"...The Dental Health Services Victoria is demonstrating SilverFast X-Ray to all our member dental offices. Most dentists decide to purchase immediately for everyday work. The ones that have already gone 100% digital also want SilverFast simply for archiving the pre-digital analog X-Rays..."
Anthony Hummel
Dental Health Services, Victoria

SilverFast X-Ray

SilverFast X-Ray is a variation of the professional scan software SilverFast Ai and was specifically designed for the digitization of X-rays.

Dental X-rays, cardiac X-rays, lung X-rays, any size of X-ray can be digitized depending on the size of the flatbed scanner (see recommended scanner models further down).

Due to the individual adaptation to each supported scanner SilverFast X-Ray is able to yield maximum details as well as the abundance of tonal values out of medical and scientific X-rays. The easy use of the tools also enables users without special knowledge in image processing to obtain perfect scans.

*Scanning X-rays demands a great deal of quality from the flatbed scanners' transparency units. The elementary highlight and shadow details are inaccessible with low-end scanners yet essential from a medical point of view. Consequently, few modern scanners fulfill these requirements."

X-ray bones X-ray heart X-ray lung

Currently LaserSoft Imaging offers SilverFast X-Ray:
  1. As independent software without the scanner.

    SilverFast X-Ray is available only for the following Epson scanners:
    Is your scanner not listed? Get informed as soon as SilverFast X-Ray is available for your scanner.

  • Special X-ray automatic functions
  • Fullscreen preview, can be zoomed as required
  • Complete, individual control of the tonal values
  • Real-time processing and WYSIWYG-control on the monitor, before (!!) scanning
  • Use of IPTC-data

SilverFast Highlights

Frame Detection improved!
Auto Frame

USM improved!
Unsharp Masking

PDF Export
Directly to PDF

Noise Reduction

Negative conversion

more highlights