"SilverFast PhotoProof makes the handling of the print and it's result predictable and safe. It is not necessary to handle any external devices or extra software. So it is easy and fast to reach your aiming target."


SilverFast PhotoProof

SilverFast PhotoProof is an optional feature of SilverFast DCPro Studio and SilverFast HDR Studio specifically designed to work with images from digital cameras.

The image optimization is processed in a media-neutral workflow, based on the RGB color model, when using the well-known tools of SilverFast DCPro Studio and HDR Studio. When activating SilverFast PhotoProof, the user will immediately see a CMYK simulation of the image by means of RGB softproofing on the calibrated monitor.

FOGRA The photographer is able to create a color-true contract proof on any suitable, calibrated output device by using the advanced print dialog PrinTao in SilverFast. The user just has to choose the ICC profile for the printer and the FOGRA media wedge to be embedded. Embedding a media wedge is used as a reference for a true-to-color proof.

By using SilverFast PhotoProof, the image data does not need to be converted to CMYK. All critical color information is being preserved. It is not necessary to use a RIP or to do any separation.

The advantages of SilverFast PhotoProof at a glance:

  • Professional optimization of RGB data
  • Proofing RGB data in a simulated CMYK preview
  • Embedded media wedge for true colors when sending the image data to a press
  • Visualization of RGB data by means of a softproof on the screen
  • No conversion to the CMYK color model, no loss of information
  • No separation, no RIP required

photoproof_settings1_tnde photoproof_settings2_tnde

The SilverFast PhotoProof option produces color-accurate contract proofs according to industry standards (ISO 12647-2), based on the ECI color spaces requiring the use of neither a RIP nor in-depth knowledge of color-management.

Users of the versions DCPro Studio and HDR Studio can download the new SilverFast PhotoProof option as an upgrade for an additional cost.

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