22. October 2020


SilverFast 8.8 ColorServer for fully automatic image processing

The SilverFast 8.8 ColorServer is a supplemental feature for SilverFast HDR Studio and for the SilverFast Archive Suite to process and optimize digitized images fully automatically. Noviny Pro Grafický Průmysl, one of the leading Czech newspapers for the graphic industry, reports on this powerful tool in its current issue.

Advantages of the SilverFast ColorServer at a glance:
  • Fully automatic due to HotFolder monitoring
  • HDR processing with lossless 64bit image data
  • Automation of repetitive work processes
  • Ideal for the efficient processing of large images quantities
  • Multiple HotFolders with individual presets
  • Setup assistant for creating the HotFolders
Karl-Heinz Zahorsky (CEO LaserSoft Imaging) about the ColorServer concept:
« While observing a catalog production, I noticed the time-consuming processing of the image originals. At this time the idea arose to automate repetitive processes using a special SilverFast edition. »

Logo_ColorServer_100x80 Compared to manually setting the processing parameters for each individual image, you can save a lot of work and time using our ColorServer. Your computer can do this work for you while you can use your time for something else.

You can find more information about the ColorServer here.

20. March 2020


We are here for you!

Dear customers,

The current situation is exceptional for all of us and many things are not as they are used to be. In this special times, we would like to give you safety regarding SilverFast at least. We would like to inform you that LaserSoft Imaging has taken all necessary measures to continue providing its best customer service – regardless of whether it is our expert advice, technical support, sales or shipping.

Your health and the health of our employees come first. We would like to politely ask you to be careful and of course we have also taken care for our employees to protect their health.

Stay healthy!

Your team LaserSoft Imaging


24. February 2020


PhotoKlassik Academy – Scanning and Hybrid Processing

One-day workshop on Saturday February 29th in Bad Nauheim, Germany. This PhotoKlassik Academy workshop "Hybrid Processing" is aimed at photographers who want to digitally process analog film material or who want to convert digitally captured images into analog negatives or positives. The strategies for long-term digital archiving of analog image materials will also be covered.

Content of the workshop – theory and practice – 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Overview of different scanner types and software
  • Digitization using a digital camera
  • Scanning with specialized film scanners (Plustek small picture and middle format, Heidelberg drum scanner)
  • File formats for negatives, slides, b/w and color films and glass plates
  • Resolution and color depth
  • Color management, ICC profiles and more
  • SilverFast and the HDRi RAW raw data concept
  • Organization, data backup and archiving
  • Post processing
  • Production of analog negatives from digital files
  • Pigment printing as an alternative to analog printing
More info on the workshop and subscription
here on (German)


29. January 2020



ISO委员会采用新的目标布局进行扫描仪校准 - Fogra确认了LaserSoft Imaging的新扩展目标的一致性。

根据IT8标准进行的扫描仪校准对于测量扫描仪的各个色觉行为以及为该设备创建颜色配置文件非常重要。随着其标准的修订,ISO正在响应数字印刷提出的新要求。 LaserSoft Imaging的符合ISO标准12641-2的“扩展IT8目标”(具有更多测量范围,可提供更高的准确性)现已开始销售。


button_pdf_80x80 在此处阅读完整的新闻稿,或在我们用于扫描仪校准的网站上,
您可以找到有关我们的“ 扩展目标”的更多信息。