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Please note:
It may take a few days until all the installers are updated to the latest version.

With SilverFast 8.8 support for some older operating systems is discontinued:

All 32-bit operating systems. The 2-gigabyte-per-process memory limit is increasingly impractical for high-end image processing. Moreover, 32-bit computers tend to be older, slower machines, so the user experience is suboptimal for a computing-intensive application like SilverFast 8. (Note that Apple's Aperture® 3.3 and Adobe's Lightroom® 4 and Photoshop® CS6 have already dropped 32-bit support.)

OS X 10.5/10.6 (Snow Leopard). Due to upgrades in development tools, system libraries, programming languages, and our code base it might not be possible to continue backward compatibility for OS X 10.5/10.6. Apple® appears to have stopped security updates for Snow Leopard, and other vendors (including Adobe®) are already specifying 10.7 (Lion) in the system requirements for their latest products. (Snow Leopard was almost five years ago.)

Windows XP®. See discussion above regarding 32-bit operating systems. The vast majority of XP deployments are 32-bit; 64-bit XP has a minuscule market share. (Note that XP support was already dropped in Adobe's Lightroom 4, and the next version of Photoshop will follow suit. Moreover, Microsoft® has officially dropped support for Windows XP.)

Most of our professional and serious amateur users have already moved to recent-generation 64-bit operating systems, so we do not expect a large number of users to be impacted if we drop support for 32-bit operating systems. For those who are still using one of these older systems, we encourage you to start planning for a migration to a newer, 64-bit operating system.

Version: 8.8.0r24 (2020-11-09)

  • Task:
    • Plustek OpticFilm 120 Pro: the driver for macOS operating systems has been updated
    • Plustek OpticFilm 120 Pro: when the medium format film holder is ejected, the selected format is saved for the next scans.
  • Bug:
    • ColorServer: For more stability in slow networks the delay before processing large files has been increased.
    • General: On Windows only, SilverFast sometimes crashed when trying to print a output calibration target - fixed
  • Feature:
    • The handling of scanners with automatic feeder has been simplified: SilverFast saves the last settings (resolution, color mode, NegaFix) when changing film holders.

Version: 8.8.0r23 (2020-10-02)

  • Bug:
    • General: Fixed an issue for the control of scanners with automatic feeder when not used with the overview dialogue.
    • General: Fixed an issue which could lead to a crash when using the eraser in the iSRD tool.

Version: 8.8.0r22 (2020-09-04)

  • Bug:
    • General: "Touching" an HDR/i file would change creation date of it - fixed

Version: 8.8.0r21 (2020-08-27)

  • Bug:
    • General: When switching between images with additional user editing (SRDx/iSRD) had been lost - fixed
    • Reflecta RPS 7200: Corrected handling of positioning after ejecting filmstrip
    • Epson Perfection V800 Photo: Copying settings of frames with SRDx activated could cause a crash - fixed
    • Nikon LS 40ED / Coolscan IV ED: Error in processing os scans caused missing out ME on last scan of a filmstrip - fixed
    • General: Using high resolution prescanning options could lead to crashes in certain setups - fixed
    • General: "Touching" an HDR/i file would change creation date of it - fixed
    • General: Target for printer calibration could not be printer anymore - fixed
  • Feature:
    • General: Allowing user to decide if always the full image data instead of data from the preview is used when calculating e.g. automatic image adjustment
    • General: List of jobs in Ai Studio's JobManager to be scrollable
  • GUI:
    • Corrected handling of film offset adjustment user interface wise
    • Epson: Added a hint for users that the transparency unit cover has to be removed when scanning transparencies
    • General: Histogram dialog didn't receive info from NegaFix conversion to positive - fixed
    • General: Using the erazor tool for dust and scratches to be visual better represented
  • Quality:
    • General: Improved sharpness of image in Navigator
  • Scanner Support:
    • General: Improved support of USB-C (Thunderbolt) to Firewire adapters for macOS for selected scanners
    • New drivers to improve support for recent macOS implemented in SilverFast installer

Version: 8.8.0r20 (2020-05-06)

  • Bug:
    • General bugfixes

Version: 8.8.0r19 (2020-04-29)

  • Feature:
    • General: Fixed an issue where on some systems the activation was only temporary if the names contained accents.
  • GUI:
    • For the Epson Perfection scanners V700, V750, V800 and V850, the names of the "transparency" modes have been renamed to make the different focus levels more obvious. "Transparency: holder" is intended for all scans with film holder and "Transparency: glass" for all scans without film holder for which you put the material directly onto the glass.
  • Installation:
    • General: SilverFast uninstaller to support recent macOS versions
    • General: SilverFast installer to support Photoshop and Photoshop Elements 2020
  • Quality:
    • General: Epson Perfection V37 and V370 scanner profiles improved
  • Scanner Support:
    • Fixed an issue where SilverFast needed to be started twice from time to time to access some Epson scanners.
    • Epson Expression 1680 / 1680 Pro / ES-2200: The Epson Expression 1680 is now supported by SilverFast on macOS 10.14 and 10.15, too.

Version: 8.8.0r18 (2019-12-19)

  • Task:
    • General: Starting with version 8.8.0r18, some Epson scanners, for which only 32-bit drivers were available so far, are now also supported with 64-bit and can therefore also be used under current macOS operating systems. Check the list of supported scanners for more details.
    • General: Improved 3-slide advanced color calibration for slide magazin scanners.

Version: 8.8.0r17 (2019-11-25)

  • Scanner Support:
    • SilverFast is available for 3 new Plustek scanners: Plustek OpticBook 3800L, OpticBook 3900 and A300 Plus.
    • SilverFast can be used with many Plustek scanners on macOS 10.15 now. Compatible frameworks for Plustek scanners have been added.
    • SilverFast handling for some Epson scanners has been improved for macOS 10.15. With new macOS 10.15 some scanners required a second start of SilverFast. This is no longer necessary. SilverFast can initialize them on the first start again.

Version: 8.8.0r16 (2019-06-13)

  • Bug:
    • General bugfixes

Version: 8.8.0r15 (2019-02-27)

  • Bug:
    • Nikon LS 9000ED: In certain rare cases the iSRD correction mask wasn't correctly applied - fixed.
  • Scanner Support:
    • PIE PowerSlide X: new scanner supported
    • new scanner supported

Version: 8.8.0r14 (2018-08-10)

  • Bug:
    • General bugfixes

Version: 8.8.0r13 (2018-07-13)

  • Bug:
    • General bugfixes

Version: 8.8.0r12 (2018-06-14)

  • Bug:
    • General: Clone tool could be made not to dock correctly on Windows with 4K monitors - fixed
    • Plustek OpticFilm 120: Auto preview not working as intended and thumbnails not correct in JobManager - fixed
    • General: SilverFast could be made crashing when restarting after holder change - fixed
    • General: Multi Exposure button could appear not to be able to be activated - fixed
    • General: If connection to scanner was lost, SilverFast could crash when changing between reflective and transparency scan modes - fixed
    • General: SilverFast could add when adding images from Overview to JobManager - fixed
    • General: Freeze in 2nd part of 3-step IT8 calibration fixed
  • Feature:
    • General: SilverFast will check if there's enough space to save files in target folder
    • General: Starting a job now possible if VLT is shown
    • General: WorkFlow Pilots tasks not to be influenced by changed SilverFast frame settings defaults
    • General: Auto updating feature needs to be agreed by user to comply with recent user data protection legislation
    • General: Facebook plug-in removed from SilverFast
  • GUI:
    • General: JobManager automatically moved itself to the dock if leaving the WorkFlow Pilot - fixed
    • General: Switching between WorkFlow Pilot mode and manual mode could leave the user with an empty histogram - fixed
    • General: Further improvements for using the software on high resolution monitors
    • General: Added hint to IT calibration for positioning of frame
    • General: Correction of spelling mistakes in IT8 calibration commentary
    • General: iSRD 1:1/HQ preview could get corrupted when moving the yellow navigator frame - fixed
    • General: Resetting the automatic image adjustment led to an no-icon button in WorkFlow Pilot mode - fixed
  • Other:
    • General: Changed defaults for clone tool

Version: 8.8.0r11 (2018-03-13)

  • Bug:
    • Nikon LS 9000ED: Ensuring that the value shown for manual focus exactly is the used value
    • General: Share to Flickr and Dropbox working again on macOS
    • Reflecta MF5000: Removing slide holder during CCD calibration would crash SilverFast - fixed
    • General: Freeze of software after having performed a printer calibration could occur - fixed
  • Feature:
    • SilverFast HDR Studio: Ai Studio and HDR Studio to use a fine-tuned method to ensure iSRD offset values are always used with the optimal value
    • General: SilverFast is now supporting latest calibration method targets
    • General: Photoshop CC 2018 and Photoshop Element 2018 (version 16) are supported now
  • GUI:
    • General: Using multiple monitors on macOS could cause wrong icon rendering - fixed
  • Installation:
    • General: Installation from DVD on macOS might result in an "OSStatus Error -192 resNotFound" - fixed.
  • User Story:
    • Plustek OpticFilm 120: If no image had been in holder, a negative scan could be rendered with colored striped - fixed

Version: 8.8.0r10 (2017-08-25)

  • Bug:
    • General: If a language specific (non-English) character was used for target folder name, HDR/i files couldn't be saved - fixed
    • General: In rare instances, the "Batch scan" button did not react to clicks - fixed
    • General: Changing the image defect size in SRDx could cause the program to crash - fixed
    • General: After moving the contents of an 1:1 preview using space key pressed down, SilverFast failed to update the preview accordingly - fixed
  • GUI:
    • General: Solves an issue that caused a distorted preview on some systems under rare circumstances.
    • General: SilverFast SE settings special tab had configuration options for tools not present in SE application variant - fixed
    • General: SilverFast couldn't be opened again if it had been running on a secondary monitor which had been disconnected from the computer later - fixed
    • General: Navigator should not be resizable, but was
  • Installation:
    • General: SilverFast Installer now comes with updated certificates for installation on current operating systems
  • Quality:
    • General: Automatic Image Adjustment tool failed to set shadow point for the green channel - fixed
  • Support:
    • General: SilverFast log files to be cleaned up of no longer relevant entries

Version: 8.8.0r9 (2017-06-29)

  • Bug:
    • General: Problems with files bigger than 2 GBytes fixed
    • General: Correcting instances where 1:1 or HQ mode wouldn't be set to correctly match the image after minimal repositioning of the scan frame
    • PIE PrimeFilm XE: Updating scanner drivers to correct 5000 PPI scanning
    • General: USM filter couldn't be used for HDRi RAW files that had been generated themselves from HDRi RAW files - fixed
    • General: Making sure that HQ view mode always corresponds to image file output
    • General: In special cases the auto scan frame detection would detect frames to scan with actually where out of bounds - fixed
    • General: Running SRD with detection set to max could hang the filter - fixed
    • General: For very large files, writing IPTC and/or EXIF info could lead to not being able to write the files anymore - fixed
    • General: Synchronizing defect markings between 1:1 and HQ mode
    • General: Fixing a bug the didn't allow to choose the paper for printer calibration in 8.8.0r6-r8
    • When rotating an image with active descreening filter could crash SilverFast - fixed
    • General: Resolved a crash of WorkFlow Pilot situation when resizing in 1:1 mode
  • Feature:
    • General: Added Agfa HDC Plus 200 profile for a wide range of scanners
    • SilverFast HDR Studio: Changes in numbering the automatically found frames in a more consistent way
  • GUI:
    • SilverFast HDR Studio: Using the highlights and shadow tools in the histogram would make SilverFast jump out of real data view - fixed
    • Upon a user initiated launch, SilverFast checks if it is already running and comes to foreground, if having been minized before
    • General: Welcome Dialog came up to big on certain monitor + font enlargement setups
    • More graceful UI handling if user had to remove transparency unit cover in order to start scanning
    • SilverFast HDR Studio: For SRDx and iSRD it could happen that the defect markings weren't visible in full screen view - fixed
    • General: For SRDx and iSRD it could happen that the defect markings weren't visible in "Lights off" view - fixed
    • General: Using the history tool, defects markings for SRDx and iSRD could vanish - fixed
    • General: Minor spelling mistakes corrected for certain languages
    • Clearer information about using local color profiles
    • General: Gamma has not to be chosen für L*
    • General: Updates Welcome and Splash screens for 4k monitors
    • General: Redesign of parts of the SilverFast update dialog
  • Quality:
    • General: Optimizing brightness of infra-red channel for Nikon devices
    • General: Changes in internal structures for faster filter rendering
    • General: Improvement of movie representation on 4k monitors
  • Scanner Support:
    • Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400: Scanner is now also supported on Windows
  • Support:
    • General: Improved explanation for scan size limits given to users in software
    • General: Hint where to register if SilverFast can't get online access

Version: 8.8.0r8 (2017-02-27)

  • Feature:
    • General: New feature to allow previewing all images added to JobManager in one go
  • Test:
    • General: Support for Photoshop Elements 15

Version: 8.8.0r7 (2016-12-20)

  • Bug:
    • General: Improved stability when scanning in highest resolution mode.
  • GUI:
    • General: Frame menu missed out on "Settings" item - fixed. (Had still been present in frame button menu, though.)
  • Quality:
    • Removed 600 PPI scan resolution because of quality issues with that resolution driver-side

Version: 8.8.0r6 (2016-09-15)

  • Bug:
    • General: It could have that the Navigator lost its preview after a zoom action - fixed
    • General: If a mask had been given a name in SRDx tool, that would overwrite a name of the mask from SCC - fixed
    • You could copy iSRD in SilverFast HDR/Studio from an image with infrared channel to one that had not have infrared data - fixed
    • General: You could mix the basic options "Reflective" and "NegaFix" - fixed
    • General: Navigator could blacken out if SC2G History entry was deactivated - fixed
    • General: Certain circumstances would lead to disable the option to delete SCC masks - fixed
    • Crash could occur when jumping from 1:1 view mode to next image in JopManager when rendering negatives
    • General: Fixed a glitch where user was not able to do a coloring of greyscale images in HDR Studio
    • General: Crash could occur when jumping from zoomed view mode to next image via Navigator if automatically set auto-focus point was being used
    • General: Ensuring that Auto Frame Finding uses color bit depth and from current scan frame
  • Feature:
    • General: SilverFast now to load TIFF which as as containers for JPEGs
    • General: Implementing auto sharpness presets
    • General: SilverFast to allow opening of images after scan in Photoshop CC 2015.5
  • GUI:
    • General: SilverFast's user interface improved for usage on 4k/high resolution displays
    • General: Taking precautions that image/scan dimensions tool window can't get lost
    • General: Ensuring that intro movee can be displayed in proper size
  • Support:
    • General: Facebook API update
    • Epson: SilverFast to end interfering process "Epson scanner monitor", so it can detect scanner better.

Version: 8.8.0r5 (2016-06-16)

  • Task:
    • General: HDRi RAW files saved with 8.8.0r4 had issues with NegaFix - fixed
  • Bug:
    • CanoScan 9000F Mark II: Offset when applying iSRD corrections to image on Windows - fixed
    • In WorkFlow Pilot mode HDRi RAW scanned as negatives where not detected as such in SilverFast HDR/Studio - fixed
    • General: No function of SRDx tools in WorkFlow Pilot mode - fixed
    • General: Resizing the scan frame could lead to a problem in calculating clone tool adjustments - fixed
    • General: Densitometer ceased to work when Multi-Exposure preview was active - fixed
    • General: Certain actions in the frame menu could crash the software - fixed
    • General: In 8.8.0r4 matching to monitor profile was applied even if set to none - fixed
  • GUI:
    • General: Copying the color depth of "48 Bit HDR RAW" to another entry in the JobMonitor list did not deactivate the filters accordingly in the UI, if you already had the target image in the preview - fixed
  • Quality:
    • General: A couple of minor fixes to the clone tool

Version: 8.8.0r4 (2016-05-26)

  • GUI:
    • General: Checking and improving of existing WorkFlows
    • General: When leaving the WorkFlow Pilot when the neutral pipette had been activated, but not yet used, the mouse cursor wouldn't change appropriately - fixed
  • Quality:
    • General: Improved ICC scanner profiles

Version: 8.8.0r3 (2016-03-09)

  • Bug:
    • General: The PrinTao tool integrated into SilverFast could forget settings done in the printer options - fixed
    • Issue could occur: Batchscan saves the same image for all files in the batch - fixed
    • General: Forced refresh of 1:1 zoom when coming back from VLT
    • General: Crash when copying frame with SRDX in JobManager - fixed
    • General: Densitometer memory usage improved
    • Reflecta DigitDia 6000: Improved image frame finding to avoid cutting into the image for certain motifs
    • General: Crash when launching Focus tool from out of 1:1 SRDX dialog - fixed
    • Reflecta ProScan 7200: Refresh of all HQ previewing when reentering the view mode
    • General: Changed design of SilverFast PrinTao color tool
  • Feature:
    • General: Usage of iSRD and SRD in combination enabled
    • General: Undo commands for SRDX
  • GUI:
    • General: Redesign of SilverFast PrinTao tool to better fit into tools dock
    • General: Clicking VLT button wouldn't go to VLT if in 1:1 SRDX view - fixed
    • General: Separation of iSRD and SRDX tools to make it easier to use
    • General: Glitch with white UI sections on screen when moving image part selection with space key pressed fixed
    • Canon CanoScan 9000F: Removed option icon for Auto-Focus when it's actually not available
    • General: Improved handling of available memory when SilverFast dialog options are used extensively
  • Installation:
    • Plustek: Forced updating of new drivers to ensure support for OS X 10.11
  • Quality:
    • General: Generated profiles now deliver an even calculation especially for shadow tones, based on latest algorithms
    • Nikon: Changed exposure base settings to improve overall image quality, but especially for shadows
  • Support:
    • General: Implementing support for Photoshop Elements 14

Version: 8.8.0r2 (2016-01-19)

  • Bug:
    • General: The JPEG algorithm is using the user setting for image quality correctly again.

Version: 8.8.0r1 (2015-12-02)

  • Bug:
    • Reflecta MF5000: Solved CCD calibration freeze.
    • General: Wrong error message after each image of overview scanning fixed.
    • General: Using IT8 calibration from out of 1:1 preview mode could destabilize SilverFast - fixed.
    • Reflecta ProScan 7200: Random crashes when using iSRD and Multi-Exposure in combination - fixed.
    • Epson Perfection 4870 Photo / GT-X700: Rare crashes with ME preview at 2400 PPI fixed.
    • General: Fixed occurences of missing checkboxes in tool titles.
  • Feature:
    • New NegaFix profile for Nikon LS 8000: Fuji Pro H800
    • New Feature: Hot-Folder
    • New Feature: SRD X
    • Performance improvement: No final scan necessary any longer, if 1:1 or HQ scan done before.
  • GUI:
    • UI performance improvements: Sliders operating more smoothly.
  • Installation:
    • Plustek OpticFilm 120: SilverFast for Plustek installer could freeze due to Epson service running - fixed.
  • Quality:
    • General: Instances of Multi-Exposure not overlaying two scans correctly fixed.