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In case your SilverFast application does not start anymore please download the following tool to contact us. This has the advantage, that it will provide us with your SilverFast support files.

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Very dark scan results (when creating raw data HDRi RAW files)

The SilverFast preview shows the image with normal brightness. The finished scan however is very dark when being printed or viewed in an image editor (like Photoshop) or image viewer . 

It is likely you are choosing one of these settings:

When selecting one of the RAW modes shown, the images are saved unmodified with a gamma value of 1.0 while all editing features are deactivated (greyed out in the software). These HDR(i) RAW files are then ready for further processing in our SilverFast HDR or HDR Studio applications. Once there, the images preview with a normal gamma for better identification and selection.

In previous versions of SilverFast, images could be saved using gamma adjustments. This was removed as it compromised the main concept of a raw, unaltered data scan.

In case you want to archive a large amount of images and plan to use the optimized and fast SilverFast Archive Suite or Archive Suite SE workflow, HDR(i) RAW is the correct setting for you. SilverFast HDR Studio and SilverFast HDR recognize this format automatically. The gamma will be automatically adjusted for viewing and processing. (SilverFast HDR Studio is part of the Archive Suite while SilverFast HDR is part of the Archive Suite SE.)

In case you want to process your images directly, select a different bit depth. In most cases 48->24 bit mode should be used.

If you would like to further process the images in another professional imaging software the 48 bit output might be the best for you. Please ask you software provider which file formats are supported. SilverFast HDR and HDR Studio of cause can also process 48 bit images.

More information on the different color modes can be found here.

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