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In case your SilverFast application does not start anymore please download the following tool to contact us. This has the advantage, that it will provide us with your SilverFast support files.

Support Tool for OS X / macOS

Please double-click the DMG to mount it. Execute the included SilverFast Support Tool.

Support Tool for Windows

Please double-click the ZIP archive and extract its content. Start the SilverFast Support Tool.


minus Support-SF9 SilverFast 9
minus 90_presales Pre sales question
ccardWhen trying to pay using my credit card I am redirected to an external login page.
Why do I have to login?
Where do I get the login data?

vertriebsfrageMy tax-ID is not accepted on the website.

EuroOn how many computers can SilverFast 9 be installed?
The software can be installed on several workstations. However, this license only authorizes use on a single computer at a time; For multiple use, e.g. with several scanners or on different computers at the same time, additional licenses are required accordingly.

For more information, including on how many systems a license can be active and how often the activation can be switched, please refer to our license conditions.

Here you can find help on how to switch active systems.

technischefrageWhat hardware and software does SilverFast run with?

technischefrageCan I run my scanner with SilverFast? And what operating systems are supported for my scanner?
Please check if you're scanner is on the list of supported scanners.
There's also information given on supported operating systems, interfaces, specific features, and further pieces of information.
If you're scanner isn't on the list, is it still supported, anyhow? No, it isn't, and it cannot be run with another SilverFast version completely. The list is always up to date. If it's not on it, it is not supported.

If your scanner is supported, you're invited to download a demo version of SilverFast for free!

welche_silverfast_versionI am unsure what version will suite me best.
We have compiled a complete feature-by-version list.
To learn more about a specific feature, please see its dedicate web page.

downloadproblemI'd like to test the software before I buy.
Please do. With a SilverFast demo version you can easily assure yourself that everything works satifactorily before buying anything. You are able to explore the many features of SilverFast.
If you already own a previous version of SilverFast SE/Ai you will have to delete your serial number using the service dialog to test the corosponding SE Plus or Ai Studio version.

benutzungsfragenHow will SilverFast enhance my Kodachrome scanning?
SilverFast offers a special scan mode for Kodachrome film.
It takes into account the special characteristics of the Kodachrome emulsion and how it reacts to scanner's light source.
The Kodachrome mode automatically adjusts to Kodachrome film by using a special ICC profile.

EuroHow much will it cost?
Our online store will give you not only the regular prices, but also a quote if you already have a SilverFast version.
If in doubt, please don't hesitate to contact our sales staff via phone or email.

OSXSilverFast 8/ SilverFast 9 is Intel native software and thus it is not available for PowerPC Mac systems.
If you want to use SilverFast on a PowerPC machine, we can offer our well proven SilverFast version 6.6 scanner software.
plus 10_usage Usage Questions
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