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Version History

Version: 6.5.1r3 (2007-09-20)

    • General: Behaviour of iSRD preview dialogue had been changed to make best use of given screen size.
    • General: iSRD and SRD can be used in combination. Activating SRD will automatically add a new corrective mask layer. It is assumed the user wants to further improve on the image already corrected by iSRD.
    • General: SilverFast cut the last character from each string part (i.e. non-index part) of the output name for batch and JobManager - fixed.
    • General: SilverFast could corrupt the output name dialogue for batch scanning and JobManager, when the output name consisted of only one part - fixed.
    • Canon F8400, Canon F9950: SilverFast does now work with the latest drivers from Canon for the CanoScan 8400F and 9950F.
    • General: When a user tried to sort frames while only having one frame open, SilverFast crashed - fixed.

Version: 6.5.1r1a (2007-07-27)

    • IT8 option: Improved Auto-IT8 calibration target finding routines

Version: 6.5.1r2 (2007-09-04)

    • Auto-Frame Finding: On the "Auto" tab of the "Options" dialogue a new feature can be found to adjust the inset that is applied to frames created by the "Find Frames" tool.
    • Microtek ArtixScan 120tf: Added support for the filmstrip offset tool in the JobManager.
    • General: Dragging a file into SilverFast's preview window could crash the application - fixed.
    • JobManager: In the JobManager's copy dialogue, it is now possible to copy i/SRD settings, too.
    • General: Minor adjustment in calculating and visualisation of the lightest and darkest pixels when frames are rotated.
    • SCC: In rare cases, SCC could crash the scanning process - fixed.
    • Quatographic Intelli Scan 5000: Improved resilience when calling scanner multiple times in a row from Photoshop.
    • Minolta DiMAGE Scan Multi Pro: Corrections for Multi-Exposure for combined use with auto-focussing and/or ICE.

Version: 6.5.1r1 (2007-07-20)

  • NEW:
    • Heidelberg/Linotype Primescan/Tango XL: SilverFast now supports the Heidelberg/Linotype Primescan and Tango XL scanners.
    • iSRD: Improved results of iSRD scanning.
    • Linotype Hell Pro: Added ability to activate more then one Linotype Hell Pro type scanner (Tango, Topaz, Nextscan, Primescan) per workstation.
    • NikonMAID: Resolved issue to re-enable auto-focus when changing back from manual to auto-focus setting.
    • iSRD: Fixed a bug that could possibly lead to artifacts in scan introduced by iSRD.
    • IT8 option: Fixed crash when trying to calibrate with mirrored target.
    • General: Using the fine rotation and adding a 90 degree rotation by clicking the densitometer rotation button, resulting file was corrupted - fixed.
    • General: Corrected user interface annoyances concerning the scan frame(s) display in connection with use of the jobmanager if called from the VLT.
    • General: Using the fine rotation and 90 degree rotation in combination could lead to corrupted images if scanned to Photoshop directly - fixed.