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The Great SilverFast E-Book

Finally the book from Karl-Heinz Zahorsky, the inventor of SilverFast

Analog image material such as slides, negatives and photo prints have only a limited storage life and slowly but steadily lose quality until they become completely useless. This fact is far too little known, considering how many film and photos are stored in our homes and may already show the first signs of decay. Never before it has been important as today to digitize and protect our images and never before it has been so easy to do just this.

karl-heinz_zahorsky Karl-Heinz Zahorsky: « The E-Book "Create Brilliant Images with SilverFast" is aimed at photo enthusiasts who want to digitize their collection of analog images and thus their memories. It explains the basics of reproduction technology that are still used today in scanning and image processing. The book goes far beyond what an instruction manual would provide and presents a lot of useful background knowledge. The book is completed by a large number of tutorial videos and numerous illustrations. »

"Create Brilliant Images with SilverFast" communicates complex knowledge in an understandable way. Showing practical examples and demonstrates, how anyone can achieve brilliant image results using our PREMIUM software SilverFast Ai Studio. The E-book is of course also suitable for using it with all other SilverFast versions.

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Extract on 8 pages: The Selective Color Correction SCC

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