30. December 2021


We wish you a Happy New Year!

Dear customers, partners and interested photo lovers,

pic_new_year_news_2021 We hope you had a wonderful 2021 and we like to wish you all the best, luck and above all health for the new year.

Charles Dickens: « The New Year, like an Infant heir to the whole world, was waited for, with welcomes, presents, and rejoicings. »

Best Regards from your Team LaserSoft Imaging

21. December 2021


Happy and Peaceful Holidays!

Dear customers, partners and interested photo lovers,

pic_xmas_news_2021 We wish you a happy holiday season and we keep our fingers crossed that you again find rest for a moment in these turbulent times. Maybe you can use the days for looking at some old photos with your loved ones and indulge in wonderful memories.

With confidence we look forward to next year and we really hope, you can look optimistically into the future too. Always keep your courage and continue to be loyal to photography.

Best Regards from your Team LaserSoft Imaging

15. December 2021


NEW: The SilverFast ExpressScan for Flatbed Scanners

« If time be of all things the most precious, wasting time must be the greatest prodigality. »

Benjamin Franklin

Our brand-new SilverFast ExpressScan feature is an intelligent scanning method that can save you a lot of scanning time. If several images are in the correct position on the flatbed, time savings of up to 75% are possible while maintaining the same image quality. The German patent application pending ExpressScan is included with our SilverFast Archive Suite from version 9.1 and it is automatically activated for batch scans, JobManager scans and SAC scans (Single Archive Command), if the position of the scan frames allows it. Our example measurement with the Epson Perfection V850 illustrates the potential of this new functionality:

ExpressScan Time Comparison
(all slides scanned in landscape orientation)

Benefit now from the ExpressScan Speed ​​Boost

The SilverFast ExpressScan feature is included with our SilverFast Archive Suite from version 9.1. The SilverFast Archive Suite is our PREMIUM archiving solution, a package that contains scanner software SilverFast Ai Studio and image processing software SilverFast HDR Studio. Here you can find more information about the SilverFast ExpressScan and a list of all supported scanners. You can purchase the SilverFast Archive Suite with ExpressScan in our Online Store, also as a discounted upgrade if you already own a copy of SilverFast.


Press release on the ExpressScan

Our complete press release on the ExpressScan can be downloaded here as a PDF file:

7. December 2021


SilverFast 9.1 now also for the Plustek OpticPro A320E

Benefit from our ExpressScan for this large A3 flatbed scanner

The Plustek OpticPro A320E is ideal for graphic artists, publishers, archives and libraries, and educational institutions with the highest demands on resolution and especially wherever high-quality, large-format originals have to be digitized. Plustek_OpticPro_A320E_SF_Archive_Suite
Our new ExpressScan feature included with the SilverFast Archive Suite 9.1 should be very interesting for customers who own the OpticPro A320E. It speeds up scanning very impressively for many flatbed scanners.

Sample measurement OpticPro A320E, 6 photos, 600dpi


19. October 2021


SilverFast IT8 Targets for Film Strip Scanners from Reflecta and PIE

Experience color fidelity on a whole new level with our Advanced SilverFast IT8 Color Calibration

Since the beginning of the year, SilverFast is supporting the two film strip scanners Reflecta PF 135 and PIE PowerFilm. Using our brand-new film strip target, you have now the possibility to calibrate these two devices – for perfect colors. Film strip targets are only available from LaserSoft Imaging. These two devices can only be calibrated with SilverFast and our targets!

pf135_powerfilm_and_target For the IT8 Calibration you will need the software edition "SilverFast HDR Studio + PF 135-Scan" or "SilverFast HDR Studio + PowerFilm-Scan" and the new 35mm film strip calibration targets.

Both devices are able to automatically scan ten 35mm film strips or 60 images with just a single click. This makes them particularly suitable for digitizing large collections of film strips within a short period of time.


3. September 2021


Silvergrain Workshop: Correctly Enlarging and Scanning Negatives

Two-day workshop on October 23rd and 24th in Bad Nauheim, Germany. The Silvergrain Academy Workshop "COACHING - Correctly Enlarging and Scanning Negatives" is aimed at beginners and advanced users who want to learn and master the various possibilities of digitizing slides and negatives in the best possible way. This workshop systematically deals with the theoretical basics and utilizes different types of scanners and DSLR cameras in the practical part.

Content of the workshop – Host: André Eikmeyer
  • Color depth, density, subject contrast
  • Sharpness, acutance, resolution, original size
  • Advantages of IT8 device profiling (color fidelity)
  • Compared to the craft of exposure (color correction)
  • Possible ways of creating a profile
  • Offer profiling as a service
  • Select appropriate individual equipment / software
  • DSLR / film scanner / exposure advantages and disadvantages
  • Vintage scanner vs. modern (Scsi, Firewire, USB)
  • Hardware purchase recommendations
More info on the workshop and subscription
here on (German)


23. June 2021


SRDx Photoshop plug-in for Apple's new devices using the M1 chip

Experience our popular tool for dust and scratch removal

NEW: Our SRDx Photoshop plug-in is now also compatible with the latest iMacs and MacBooks which are using the ARM architecture M1 system on a chip. SRDx is of course still available for Intel Macs and Windows computers.

About SRDx: The SRDx plug-in is a tool for removing defects that, unlike most other tools, does not use any blur effects and thus keeps the sharpness of your originals.

SRDx even shines on images with a large number of flaws like dust particles, specks, small scratches and also finger prints without having you to spend a lot of time manually correcting all defects with a stamp tool.

You can find more information on our SRDx plug-in website.

28. May 2021


Printing makes your photos better

Converting film to digital data

SilverFast has been recently featured in the popular monthly Japanese "Digital Camera Magazine" in a series of articles named "Printing makes your photos better".

Issue #248 (May 2021) contains an introduction to the topic of converting film to digital data while issue #249 (June 2021) covers the digitization itself. LaserSoft Imaging has supplied its software SilverFast Ai Studio for the practical part of scanning. This great article introduces SilverFast in an easy-to-understand way on 4 full pages.

Photographer Kazuyuki Okajima summarizes SilverFast as follows:
« SilverFast allows you to enjoy the same attention to detail for film scanning as you usually experience in controlling color and tone in RAW image development. »

12. May 2021


SilverFast raises the benchmark another bit higher

Connected Magazine (NL) – SilverFast 9 in the test

In its photo section, the Dutch entertainment and lifestyle magazine "Connected" has reviewed the up-to-date SilverFast 9 software.

The testers complimented on the large number of supported scanners and the many extensive options for saving even heavily discolored slides and negatives. they also mentioned the Multi-Exposure feature, which significantly increases the dynamic range a scanner can capture.

Connected Conclusion:
« The possibilities are endless, but you need a good software like SilverFast 9 for this. »

Are you curious about SilverFast 9? Please fell free to test our free demo software now.

Cover Connected

28. April 2021


Japanese photographer Fujimura examines SilverFast 9

... and praised unprecedented excellence in dust removal and tonal richness of SilverFast scans

Daisuke Fujimura, Japanese photographer, took a very close look at SilverFast 9, especially the functions iSRD & SRDx (dust removal) and Multi-Exposure.

iSRD & SRDx (dust removal functionality):
« Until now, I used to use editing software to check for scratches and dust while zooming in on the image after scanning, and then manually erase them using a copy stamp tool each time. However, SilverFast can remove dust and scratches from the entire screen at once by simply pressing the iSRD and SRDx icons, which greatly improves the efficiency of the process. The accuracy is also excellent.

The dust and scratches are separated from the subject and removed as if they were sorted by the human eye. For example, it can remove thread dust, even if it is on a fine line pattern such as grass or trees. I was surprised at the accuracy of SilverFast, even though other software has the scratch/dust removal function. This function is also available as a plug-in for Photoshop (SRDx Plug-in). »

Multi-Exposure function:
« Even in cases where the image would have been blown out or blacked out in the past, SilverFast reproduces the image with rich tones. The comparison picture on the right clearly shows how SilverFast's reproducibility is high. It also reduces the noise that tends to occur in low-light areas, so you can digitize with peace of mind. »

You can find more photos from Daisuke Fijumura on his web page.

23. April 2021


shotbyShingie presents SilverFast 9

SilverFast 9

shotbyShingie - that's his nickname on the Internet. Present on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Shingie lives in Toronto and devotes his life mainly to photography and image processing. The artist gives his viewers an insight into his work on his YouTube channel.

In one of his last videos Shingie presents his use of the new SilverFast 9 software with his charming and fun manner.

You can find more about shotbyShingie on his YouTube-Channel.

19. March 2021


Julien Guinand and his book project about the Kumano and Ashio mountains in Japan

"A picture is worth a thousand words". This idiom is also a metaphor for the added value of images over text alone. The photographer Julien Guinand uses the significance of photos and captures moments that testify to the human contribution to climate change and environmental pollution. In his book "Two Mountains" Guinand reports how the landscape of two mountains has been deformed by mankind.
The mountains of Kumano and Ashio in Japan have felt the power of human intervention for over a century. Intensive forestry and mining operations have triggered deadly reactions on a massive scale, resulting in the relentless pursuit of technology, varying responses at a local level and a heightened awareness of the devastating ecological consequences. Two mountains tells the wide ranging, fragmentary stories of both Kumano and Ashio through the photographs of Julien Guinand as he travelled across Japan between 2015 and 2018, interwoven with historical documents and texts that he collected while there. The photographs were taken on film and digitized with SilverFast software.

You can find more about Julien Guinand and his book project "Two Mountains" on his website:

1. March 2021


SilverFast 9 test report in German photo magazine digit!

« The almost forgotten art of scanning an image »

In cooperation with the German photo magazine digit! a detailed test report of the new scanner software SilverFast 9 has been written. The editor and photographer Michael Marczok presents the entire subject of "scanning" on two pages.

Marczok explains why SilverFast makes the entire process from A to Z efficient. Standard features, which are also found in many image processing programs, are included, but also are a large number of unique tools, such as the powerful dust and scratch removal feature highlights iSRD and SRDx.

You may also like to read the entire test report as a PDF.

digit! Conclusion:
« LaserSoft Imaging has always kept the almost forgotten art of scanning up-to-date with its SilverFast scan software. With the latest version 9, they have taken a very decisive new step towards wonderfully simple handling paired with an enormous range of functionality and highest quality. »

Cover digit!

22. February 2021


Detailed test of SilverFast 9 in the FotoVideo (CZ)

« Save your analog images, it has never been so easy »

Preserve memories and digitize your old analog film material – this is the motto for the leading Czech photo magazine FotoVideo to take a very close look at the new SilverFast 9 scanner software.

This article points out the need to build up digital scan archives and illustrates why SilverFast 9 is the appropriate software for this. The FotoVideo considers the optimized WorkflowPilot, the new SAC (Single Archive Command) functionality as well as the advantages of performing Multi-Exposure scans.

You may also like to read the entire test report as a PDF.

FotoVideo Conclusion:
« We recommend using this additional software and we are sure that LaserSoft Imaging will further expand its market leadership in the area of scanner software with the release of its new SilverFast 9. »

Cover FotoVideo

15. February 2021


GOLD AWARD – The DigiFoto (NL) has tested SilverFast 9

« SilverFast has been the crème de la crème of scanner software for years. »

DigiFoto, one of the leading Dutch photo magazines, took a closer look at the new SilverFast 9 scanner software and subjected it to a detailed practical test with an Epson Perfection V850. The testers focused on the comprehensively optimized WorkflowPilot and on the new, unique SAC (Single Archive Command).

The DigiFoto confirms that the WorkflowPilot can now guide a less experienced user through the complete scanning process. The Single Archive Command, which is especially suitable for large archives, was particularly impressive because of the significantly increased speed for raw data scanning. This feature is available in the SilverFast Archive Suite.

DigiFoto Conclusion:
« SilverFast remains the standard by which any other scanning software has to be measured, and version 9 sets the bar even higher. This upgrade is especially interesting for photographers who want to digitize large archives, and for "scan laymen" who want to achieve high-quality scans without delving too much into all technical details. »

Convince yourself of SilverFast 9 and test our free demo software.

Cover DigiFoto
9. February 2021


SilverFast for new Film Strip Scanners from Reflecta and PIE

SilverFast is now available for a new scanner category: for the film strip scanners. SilverFast now supports the Reflecta PF 135 and the PIE PowerFilm. These two new scanners are true specialists for digitizing film strips, as they can scan the strips automatically.

pf135_powerfilm Both devices are able to automatically scan up to ten 35mm film strips (60 images) with just a single click. This makes them particularly suitable for digitizing large collections of film strips within a short period of time. With our special editions SilverFast HDR Studio + PF 135-Scan and SilverFast HDR Studio + PowerFilm-Scan you can scan your film strips acquiring the best possible quality and generating lossless raw data images, which you can afterwards edit and optimize conveniently using SilverFast.