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64bit/ 48bit image processing at the highest stage
imaging-software_150x120 SF8_archivesuite_en movie_knopf A complete package for archiving slides, negatives and photos:

SilverFast Archive Suite 8 button_features
SilverFast HDR is an image processing software that incorporates all important color reproduction and color management tools. This makes SilverFast HDR a real alternative to Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

  •   Color Reproduction and Management
  •   Non-destructive Image Optimization
  •   Multiple processings without loss of quality
  •   Constant maximum bit depth and information
  •   SRDx, JobManager …
  •   iPhone App SilverFast JobMonitor
SilverFast HDR offers tools for automatic image optimization and color cast removal. You can easily adapt individual colors or the overall color impression. Tools for image sharpening and removal of defects make the HDR software a performant allrounder.

If you want to get the maximum out of the digital images coming from your camera or other sources, SilverFast supports you with numerous automatic functions. SilverFast HDR helps you to restore the original quality of the scanned images. The JobManager facilitates your work by allowing you to process series of images manually or with optimizations that you copy from one image to the other images.

As integral part of the SilverFast RAW data concept, SilverFast offers optimal quality from end to end. You work lossless and non-destructive with full bit depth at all times, keeping your original images untouched and with the option to return to their initial state. Instead of processing your images over and over again with every tool, SilverFast stores your optimizations in the first place. They are then applied in an optimal sequence during the final processing. Thus, you don't have to worry about the right sequence for the application of the tools.

SilverFast offers all necessary tools for digital image processing in a dual interface that can be handled by beginners as well as professionals.
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cover_shutterbug « Regardless where the file originated, when opened by SilverFast HDR what the user is working with is a virtual representation on a Preview screen that is interactive with the tools and processes of the SilverFast software, quickly and efficiently to result in a new finished image file ready for all types of use and reproduction. In addition Lasersoft SilverFast HDR is a fully color managed application, and includes SilverFast PrintTao, a utility to print the image files directly from HDR or any other saved files accessible on your computer system. »
David B. Brooks, Chefredakteur Shutterbug Magazine

HDR Software Versions:
SF8_HDR SilverFast HDR 8
Using SilverFast HDR 8 you can process 64bit/ 48bit scanner RAW data with professional tools.

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SF8_HDR_Studio SilverFast HDR Studio 8
HDR Studio is the full version for 64bit/ 48bit image processing featuring additional tools like AACO, IT8, JPEG2000 and more.

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For older operating systems, we offer our proven version 6.6. Please click here.

SF_HDR SilverFast HDR 6.6
Using SilverFast HDR you can process 64bit/ 48bit scanner and camera RAW data with professional tools.

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SF_HDR_Studio SilverFast HDR Studio 6.6
HDR Studio is the full version for 64bit/ 48bit image processing featuring additional tools like AACO, IT8, JPEG2000 and more.

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