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In case your SilverFast application does not start anymore please download the following tool to contact us. This has the advantage, that it will provide us with your SilverFast support files.

Support Tool for OS X / macOS

Please double-click the DMG to mount it. Execute the included SilverFast Support Tool.

Support Tool for Windows

Please double-click the ZIP archive and extract its content. Start the SilverFast Support Tool.


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printaoMy embedded PrinTao does not print.
Some users have reported, that the PrinTao version, which is embedded in SilverFast 8, can not print under certain circumstances.

A solution is already available. Please contact our support and we will provide it to you. Of cause this will also be solved in our next regular update.

it8_copyIT8 calibration.
The IT8 calibration creates an individual ICC profile for your scanner. It makes sure your scanner produces correct colours and utilises the entire range of colours available from it's sensor.

This is a basic step in professional image processing.

The SilverFast IT8 calibration is fully automatic. In most cases no user interaction is required. Only the target's reference file might have to be provided. The profile is automatically created and put in use.

The IT8 calibration is available in SilverFast Ai Studio.

The JobManager allows you to set up jobs containing several images.
You can define the order in which the images are scanned (for auto numbering).
You can copy selected settings and combine them individual settings for individual images.
It allows you to either copy manual settings or the auto adjustment you would like to use.
The automatic image adjustment (e.g. auto CCR) will then be individually executed for each image.

The JobManager is available in SilverFast Ai Studio and HDR (Studio).

SilverFast Ai/HDR Studio offers the integrated PrinTao printing interface for directly printing your scans.

It is includes in SilverFast Ai Studio and HDR Studio.

Please do not confuse this option with our new and advanced PrinTao 8 Software.