"...The inclusion of SilverFast's HDR program is the icing on the cake"

Professional Photographer (07/2001)
"... HDR version is ideal for users who can produce RAW high bit data ..., the color neg handling is very, very good. Highly recommended!"

Andrew Rodney, Digital Dog

SilverFast ColorServer

colorserver_31x25pix A new era of batch processing has begun with the new SilverFast Color Server, an optional add-on to HDR Studio and DCPro Studio. Standardize the most common workflows of image editing tasks and allow all users on the network to use desired settings. Increase productivity and produce superior results.

Kodak PhotoCD

SilverFast HDR reads the Kodak Photo CD Format
SilverFast HDR Studio


SilverFast Screenshot HDR Studio

SilverFast HDR Studio - For those who like to be creative and productive!

SilverFast HDR Studio was especially designed to meet the demands of professionals.
With many new scanners and digital SLR cameras it is possible to save the full Dynamic Range (HDR - High Dynamic Range) of the hardware in TIFF data files. Therefore, reduced sampling to 24bit RGB becomes dispensible and the possibility to save these RAW data files allows for a completely new workflow. Instead of directly driving the scanner SilverFast HDR enables the user to read and process the RAW data files as if directly accessing images from the scanner. LaserSoft Imaging is proud to present SilverFast HDR Studio. This is an enhanced version of SilverFast HDR with new features and the integration of SilverFast DCPro to also read RAW data from digital SLR cameras, making the processing of your digital images much more easy and convenient.

Feature Upgrades
Users of SilverFast DCPro and HDR versions can upgrade to HDR Studio (for a fee) to get those powerful features such as SilverFast AACO (Auto-Adpative Contrast Optimization), Unsharp Mask Plus, JPEG 2000 High Dynamic Range Compression (lossless or lossy 16bit compression), PrinTao (creative and productive printing with text, templates, etc.) and more.

HDRi NEW: The SilverFast HDRi RAW data format with infrared channel
The HDRi feature is part of any SilverFast HDR and Archive Suite edition version 6.6.1 or later. The 64bit HDRi color files (and the 32bit grayscale files, respectively) developed therefore contain all readable image information including the information from the infrared channel, the data from which can be used for image optimization (e.g. dust and scratch removal). Hence, HDRi RAW data is the perfect source material for any later post-processing steps. Read more about SilverFast HDRi.

SilverFast PhotoProof - The optimum tool for color-managed contract proofs

By using SilverFast PhotoProof you are able to create a color-managed contact proof on a calibrated output device. You only have to select the ICC profile of the printer, paper and ink combination and the desired FOGRA media wedge. The media wedge is used as a reference for a true-to-color proof. When activating SilverFast PhotoProof, you will see a simulation of the CMYK reference color space by soft proofing on the calibrated monitor.


The advantages of SilverFast PhotoProof at a glance:
  • Professional optimization of RGB data
  • Proofing RGB data in a simulated CMYK preview
  • Embedded media wedge for true colors when sending the image data to a press
  • Visualization of RGB data by means of a soft proof on the screen
  • No conversion to the CMYK color model, no loss of information
  • No separation, no RIP required

Feature Upgrades
Users of the versions DCPro Studio and HDR Studio can download the new SilverFast PhotoProof option as an upgrade for an additional cost.

sf_icon_colorserver_100x80 NEW: Hot-Folder system for effective processing (optional)
The automatic Hot-Folder feature makes image optimization time-saving and effective. Post-processing, optimization or color space conversion of several images runs automatically, instead of requiring a time-consuming manual adjustment. Read more: the SilverFast Hot-Folder system.
Note: The Hot-Folder feature is available as an Add-on (with cost) for SilverFast HDR Studio.

SilverFast HDR Studio features:optional

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