SilverFast X-Ray 8 Scanner Software for X-Ray Images

As a variant of the professional scanner software SilverFast Ai Studio 8, SilverFast X-Ray 8 has been specifically designed for digitizing medical x-ray film. X-Ray images of bones, teeth, heart, lungs and other parts of the human body are scanned reliably and fast using SilverFast X-Ray 8.

The high-quality digital x-ray film copies are ideal for archiving, for illustration in patient meetings and even for diagnostic purposes.

  • DICOM - image file format according to DICOM standard
  • UAS Cologne - long-standing development project with the IMP
  • Individual adjustment - to every scanner model
  • Details and image depth - maximum detail, sharpness and tonal range
  • Easy to use - quick and simple to learn

Just a few scanners are really suitable for digitizing x-ray film. From a medical point of view, a highest level of color depth and detail in the scans is of fundamental importance. Therefore, the transparency unit has to measure up to particularly high quality requirements, which simple scanners cannot fulfill. Currently SilverFast X-Ray 8 supports these scanners.

SilverFast X-Ray 8 has been developed in cooperation with the Institute for Media and Photo Technology (Special area: Radiological Imaging in Medicine and Technology and Photo Technology) of the University of Applied Science Cologne. SilverFast X-Ray implements the DICOM standards regarding storage format and communication protocols for digital X-ray images.

SilverFast X-Ray is individually adjusted to each scanner model and therefore is able to get maximum details and the complete tonal range from medical and scientific X-ray film. The easy to handle tools enable users, who do not have special image processing knowledge, to achieve perfect scans. Beyond the x-ray scan functionality, SilverFast X-Ray 8 offers the complete feature range of professional scanner software SilverFast Ai Studio 8.

« … The Dental Health Services Victoria is demonstrating SilverFast X-Ray to all our member dental offices. Most dentists decide to purchase immediately for everyday work. The ones that have already gone 100% digital also want SilverFast simply for archiving the pre-digital analog X-Rays. »
Anthony Hummel, Dental Health Services, Victoria


Screenshots of the SilverFast 8 WorkflowPilot.
Preview Concept

Screenshots of the SilverFast 8 Preview Concept.
User interface

Screenshots of the SilverFast 8 User interface.
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