRD: Improved prevention of possible artifacts occuring with use of iSRD with too high setting values.

Version: 6.5.0r8 (2007-07-03)

  • NEW:
    • Howtek: Banding issue with 16 bit scans - fixed.
    • General: Changed the way the scan frames are shown in preview.
    • Multi-Exposure: Improved reliability when aligning the scans.
    • Howtek: On Windows a "SCSI Adapter not found" error occured - fixed.
    • Microtek ArtixScan 120tf: could "forget" settings - fixed.
    • General: Photoshop (or other apps using the SilverFast Photoshop plug-in version, incl. the SF_Launcher) could crash after a batch scan - fixed.
    • Windows Vista: Resolved serialization problems for native Vista apps calling SilverFast. Slight disadvantage is that now every user on a system has to serialize - this is a Vista specific thing that cannot be influenced by SilverFast.

Version: 6.5.0r7 (2007-07-03)

    • Praktica & Kaiser and Pentacon cameras: Improved speed to send scan to Photoshop.
    • Auto-Frame: Automatic frame detection for 90 or 270 degrees rotation selected an scan area too small - fixed.
    • General: Fix for a rare zooming problem when switching between transparency and reflective mode while in zoomed view.
    • IT8 calibration: Corrected workflow for auto IT8 calibration tool, especially if preview had been rotated.

Version: 6.5.0r6 (2007-05-09)

  • NEW:
    • Minolta: new Negafix profile: Fuji Pro 160
    • Plustek OpticFilm / Quatographic Intelliscan 5000: new Negafix profile: Fuji Superia 400
    • Canon CanoScan 8600F: Scanner will be calibrated on the first prescan or scan now to avoid drifts in brightness on successive scans that could occur when scanning with a "cold" device.
    • Scan frame: Look of scan frame changed. Instead of cross-hairs for rotating half-arcs can be used now. Also active frame is blinking in order to be noticed easier.
    • Nikon: Fixed an issue with embedded Kodachrome profiles when using HDR scan mode of SilverFast and opening the resulting image files in Photoshop without processing the images in SilverFast HDR/DCPro before.
    • SE: When scanning with SE versions without default ICC or input profile, scans could on certains conditions be affected by increased color noise due to an otherwise minor bug as a side effect - fixed.

Version: 6.5.0r5a (2007-05-04)

    • SCC (CM12): Added more presets for the CM12 mode of the Selective Color Correction tool (already present in Win versions).
    • Epson scanners with ReadThread: Eliminated beep sound that occurred occasionally when clicking into the preview area to initiate an USM prescan.
    • Minolta-SE: Minor corrections in scanning in 24 bit mode.

Version: 6.5.0r4b (2007-03-07)

    • SE: All variants of SilverFast SE do now display a CMS tab in the options panel, even if no scanner/input profile is installed.
    • SilverFast Basic: In the SilverFast Basic mode, the image mode couldn't be changed from negative to positive and v. v. - fixed.
    • SilverFast Basic: It had been possible to change settings while in Basic mode during a prescan. That led to problems - fixed.

Version: 6.5.0r4a (2007-03-02)

Version: 6.5.0r5 (2007-03-28)

  • NEW:
    • Praktica & Kaiser: Scan 5000: Multi-Exposure now also works with Praktica & Kaiser's Scan 5000.
    • Quato Intelliscan 5000 / Plustek OF 7200/i: Additional Negafix profile: Kodak Portra NC.
    • USM: There is now an alert shown for errors that might occur during the prescan in the USM dialog.
    • Descreening: Improved descreening speed (especially on Heidelberger LinoHellPro Scanners up to 10x faster, on others 10 to 30 percent faster).
    • SE: Corrected the behaviour of the new CMS-Panel for SE with respect to the internal color space popup.
    • General: The picture settings dialog now allows directly typing in negative parameter values.
    • SilverFast Basic: Corrected behaviour for "Picture Settings" and Negafix dialogues for use with "SilverFast Basic" mode.
    • Multi-Exposure: 4x Multi-Exposure no longer existent. Could have alignment issues in certain cases without improving the image above what 2x Multi-Eposure already does.

Version: 6.5.0r3e (2007-02-09)

  • NEW:
    • HDR Studio and DCPro Studio: ColorServer now also available for Windows variants of SilverFast DCPro Studio and HDR Studio.
    • General: SilverFast's interface could be covered by Photoshop windows and thus no longer accessible - fixed.
    • Multi-Exposure: Fixed problem with displaying the icon for Multi-Exposure under Windows 2000 or XP with "classic style".

Version: 6.5.0r3d (2006-12-19)

    • all with MultiExposure: Corrected auto-alignment routines for Multi-Exposure feature.
    • all with JobManager: Hide JobManager's output settings movie button, because no movie is actually available.
    • all with VLT: Corrected hiding of Densitometer floater when switching from VLT to SilverFast in Basic mode.

Version: 6.5.0r4 (2007-02-20)

  • NEW:
    • Canon 8400F, 9900F, 9950F: Canon 8400F, 9900F, 9950F scanners are supported with Multi-Exposure feature now, too.
    • all SE: SC2G is now available in SilverFast SE variants running on Windows (as it already has been for Macintosh versions).
    • CMS: Direct matching from input/scanner profile to monitor profile can now be used if no color working space has been selected.
    • DCPro Studio und HDR Studio: SilverFast ColorServer can now be tested with DCPro Studio and HDR Studio demo releases.
    • PIE Powerslide 3650 / Braun Multimag Slidescan 4000 / Reflecta Digitdia 4000: Hardware of scanner was changed, but not reflected in SDK. Thus SilverFast was misinformed about detection of slide orientation. Work-around implemented.
    • NikonMAID: Improved internal handling of the NikonMAID scanner specific Kodachrome profiles (for LS-40, 50, 4000, 5000, 8000, 9000).
    • Multi-Exposure: Greatly improved Multi-Exposure algorithms to counter issues with alignment problems which led to "colour shadows" and similar effects.
    • Options: "Reset to factory" values (in > Options > General) now also delete XML prefs files.
    • VLT: Corrected hiding of floating Densitometer window when switching from VLT to "Basic" edit view.
    • CMS: Ask the user for an automatic prescan when input color management has been switched on or off.
    • PhotoProof: Corrected settings for expected path for the folder for the PhotoProof profiles.
    • Multi-Exposure: The Multi-Exposure and Multi-Sampling features have been separated into two buttons for easier access.

Version: 6.5.0r3b (2006-12-08)

Version: 6.5.0 (2006-12-06)

  • NEW:
    • General: Automatic Frame Detection - a new SilverFast feature.
    • PrinTao: Printouts from PrinTao can now be saved as PDF files.
    • General: Multi-Exposure - a new SilverFast feature.
    • General: In 48>24 bits of color scan mode, it is now possible to directly save into PDF file format.
    • Basic Dialogue SE: SE, SE Plus and DC-VLT versions of SilverFast feature a new Basic Dialogue designed for newcomers to SilverFast.