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Descubra os poderes excepcionais da linha de produtos SilverFast. Escolha a linha de produtos para a sua área de aplicação.

SilverFast & SilverFast Archive Suite
The SilverFast Archive Suite is a package consisting of scanner software and digital imaging software for subsequent image optimization.
SilverFast para scanners
SilverFast, the professional scanner software, is suitable for beginners and photographers alike.
SilverFast HDR – 64bit/ 48bit Image Processing Software
SilverFast HDR offers 64bit/ 48bit image processing at the highest level. Create digital archives of your scanner RAW data. Now including Virtual Light Table VLT.
SilverFast X-Ray – Scanner Software for X-Ray Images
As a variant of the professional scanner software SilverFast Ai Studio 8, SilverFast X-Ray 8 has been specifically designed for digitizing medical x-ray film.
SilverFast para uso com scanners de alta qualidade
Para os scanners topo de linha CHROMAGRAPH, TOPAZ, TANGO, NEXSCAN e PRIMESCAN da Heidelberg é fornecido um pacote de software especial que inclui uma versão SilverFast Ai Studio com calibração IT8, uma versão SilverFast HDR Studio, dois targets de calibração (transparente/opaco), o livro "SilverFast: O Livro Oficial" e um Manual SilverFast.
PrinTao 8 – Printer Software for Mac OSX
PrinTao 8 is the new printing solution for Canon and Epson large format printers on Mac OSX. Professional results but easy to operate.
SRDx Photoshop CC Plug-in for Mac OSX
The new innovative SRDx Plug-in for Mac OSX is exactly what you need to efficiently remove lots of small defects like dust and scratches from your precious images.

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