15. April 2015


TIPA Awards 2015 – the Winners

The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) has announced the winners of the annual awards for photo and imaging products for the past year.

Best Photo Scanner: Epson Perfection V850 Pro
The Photo Scanner category has not been included in the TIPA Awards selections for many years, but the introduction of the Epson Perfection V850 Pro inspired members to bring it back. The V850 Pro allows for scanning of all film sizes up to 4x5 inches using the supplied frames, and up to 8x10 inches without them. Our recommendation is to upgrade the included SilverFast 8 Software. (Click here)

Best Photo Printer: Epson SureColor SC P-600
This 8-color photo printer features sheet and roll feed, the ability to print on CDs and DVDs, and USB and Ethernet connections plus wireless options. Its Epson UltraChrome HD ink has been reformulated and it features a new Epson print engine and screening technology, as well as ink droplets as small as 2 picoliters to enhance print quality. We suggest using the P-600 with PrinTao 8 for just 99,- (Click here)

26. March 2015


New Feature Highlights with SilverFast 8.5 – With the release of new SilverFast software version 8.5.0r2, SilverFast will obtain new functionality that will make the lossless ("non-destructive") workflow even more efficient*. The update is free of charge for SilverFast 8 owners.

HDRiRAW Raw Data Format

Logo_HDRi_RAW_100px A Key Element is the new file format HDRiRAW, a raw data format including infrared data for dust and scratch removal iSRD. HDRiRAW provides an ideal starting point for a non-destructive workflow. Rather than calculating image optimizations directly into the image data created by the scanner, such information is now stored as meta-data. Thus, the user is allowed to undo or further correct any setting at any time. Feature Website

Revised JobManager

Logo_JobManager_100x80 After scanning into the new HDRiRAW format, the JobManager is used for the efficient batch processing of image optimizations. For this purpose, a multitude of tool settings can be comfortably copied from image to image. This enables an image series consisting of thousands of files to be automatically processed in batch mode. Feature Website

JobMonitor iPhone App

Logo_JobMonitor_100px (soon available)
Lastly, the new software comes equipped with an iOS app, integrating the luxury of mobile devices into the archiving workflow. The app serves as a status monitor for the new JobManager. It displays scanning progress, image processing and preview images on an iPhone or iPad. Feature Website

* Note: The update is free of charge for SilverFast 8 owners. The new features are included with SilverFast Ai Studio, HDR (Studio) and Archive Suite.

25. March 2015


New System Requirements for SilverFast 8.5 – With the ongoing development and optimization of SilverFast, the PC hardware and software environment requirements increase. With the release of SilverFast 8.5 we discontinue supporting some older operating systems: all 32-bit systems, Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.5/ 10.6.

With SilverFast 8.5 support for some older operating systems will be discontinued:

All 32-bit operating systems. The 2-gigabyte-per-process memory limit is increasingly impractical for high-end image processing. Moreover, 32-bit computers tend to be older, slower machines, so the user experience is suboptimal for a computing-intensive application like SilverFast 8. (Note that Apple's Aperture® 3.3 and Adobe's Lightroom® 4 and Photoshop® CS6 have already dropped 32-bit support.)

OS X 10.5/10.6 (Snow Leopard). Due to upgrades in development tools, system libraries, programming languages, and our code base it might not be possible to continue backward compatibility for OS X 10.5/10.6. Apple® appears to have stopped security updates for Snow Leopard, and other vendors (including Adobe®) are already specifying 10.7 (Lion) in the system requirements for their latest products. (Snow Leopard was almost five years ago.)

Windows XP®. See discussion above regarding 32-bit operating systems. The vast majority of XP deployments are 32-bit; 64-bit XP has a minuscule market share. (Note that XP support was already dropped in Adobe's Lightroom 4, and the next version of Photoshop will follow suit. Moreover, Microsoft® has officially dropped support for Windows XP.)

Most of our professional and serious amateur users have already moved to recent-generation 64-bit operating systems, so we do not expect a large number of users to be impacted if we drop support for 32-bit operating systems. For those who are still using one of these older systems, we encourage you to start planning for a migration to a newer, 64-bit operating system.

More information on the SilverFast System Requirements.

10. March 2015


Unveiled at CeBIT: SilverFast 8.5

This year's CeBIT trade fair will take place from March 16th to March 20th in Hannover, Germany. LaserSoft Imaging will present a wide range of applications and solutions.

For the first time, the new software SilverFast version 8.5 will be introduced. This new release will include a new file format, a revised JobManager and a feature to integrate mobile iOS devices (e.g. iPhone) using a special app. This means: New simplicity of handling, but greater safety, productivity and flexibility as cornerstones on which the new developments have been planned. This is only available with SilverFast.

plustek_of120 As in previous years, we will not just present hardware and software together with our partners, but integrated solutions for concrete problems. The relaunch of the Plustek OpticFilm 120 will certainly be a big attraction for visitors at the Plustek booth (Hall 3, F29). Hardware and software modifications will let this medium format scanner appear in a completely new look. Now it can be used as a high-quality archiving solution.

In cooperation with Epson, we will introduce special solutions for the area of Medical, Office and Archiving (Hall 7, A39). For example, we will show at the fair, why using a dedicated software is required for the process of issuing identity cards, and how to create a high-quality digital archive of analog image and object originals in no time.

Visit our specialists at CeBIT - we look forward to meet you:
Epson - in Hall 7, Booth A39
Plustek - in Hall 3, Booth F29

22. January 2015


screen_pc_magazin_small The online edition of the German IT magazine “PC Magazin“ features a fairly detailed presentation of the current SilverFast 8 scanner and digital imaging software. The article reviews scanning, archiving and optimizing analog image originals using the various SilverFast versions as well as many SilverFast features in detail.

PC Magazin: « A 64-bit HDRi scan consists of three RGB color channels of 3 x 16 bits, where the maximum available Dynamic Range in the template‘s darker areas is achievable as an HDR image by a second scan with a longer exposure time (SilverFast Multi-Exposure functionality). The second exposure also effectively reduces image noise. As a fourth 16-bit channel an infrared mask for a subsequent error correction is appended.

Tip: Unlike other software, SilverFast does not calculate the infrared data directly into the image information, but includes them as a separate channel. Therefore, with the later image optimization process an individually adjusted dust and scratch removal can be performed.

Conclusion: Using the SilverFast 64-bit HDRi feature, digital images of slides and negatives suitable for archiving can be achieved without any expert knowledge. For an intermediate sized photo archive the investment of buying a scanner along with SilverFast software will already be lower priced than to commission a service provider from the web. Also very important: Your precious originals remain safely at home. » is a rich source of inspiration, guidance and practical applications of IT equipment for ambitious and professional users with a strong interest in topics like PCs, IT and web technologies.

Read the complete article here on (German)

19. January 2015


c't Digital Photography organizes Photography Course in Cologne: Scan, Archive and Print Photos and Analog Film
logos_ct_heise Image expert Bojan Radojkovic teaches how to professionally digitize photos and analog film on your own. He also explains the best tricks, proven in practice, for archiving and printing image data. Participants will learn how to successfully calibrate and profile a scanner (ICC profiles, color spaces, targets). Learn how to scan with SilverFast 8 and how to safely archive the image data. Finally, the scanned photos are analyzed and high-quality printed.
  • Date: 21. + 28. February, 2015
  • Location: KARTHÄUSER-BREUER GmbH, Schanzenstraße 6-20, 51063 Cologne
  • Target Audience: All passionate photographers, amateurs and professionals
  • Number of Participants: 12 each course
  • Participation Fee: € 179,00 (incl. VAT)
More information can be found here. (German)