SF_SE SilverFast SE Scanner Software

SilverFast SE scanner software is specifically designed for beginners. The images benefit from the intelligent automatic functions that make the scan and imaging process so much easier.

The preview window ensures predictable colors for all types of originals, even for negatives. Additionally, the ScanPilot, which leads through the processing step by step, assures a correct workflow - an entirely new dimension of scanning.

  • Image Automatics - for quick and impressive results
  • iSRD - efficient infrared dust and scratch removal
  • USM - professional unsharp masking
  • NegaFix - color-true conversion from negative to positive
  • Auto Frame - recognizes the originals automatically

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SilverFast SE includes a series of QuickTime movies that are directly accessible through the software. They provide an ideal support to become familiar with the SilverFast features. SilverFast SE scanner software is available at an unbeatable entry-level price for a variety of scanners for both Windows and Macintosh systems. You may download a demo version for free for testing SilverFast without any obligation.

Especially for scanning slides, film and negatives please pay attention to our advanced beginner version of SilverFast SE Plus.
Benefit from the additional features Multi-Exposure, AACO, the Auto Frame Alignment, the Descreening with automatic screen detection and the Kodachrome Functions.

« Scanner software SilverFast SE, which is included in delivery, is providing much better results. The range of adjustments is really wide and it's capable of rescuing even critically exposed images. »
Macwelt (10/2010)

Articles & Reviews

"Como programa de digitalização primário recomenda-se o SilverFast SE da LaserSoft Imaging, […]. Ele oferece várias possibilidades de ajustes e excelentes funções automáticas para a otimização de cores e correção de defeitos."

FotoHits (08/2010)
"Com SilverFast SE, as suas digitalizações se parecem mais com os originais. [...] O software SilverFast é prestigiado há muito tempo pelas suas excelentes ferramentas para o controle de exposição, cor e gama de contraste."

Macworld (08/2009)
"Há cinco anos sou usuário entusiasmado de SilverFast SE com sua estruturação lógica e compreensível. O software permite uma edição rápida na pré-digitalização e uma reproduzibilidade excelente."

Dieter Wolf, Fotógrafo (08/2004)

Screenshots of the user interface and some SilverFast SE features.
Feature Comparison SE

Basic features that are available in the SilverFast SE scanner software:

Basic features that are available in the SilverFast SE scanner software:

SilverFast SE Movies

Quicktime_31x25pix GCC - Global Color Correction
Quicktime_31x25pix NegaFix - Negative-to-Positive
Quicktime_31x25pix SRD - Scratch Removal
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