IT8 Targets for Color Calibration - ISO 12641


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LaserSoft Imaging has one of the highest precision IT8 target productions in the world. Large manufacturers all around the world are using LaserSoft Imaging's high quality targets and are very satisfied. Our targets meet the ISO standard 12641.

We offer these high-quality targets also independent of our patented SilverFast scanner software at very competitive prices.

The following targets (ISO 12641 compliant) are available:
  • Transmissive targets (IT8.7/1) in formats of 35mm and 6x7cm
    on Fuji Provia 100F film.

  • Middle format transmissive targets (IT8.7/1) in format of 10,2x12,70cm (4x5")
    on Fuji Provia 100F or Kodak Ektachrome Professional E100G film.

  • Reflective targets (IT8.7/2) in formats of 10x15cm and 13x18cm (5x7")
    on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme or Kodak Professional Endura paper.

  • Full format reflective targets (IT8.7/2) in format of 15x22cm
    on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Supreme or Kodak Professional Endura paper, mounted on polystyrol background.

Learn more about our IT8 Calibration. You can order the IT8 targets through our Online Store.


Individually-measured targets
We offer individually-measured, high precision targets to meet your special requirements. You will also find these items in our online shop.

Some advantages of LaserSoft Imaging's IT8 targets
  • LaserSoft Imaging's calibration targets …
  • … are more precise than other manufacturer's targets, since smaller batches get produced.
  • … are more reasonably priced than many competitor's targets.
  • … are especially easy to use with patented SilverFast Auto IT8 Calibration.
  • … meet the ISO standard 12641.
  • … features a significantly better dynamic range.
  • … allow an automatic reference data download. (Manual Download)

ICC Printer Calibration
Would you like the printing of your scanned images to be as authentic and predictable as possible? With SilverFast IT8 you can calibrate not only your scanner, but your printer as well. You won't even need any additional hardware as your scanner will be used as the measurement device.
More info about our SilverFast Printer Calibration


Jerry_Greer « The full version with IT8 calibration is magnificent! Color is perfect most every time […] The IT8 calibration with the custom targets is by far my favorite tool. Color correction is a very time consuming characteristic of digital imaging and good scans equal less time in the processing of my images for faithful color rendition. »
Jerry Greer, Photographer

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