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SilverFast for Business

Special Solutions

Individual Business Solutions!

Supported by over 30 years of experience in the field of digitization and image editing, we provide you with tailor-made solutions, addressing your unique specifications and ensuring quality production, quality management and consistent color.

Color Management

What is of course a matter of fact for the customer poses a big challenge for production. Color specifications must be complied with. Moreover, color values must be accurately measured, communicated and later verified. In the end, successful color management lays the foundation for future success.

Colors play a central role in many products and services. Whether a company name, logo, product packaging or the product itself, it is important that the colors remain identical, no matter where in the world the individual components of the finished product may have been manufactured. Even the smallest of differences are immediately noticed by the human eye.

Quality Management and Automation

Quality checks, be it error detection or color measurement, can be performed inexpensively and quickly with automated scans. For example, SilverFast can be synchronized with a robot to perform fully automated scans without interruption 24 hours a day.

Such a flexibly deployable solution is a low-cost alternative for fast quality controls during production phases where high-priced specialized quality testing machines would be oversized.

Individual Adaptation

SilverFast’s scope of application in the professional field is near limitless. We flexibly and individually adapt our SilverFast software to meet the needs of your company. SilverFast is already used as a solution for the scanning and optimization of passport photos during the passport creation process; the software is utilized as an automated scanning solution, helping to ensure quality control during production, while also functioning as a colorimeter for the comparing of sample and production colors.


Since 30 years, SilverFast is worldwide known as leading scanning and imaging software among photo amateurs and photo professionals. LaserSoft Imaging, the creators of SilverFast, is also known as flexible software engineer for tailor-made business solutions. The level of quality that the SilverFast software offers, makes it a valuable part in many business applications, too.

Example Applications

ID Solutions

SilverFast ID Solutions are available as complete packages. They come with optimally fine-tuned hardware and software and offer users decisive value. All our solutions are certified and meet the current requirements of the Federal Printing Office Digital Application Process (DIGANT®).

Medical X-Ray

As a variant of the professional scanner software SilverFast Ai Studio 8, SilverFast X-Ray 8 has been specifically designed for digitizing medical x-ray film. X-Ray images of bones, teeth, heart, lungs and other parts of the human body are scanned reliably and fast using SilverFast X-Ray 8.