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Version History

Version: 8.0.1r54 (2014-09-09)

  • Task:
  • GUI:
    • General: Synchronized thumbnail in progress, preview, and Navigator windows
    • General: Notifying user is connection to scanner is lost
    • General: Made list of parameters to copy in JobManager easier to understand
    • General: Using DPI values in whole numbers in JobManager
  • Scanner Support:
  • User Story:
    • SilverFast 8 X-Ray: Changed default file output format to DCM (Dicom)

Version: 8.0.1r53 (2014-09-03)

  • Task:
    • PIE PowerSlide 3650: Increased default Multi-Exposure offset search radius for PowerSlide, DigitDia, and SlideScan devices
  • Bug:
    • General: Find frames with bit depth of 1, 8, 16, or 32 bit greyscale images led to blacked out frame content in the scan preview
    • Nikon LS 9000ED: Improved communication with Windows® Firewire-API to prevent occuring "hot pixels".
    • General: OS X version of SilverFast 8 X-Ray
  • Quality:
    • Nikon: Improved highest resolution scan quality

Version: 8.0.1r52 (2014-08-21)

  • Bug:
    • Epson Perfection V700 Photo / GT-X900: Profil with forward slash in description tag posed problem for HDR on Windows - fixed
    • General: Multi-Exposure active marker become visible only after a mouse movement
  • Feature:
    • New variant of SilverFast: X-Ray
  • GUI:
    • SilverFast HDR Studio: Fixes disappearing tools dialogs under certain conditions
    • General: Changed text in French USM tool to fit better

Version: 8.0.1r51 (2014-08-06)

  • Bug:
    • General: Selecting "Kodachrome" scan mode for HDR/i scans now can be detected in SilverFast HDR's VLT and displayed with the according profile
  • Feature:
    • General: Added saving IPTC data to PSD files.
  • GUI:
    • PIE PrimeFilm XA: Changed mistakenly abbreviated error message in German version, so it's now displayed completely
  • Quality:
    • CanoScan 9000F Mark II: Improved frame finding with holder preset
  • Support:
    • General: Eliminated occurence of scans in JPEG files with .jpg#### ending

Version: 8.0.1r50 (2014-07-24)

  • Task:
    • General: Better descriptions in a number of tool tips
  • Bug:
    • General: Convert negatives in Overview Scan also when in greyscale scan mode
    • General: Sometimes, changing to HDR scan mode did not disable active filters - fixed
    • General: If dialogs for certain tools were just deactivated and not closed, a fresh prescan reactivated those automatically - fixed
    • General: Entering VLT and exiting while in HDR mode did activate tools (in UI only, not for actual processing), even though HDR mode had been selected - fixed
    • SilverFast HDR Studio: Made sure that densitometer points aren't carried over from previously loaded image
    • General: Made sure that the compass icon always reflects the correct state of image rotation and mirroring
    • General: Change of values for analogue gain is stored again
  • Feature:
    • Reflecta RPS 7200: Batch scan does now deliver correct number of images, even if no Overview scan had been made beforehand
    • SilverFast HDR Studio: Support for reading TIFF files with planar configuration added (RRRGGGBBB instead of RGBRGBRGB)
  • GUI:
    • General: Improvements to the calculation of the gradation curve
    • General: Click-and-drag-zoom disabled when in 1:1 preview mode
    • General: A couple of smaller corrections in the logic of the Scan Dimensions tool implemented
    • General: Adjusted text for certain languages in order to ensure that dialogs can be narrow to fit
    • Reflecta RPS 7200: Show dedicated error message in case medium is missing in scanner
  • Installation:
    • General: Support for Photoshop CC 2014
    • General: Sometimes SilverFast wasn't installed for Photoshop CS6 - fixed