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macuser_title_08__2008 „SilverFast is a very competent scanning application with many pro-level features, [...] SilverFast handles scans more comprehensively than most other pieces of retail software.“


"Excellent quality is very, very important to my work. The colors of my landscape photos are represented true to the original. And I am able to enlarge my images up to the format DIN A0 without any problems. The results with SilverFast are fantastic."
SilverFast Ai Studio

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SilverFast Ai Studio includes all of the well-known functions of SilverFast Ai plus many new, innovative tools.

These new functions of SilverFast Ai Studio offer an even higher degree of efficiency for image optimization. Multi-sampling now includes auto-alignment, enabling this feature even on scanners without hardware-based support. AACO allows the user to extract maximum detail from shadow areas, without compromising highlights. This has become an an invaluable tool, especially when working with scanners offering limited dynamic range. These two tools combined can increase the usable dynamic range of almost any scanner on the market today.

Feature Upgrades
SilverFast Ai users can download the new SilverFast Ai Studio features as an upgrade for a reasonable price .

SilverFast Ai Studio features:optional
The presented features are standard in SilverFast. Some features however are hardware dependent and might not be available or supported by all scanners. Please make sure every feature is supported by your scanner by checking the site for the respective scanner model.
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