20. December 2013

Dear customers, guests and business partners,

glocke An eventful year 2013 approaches its end. Introducing PrinTao 8 for Mac OS X, we have successfully launched a brand new product. PrinTao 8 is our print solution for the Epson Large Format Printer series of "Stylus Pro" and "Stylus Photo". With a handling as easy as winking, PrinTao 8 takes over the complete color management and ensures optimum printing results. With the beginning of 2014, we will also offer PrinTao 8 for Canon devices.

We also managed to make some big steps forward regarding our well-established scanner and digital imaging software SilverFast. Many new features, such as uploading images to facebook and flickr, the new Focus Control and the possibility to create custom tool dialog presets, have been implemented. These features and many additionally supported scanners are reason for celebration.

Celebrate with us and 2.5 million satisfied customers. For Christmas, we offer a very special 25% discount on SilverFast software and IT8 targets.* Simply order as usual in our Online Store and just enter coupon code « x-mas2013 » during order process.

* This Christmas special is valid until January 15th, 2014 on all SilverFast software products and IT8 targets, excluding Kodachrome targets and PrinTao 8.

« With warm appreciation for your trust in us and our products,
wish you a peaceful Christmas and a successful New Year. »

CEO LaserSoft Imaging


18. December 2013


allen_sullivan The Christmas Tree Hunt – a photographic story by Allen Sullivan
This beautiful photographic story book features the story of Basset Boan, and his pack of friends and family, as together they strike out in search of the legendary perfect Christmas tree – only to find that the journey is more about sharing the adventure and love of family and friends than actually acquiring a perfect tree.

Allen's photos were all shot with a Canon F-1 and Canon 70mm- 210mm zoom lens using Ektachrome 400X or Fujichrome Provia 400X film. They have been digitized using SilverFast scan software in combination with an Epson Perfection V 700 Photo scanner.

Allen Sullivan: « I struggled with SilverFast at first and still understand only a fraction of its vast potential, but the fraction I've mastered using the IT8 calibrations for Ektachrome and Fujichrome, has helped me finally unlock the beautiful chromes and vision upon which I have been laser-focused (no pun intended), despite my frustration with their inaccesessiblity, for far too long. So I am ecstatic with the results. »

More on Allen Sullivan's Basset Tales on his website

6. December 2013


SilverFast 8 has been successfully adapted to the individual hardware of Minolta's DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400.
The Scan Elite 5400 does not unfold its true potential without SilverFast. Multi-Exposure allows it to capture 5.888 instead of just 676 grayscales. Multi-Exposure reveals image details that would otherwise remain hidden. SRD, NegaFix and many more unique features complete the power package SilverFast for the DiMAGE Scan Elite 5400.


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19. November 2013


Dear customers, Typhoon Haiyan recently hit the Philippines and its inhabitants with catastrophic consequences. Especially the poorest children suffer from water shortages and lack of food.

For this reason, LaserSoft Imaging has immediately donated a larger amount and we would like to continue helping together with you. Therefore, until the end of this year, we will directly give an amount of € 2,- to the UNICEF fund-raiser for every SilverFast software or software upgrade sold.

24. October 2013


Amateur Photographer is the world's oldest consumer weekly photographic magazine, first published in October 1884. Since then, AP (as it is affectionately known to its readers) has been the bible for both amateur and professional photo-enthusiasts around the world. It has helped generations of photographers to improve their skills. The latest in-depth review of SilverFast Ai Studio 8 was awarded 5 out of 5 stars.

cover_amateur_photographer_051013 Amateur Photographer: « To digitise film images you not only need a good scanner, but also some professional-level scanning software.

SilverFast Ai Studio 8 is probably the best scanning software currently available, offering plenty of control on all aspects of the scanning process. We were particularly impressed with the iSRD (infrared dust removal.) […] If you want to digitise your collection of film and photos, then SilverFast 8 is the tool to use. »

The original article has been published in Amateur Photographer issue October 5th, 2013.

18. October 2013


SilverFast 8 has been successfully adapted to the individual hardware of Canon's CanoScan 9000F Mark II.
The 9000F does not unfold its true potential without SilverFast. Multi-Exposure allows it to capture 9.550 instead of just 1.379 grayscales. Multi-Exposure reveals image details that would otherwise remain hidden. iSRD, NegaFix and many more unique features complete the power package SilverFast for the CanoScan 9000F Mark II.

During the software launch, we will grant a 20% discount on any SilverFast software for the 9000F Mark II through the end of October 2013.


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21. August 2013


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PHOTO REVIEW is an established Australian online magazine for photographers of all experience levels. Their website features a lot of practical tips, articles and reviews on photographic equipment as well as shooting, editing, and printing techniques.

They have featured a SilverFast article, introducing the "all-in-one" solution Archive Suite 8. Within this article SilverFast's most famous highlight of Multi-Exposure plays a major role.

Conclusion: SilverFast Multi-Exposure is able to significantly increase the performance of a scanner via one of the most important image quality characteristics; its Dynamic Range. For achieving the best possible quality, Multi-Exposure should be a standard for every slide or negative scan to ensure that the maximum available image information is captured.

The complete article can be found here on

5. August 2013


screen_SCC_en SilverFast 8 Movies
For almost every SilverFast 8 tool, there is a short movie clip available that explains how the tool can be used. You can view the movies here on our website or launch them directly from SilverFast 8 or, if you download and execute our Movie Installer before.

Many movies are directly linked inside the scanner software. In many places, such as in the settings menu and in the tool dialogs, there are small buttons showing QuickTime icons. Click on the button and the appropriate movie clip will play in your web browser.

cover_guide_en SilverFast 8 PDF Manual
In addition to the movies, we are offering guidance and further documentation as PDF files. The SilverFast 8 quick guide, which essentially describes working with the WorkflowPilot is already available in 8 languages​​. If you download and run the Documentation Installer some PDF help files are copied to your computer, which you can access directly from SilverFast.

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28. May 2013


Focus Control for crisp and sharp images
Some high-quality scanners, like the Epson Expression 1640XL, 10000XL and 11000XL, facilitate to adjust the optic’s focus. This means the possibility to offset the focus up to several millimeters above or below the regular focus level. Using SilverFast 8, the scanners mentioned above and some others (list) feature an automatic focus control system. Additionally, the user is enabled to set the focus manually.

What do you do with a Focus Control?
You don’t need a focus control, if your originals really lie perfectly flat on your flatbed. However, using filmholders slightly lifts your originals, slide mounts are of different thicknesses and also filmstrips inserted to film scanners are not always perfectly flat, the focus can vary from frame to frame. Setting an appropriate focus leads to crisp and sharp images. Flatbed scanners, which feature a focus control, may also be used to digitize certain three-dimensional objects like coins. Click below to access Focus Control movie or PDF manual.

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22. May 2013


Spanish magazine iCreate is confident with the high quality SilverFast 8 delivers and has published an article about this piece of software. For our English, French and Spanish speaking readers, this article has been translated.

logo_icreate_31 iCreate: « Actually, the latest version of SilverFast is much more than that. It has been developed to a genuine retouching and photo editing software with a large number of functions that we have found really fascinating. […]
In short, a really great product. »

The original article has been published in issue #31 2012 of Spanish iCreate.

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of this article)
18. April 2013


The digit!, a professional German magazine for digital images, introduces SilverFast's Archive Suite 8 with its latest issue. The article particularly focuses on the benefits of separating scanning and image optimization processes. In addition, some of the unique features that make SilverFast so very special, like Multi-Exposure and iSRD, are reviewed as well. For our English, French and Spanish speaking readers, this article has been translated.

cover_digit_213 digit!: « SilverFast is not accidentally the world‘s leading software and the de facto standard for high-end scans. […]

The comprehensive solution of SilverFast Archive Suite 8 bundles and “condenses“ the strengths of SilverFast particularly sophisticated: The unique 64bit HDRi RAW format and SilverFast Multi-Exposure exploit the scanner‘s capabilities and the original‘s potential completely. »

(Open English PDF
of this article)
The original article has been published in issue #2 2013 of German digit! magazine.

29. March 2013

paypal_logo Dear customers, starting today you may also use payment service PayPal to purchase SilverFast products. Visit our Online Shop.
(available in Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia)

1. March 2013


CeBIT 2013: As in 2012 our employees are back at the booth of our major partner Plustek for you. We would like to invite you to visit us. Learn more SilverFast 8 and the new Plustek medium format film scanner.

plustek_of120 The OpticFilm 120 scanner comes with SilverFast 8, the latest version of our scanning software. The novel user interface and the unique WorkflowPilot assistant enable you to digitize slides and negatives as comfortable and easy as never before.

Visit us at our host Plustek in Hall 3, Booth F29.

21. February 2013


LaserSoft Imaging has been lead sponsor for the 2012 Photograph of the Year contest. Hundreds of interesting and beautiful entries have been submitted, thousands of votes have been given. The winning photograph is Silent by Spicoli.

Have a look at all great submissions at


1st place: Silent by Spicoli (click)

31. January 2013


PC Professionale, a well-known Italian PC and software magazine, has just reviewed SilverFast Archive Suite 8. We have translated the article for our English, German, French and Spanish readers.

pc_professionale_cover_012013 Nicola Martello: « Getting the most from a scanner: this is what you get with SilverFast 8, a software from LaserSoft Imaging available in several versions. […]

Multi-Exposure, available both for negatives and positives, allows two scans in a row, each with a different exposure. This minimizes the noise and enhances the Dynamic Range of the scanner, so to capture more details in the dark and light areas. »

(open English
translation as PDF)
Amendatory to the article: In addition to 48bit (grayscale 16bit) HDR RAW data, SilverFast Archive Suite 8 also features the unique HDRi format. Its 64bit (grayscale 32bit) files contain all image information including the infrared data. As the Multi-Exposure feature can be used for creating RAW data, both tools Multi-Exposure and iSRD can be part of any SilverFast HDR archiving workflow.

The original Italian article has been published in PC Professionale, issue #1 2013.