"The full version with IT8 calibration is magnificent! ... The IT8 calibration with the custom targets is by far my favorite tool. Color correction is a very time consuming characteristic of digital imaging. Good scans equal less time processing my images for true color."
fogra_535x140pix_en September 2009
The Fogra attests the high quality of LaserSoft Imaging's
IT8 targets and SilverFast's color calibration system

The Fogra (Fogra Graphic Technology Research Association), an internationally renowned German association with the objective to promote print engineering in the fields of research, development and appliance, has tested LaserSoft Imaging's IT8 targets and color calibration:

Conclusion of the target conformance check:
"The evaluation shows an excellent conformance of the tested transmissive and reflection targets with respect to ISO 12641. The tested targets furthermore excess the demand criteria for uncalibrated targets by fulfilling the rigorous tolerances of calibrated targets."
Source: Fogra conformance check of LaserSoft Imaging's IT8 targets in regard to ISO IT8 standard (.pdf)

Conclusion of the color accuracy assessment:
"In the light of an extensive field test of scanner profiling tools conducted by Fogra the evaluation of the colorimetrical accuracy of the SilverFast software solution shows a very good quality for both the transmissive and reflective IT8-testchart. Especially the automatic color calibration (“IT8-calibration”) seemed to be very useful in the field."
Source: Fogra color accuracy assessment of the SilverFast scanner software after color calibration with LaserSoft Imaging's IT8 targets (.pdf)

Logo_IE The high quality of LaserSoft Imaging's IT8 targets has also been affirmed last year by the independent German lab Image Engineering, Frechen. Targets from various production batches has been colormetricly measured. Color value deviations were in between an average Delta E from 0,54 to 0,72 which is way below the perception threshold.

"It can be stated that all IT8 targets from LaserSoft Imaging have excellent quality. They are perfectly suited for scanner calibration and fullfil highest quality requirements".

IT8 LaserSoft Imaging公司成功地生产了自己的IT8色卡,这些高品质IT8色卡被许多大型的制造商用于世界范围内的生产制造工作,并对它的质量非常满意。

我们在SilverFast Ai IT8校正包里提供了独立的色卡,价格也是十分的合理。

SilverFast IT8技术专利正在申请中。


  1. Reflective IT8.7/2 (13x18cm [5x7"] Layout) on Fuji Professional Paper
  2. Transmissive IT8.7/1 (6x7cm) on Kodak Ektachrome Professional or Fuji Provia Film.
  3. Reflective IT8.7/2 (Vollformat 16x21cm) on Fuji paper and polystyrol back


LaserSoft Imaging公司可根据您的特别要求设计色卡。

LaserSoft Imaging公司IT8色卡的先进特性:

  1. 自从IT8色卡小批量生产后,与其它生产厂商的精度相比更高
  2. 更显著的动态光照渲染
  3. 相关的数据放在同一光碟上(对用户来说更加便捷)
  4. 价格更优惠
  5. 集成的条形码可用来帮助色卡自动识别相关的参考文件

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